Back to Life
4 Chapter 3: The “W“s and “H“ are answered with a “D“.
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Back to Life
Author :HappyFreeWriter
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4 Chapter 3: The “W“s and “H“ are answered with a “D“.

After the birthday party....

The whole class went to karoka (a area for groups of people to sing)

I look at the clock in the room, drops of sweat pespiring.

It's like I expected this to all happen but how?

I feel like time is faster than usual and within me, there's anxiety. But what is it?

At the back of my mind, there's a few words appearing: It's time!

But what is?

Because I don't know who is the one that is causing me like this.

Wait.. Who?

I look at the door.. then I look around me.


There's nothing unusual, everybody's here.

So why? Why do I feel the need to protect her?

"... Jane!"

I startle and immediately respond, "What is it?"

"Jeez! I have been calling you! It's your turn to sing!" Maggie said while holding the microphone.

"Haha maybe she doesn't want to after your 'amazing' performance!" Muri laugh at her.

I look towards Muri and nod my head, not because I agree with her but what she said is so familiar...

Muri didn't notice I nod my head but Maggie did.

"Arg!!! As if lah! Next time you want to go the toilet, I won't acompany you anymore!" Maggie cross her arms.

"Eh!!! I was just joking! Please, I don't dare to go by myself..." Muri's stance change as she's scared of ghost when the karoka toilet area's are dark with dim lights.

Everyone laughs but didn't do anything as Maggie said, "Hmph! You said my performance was bad.."

I feel like protecting her but.. at the back of my head, the tinglish feeling that I should keep my guard up continue ringing. Why?

Looking at Muri, who's leg is shaking as she's about to open the door wanting to go to the washroom.

I.. have decide to follow her.

Even though I felt a intense chill, I shake it off.

Because I know that this must be all nothing.

There won't be anything happening in this room when there is a teacher here. Especially when Mr Qu has a history of being the No. 1 chapion in Boxing.

I tap on Muri's shoulder assuring her that I'll be with her, and she smile in relief. Luckily for me Jing En and Arthur is singing so there won't be a chance that Maggie will nag me for not singing.

In addition, Justin (who wanted to sing with Jing En) is blocking her side of view so that I could leave without being notice.

On our way to the washroom, we were quiet.

I just remembered that I had a fight with Muri a few days ago. The fact that she had join in helping out for my surprise party means that she still cherish the friendship between us.

At this moment, I had a feeling that if I don't take the chance that Justin had given me, I might regret it.

I don't know why but I stop her before she goes in the bathroom.

"What?" Muri ask as she smile weakily.

"I'm sorry about the accident before." I apologise to her sincerely.

Muri has a surprise look on her face then she starts to laugh.

I look at her in confusion as I tilt my head.

"For as long as I know you, this is your first time apologising to someone." as she continue to giggle.

Right.. I'm always stubborn. If I'm in a quarrel with somebody, I wouldn't apologise even if he or she is my best friend who says that I'm in the wrong.

This is indeed the first time in my life I ever did such a thing. When did it happen? What cause me to change?

I look at her, mixture of happiness that we finally stop the cold war between us and the feeling of confusion and fear is dwelling in me.

"Hey! How about we go to opposite there and buy a drink? You can go to the toilet on the way there.." I tell her unconsiously and before I knew it, I was hoping her answer to be 'Yes!'.

2 Whys appear in my head. Why didn't I question myself that I ask her without knowing it? Why do I want her to say 'Yes!'?

"Nah~" She rush in, I quickly follow her as there are cubicles in there and she continue: "I have wait too long!"

Despair and fear have reach my limit as I felt a cold behind me. I turn around and saw something that will scar me for life.

There are lifeless bloody bodies with their heads hanging on a hanger to the wall.

"Ahhhh!!!" It wasn't me who shout, it was Muri who shout out. I remember that before she close the door there was nothing inside the cubicle. But there was a bang on the door when she shouted...

"What happen?!" I shout out to her but there was no response.

"Are you okay?" I immediately ask her in concern.

When I saw a hand reaching out from underneath, I look under the cubicle's door and her eyes was looking at me with her head flowing with blood.

Shock took over as she shout out in a low voice, "Run.."

Tears flowing from my eyes as I dash out of the bathroom, closing it behind me.

I dial the ambulance number and ask for help.

I call the police as well and I said it in a loud voice.

Making sure that whoever is responsible for this, would know that if he or she comes out now, they'll be in trouble if I see their faces and report to the police.

The helplessness of not being able to barge open the door and save Muri continue to grow.

The fear of the murderer coming to kill me and the ones around me grow intensifly.

Soon, the police and the ambulance arrive.

Even though the murderer didn't came out but he or she was not captured.

The action I did of closing the door and preventing the murderer from coming out has cause this case to be a lock room murder case.

No.. I don't believe that Muri's dead..

She's the only one who died in there..

I didn't question the police force investigation as I had follow them in as well to show them the exact area where Muri was.

Before I told them about the lifeless bloody bodies that was supposed to be hanging behind, I noticed it all disappeared like it didn't appear there at all.

Questions and fear flooded in my mind.

I was sent to the police station for questioning.

Those in my class who was happily having party, did as well, when the police barge into the room, bringing them to the interrogration room.

None of them question when they saw my desperate face that I never show before.

While the police was questioning me about what happen, I answer everything lifelessly.

I didn't hear what they ask and still answers them perfectly because I remember everything after Muri's death.

To what was going on.

To why I wanted to protect her.

To where I knew I should avoid.

To when did I change.

To who I was afraid of.

To how did I knew about everything.

Because... I relive again!


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