Back to Life
5 Chapter 4: F-days
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Back to Life
Author :HappyFreeWriter
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5 Chapter 4: F-days

After what happen during the B-day.

Which was my birthday and the day which had a bang in our hearts when Muri died.

They had attended Muri's funeral, crying their lungs out causing themselves to lose voices.

But.. I... couldn't do it.

I saw how shock and sad her parents were.

Even her younger brother cried shouting for her to come back.

It was my fault! I didn't realise it sooner. I had tons of opportunities to change her fate but I forgot all about it.

I look down in shame. God give me a chance to change all of it but I didn't.

I look towards everyone who is related to Muri in the room. Looking at their backs and looking at the tears they've shed, even Mr Qu who once said a Man shouldn't shed tears did as well.

I.. couldn't confess the truth to anybody.

I.. couldn't tell them what really happen.

I.. couldn't be sad that Muri had died.

Maybe it's because I know they'll hate me.

They'll turn me in to the police force.

I had cried over Muri's death in my past life.

I saw Jing En trying to confort Maggie, who keep blaming herself for not being by Muri's side when Muri needed her.

I don't blame her because I know that even if she did, she'll be in the same situation as I did.

I clench my fist, shaking it, I had done something terrible.

No! Muri had died not because of me but because of that unknown murderer who got away even in my past life!

I couldn't cry because I remembered Muri's smiling face when the police force and I saw her lying on the ground.

It wasn't the same like in my past life.

Muri had shown a fearful face when she died in her past life but this time she smiled.

The forensics team had told us based on their results that there is no drug and anything that was injected or consumed to/by Muri.

So it was concluded that she smile because she's relief that I would be safe and sound when I run out of the bathroom door.

In addition to that, it was seemed that she had grab tightly on the murderer's legs to stall time for me since her hand's position was weird.

But just like past life, everybody who was inside Karoka didn't have the injury.

So, it is concluded that the murderer must be from the ouside from the window. But to how he got out from the window which was lock was still a mystery.

I told them about the murderer's appearance and they believe me since there wasn't any CCTV in the bathroom.

They didn't know that what I told them was something from my past life. That I heard when the murderer was caught running out from the bathroom to the exit.

I clench my teeth, at least there would be a suspect instead of Muri's death being called a closed murderer room case by some mystical reaper or suicide when the police couldn't find clues.

I sat there in the corner, nobody walk up to me.

Leaving me in peace.

For long, I couldn't cry.

The only thing I could really do was talk to her.

Every word I said is what I wanted to tell her.

During those funeral days:

Day 1: Muri, I know you are happy that we stop fighting but why didn't you run?

Why couldn't you let me die with you?

Is it because you don't want me to suffer the pain that you did?

Muri... Didn't I told you that we are going to get a drink later? Why did you leave first?

Jane mutter before she went to sleep.

Day 2: Muri. Even though I always said that your dancing moves were outdated but actually I enjoyed it. No matter how other people says about your dancing, You are the Best dancer in the world! I wish I could see you dance again...

Day 3: Muri, This is your favourite Pink rose and I bought a teddy bear for you. I hope you'll like it! Didn't you said you want it but it was too expensive?

Day 4: Muri.. I have been talking with your younger brother, just like you wanted, we get along quickly. We make sure that we text each other something everyday. So don't worry, your brother won't do foolish things anymore in the future.

Day 5: Happy birthday Muri! I bake your favourite macarons for you today. I remembered you've always wanted to taste my cooking but I said "No!". It is because I'm still attending baking lesson and failed my test.(you didn't know) Even though it's not perfect, I hope you'll like it.

Day 6: Muri.. Do you still remember that time when I cried in primary school but I said I didn't?

It was thanks to your conforting, that I got back to my feet. I didn't told you what happen didn't I? At that time, it was because my younger sister had died in a car accident while she was trying to save me just like you did.

Day 7: Muri... I miss you.. Please come back..

Jane has 7 day straight continue to sit by Muri's side. Talking and sitting on the ground. Until, Muri's parents came in.

Muri's mom: "Thanks for accompany her. Here!"

She pass Jane a dairy.

While Muri's Dad pass her a DVD while saying, "Muri wanted us to give you this if she ever dies and only during the last day of her funeral."

Jane read the dairy and watch the DVD that Muri had given her.

She drop both the remote and the book on the carpet.

"Muri Yukizawa! You idiot! Who writes a unlockable diary and uses a DVD nowadays?! Why don't you come here and tell me?! Why don't you Show me your dance moves yourself? Ah! Ah~!!!!! Ahhhhhhh~!" Jane shout out towards Muri's picture while holding on to her head crying.

A hand pat her shoulder, being alert, she wipe off her tears and turn around to look.

A flash of Muri's figure Standing right in front of her smiling. She reach for her face but Muri dissappear, as if it was all just a dream because Arthur was standing right in front of her with a worried look.

Before She could respond to this situation, a Pink butterfly pass by her sight.

Her eyes immediately drawn to it, sensing Muri's presence from the butterfly that Muri had liked the most in the past.

As if Muri appear again, in a butterfly form with a pink dress dancing around with a happy face.

Jane smile, knowing that it must be her.

"I want to see you two together... happily!"

Jane's eyes fill with tears as she heard Muri's voice. She smile immediately and shout "Yes!" towards the butterfly while crying.

After that I push aside all my frustration of not being able to save Muri. I ignore their stares while pulling Arthur's hand out of the room, towards the garden.

"Arthur, tell the teachers that I'll attend school tommorow!" Jane said assuring him that she's okay.

In fact, she's happy that Muri's fine on the other side.

Arthur have a unknowingly smile on his face.


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