Back to Life
2 Chapter 1: Funny SSP we“re having?
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Back to Life
Author :HappyFreeWriter
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2 Chapter 1: Funny SSP we“re having?

I was asleep until a loud voice ring into my ear causing me to wake up.

"Ok! You guys have to at least do finish until section b. I'll be back at 3.10pm so don't give up hope on Physics!" Mr Yuto said as he left the classroom.

I was starting to get bored wanting to sleep more until I saw one shadow of a person running past my front table.

So I got curious and lift up my head from my storybook and saw Arthur and Justin running around the classroom.

I feel like laughing, and so it seems some people feel the same way, as they are laughing out loud so I do the same.

Well not because we are copycats, it's just that if only one person is laughing then it's kinda weird.

Even though I did laugh without thinking.

Lots of laughter.

I heard Arthur speaking to himself, asking: "Why am I running?"

Justin also ask, "Why ah?" but they both kept running.

"Haha" I kept laughing at this scenery I'm looking at, it feels as if a bear chasing after Arthur (well I can't think of anything to describe Arthur, that is just what I am thinking. You know?)

Why do I think of Justin as a bear?

Because when Justin is running, I can feel beneath me on the floor, there is an earthquake.

'No insult!' I said in my mind.

Then I saw Justin keep chasing Arthur, I can see the distance between them is getting larger by every 5 minutes.

One smart move by Justin that make me laugh even more, while chasing Arthur whom is running fast, he turn anti-clockwise direction and run towards Arthur.

Arthur realises it after 2 seconds and make a face that is worth paying for and run back to the direction he just ran.

Just like that, both of them had kept running.

Well, until Justin stop and took Arthur's wallet from the table and said, "If you want it, then you better come back instead of running away." Justin take the money out and said, "Woah, you only have $4. Sad life."

He hold the money and flipping around like looking down on him.

While Arthur who was standing beside the whiteboard in front of me said, "Hey return that back, it's because I just had lunch."

However he didn't move a inch.

While Justin started chasing him and Arthur continued running.

When they stop again taking a breather, Arthur walk towards Justin table and you know..

Justin notices it and said, "Jing Jing don't let him take it!"

In the end, Arthur took his wallet from the table and looking at the inside and said, "Woah, you are even better than me. $57 is much more worth it."

Justin said, "Hey that's my tomorrow's ... No wait! One month allowance!" and started chasing him and then another similar situation happen, just that the playing lead roles has changed.

Justin move towards Arthur's table and Arthur noticed it and said, "Jing En don't let him take it!"

Well, you know what happen next.

Justin took his phone and walk towards the window and said, "If you return me my money and wallet then I won't throw it down."

"You won't dare~" it's not Arthur whom said it but it's our class monitor, Lucas and he said with seriousness, "If you throw it down then you have to pay the fees and go to jail even worse had do suffer the consequences and die. You should know that our country laws are very strict."

Justin got intimidated by our class monitor and said, "I was just joking, I also know the laws of our country." then after Lucas smiled and said, "Good to know, I'm just reminding you just in case." and he laughed.

Everybody stare at him dumbfounded as we all thought, 'This guy has some serious problem! We cant see if he is stupid to understand a joke or just too serious.'

Then the running continues after a few seconds of silence. It's going to be 3pm and Arthur said, "I think you should really do your ssp work."

"Oh yah! I forgot." He said and both of them walk towards their table and took a pen and a paper.

So, their running continues.

I look at them with amazed look and admiration.

To think Justin could chase after Arthur while thinking and doing the paper which is chemistry (the worst subject he failed), until the admiration for him fall out when he stop after a minute of running and said, "I'm too tired! I cannot think of how to do question 1!"

He still at question 1?!

Arthur is already at question 3!

I flip the page and look at question 1, it is so easy, plus if you don't know you could have anyhow choose a answer since it is MCQ.

He still dares to ask Jing En, give me back my admiration to you, idiot!

They still continued to run while halfway stopping sometimes.

Arthur even have time to do magic tricks using the cards he took out from Justin's wallet, my admiration for him grew and I look up to him even more now.

Justin finally give up and gave Arthur back his phone and wallet, Arthur took it and gave Justin back his wallet too.

It seems eveything is ok and settled, I hate this moment of silence.

It seems as if Arthur is cooperating with what I was thinking and said, "You haven't get you money back, so thanks for giving it to me!"

"Oh yah!"

Justin shout as he notice his wallet's moneh is missing and chase after him.

Suddenly, Mr Yuto came into the classroom and both Arthur and Justin stop and pretend nothing happened.

Mr Yuto realizes something is wrong and saw Arthur holding a $50 note and question him, " Since when do you have so much money?"

Arthur replied, "Dont hurt my feelings teacher, I have you know~it's not like I don't have to begin with."

Mr Yuto gave him a 'don't think I'm stupid' look and said, "If you have then just now before class you wouldn't have said that you don't have $10 to return me."

Arthur start perspiring and said, "I found it in the wallet and now I return you the $10."

As he was already holding his wallet, he took out $3 coin and Justin's $7 and pass it to teacher.

Justin immediately shout as he lift up his head from the table, "that is my $7 ok!" no wonder he never make a response, he was pretending to be or should I say already asleep the moment teacher came in.

Mr Yuto stare at Arthur and Arthur immediately return the money to Justin.

I can't help but smile and laugh in my mind at this scence because Arthur is always scared of Mr Yuto whom is his father.

After that, the ssp class ended and everybody went home.

Note: The main character's name will be shown on the next chapter so please wait paitently


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