Back to Life
6 Chapter 5: Quiet classroom
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Back to Life
Author :HappyFreeWriter
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6 Chapter 5: Quiet classroom

When Jane goes back to class, she realises something was wrong.

But she shrug it off as she thinks her classmates are quiet because of Muri's death.

She too would have been the same if Muri hadn't give her a precious gift.

Every lesson that had start, only the teacher's voice could be heard.

The once noisy classroom has become a quiet one.

Jane knows that something should be done but she don't know how, because this has never happen in her past life.

The only thing she knew was that Muri wouldn't like what was happening with the class like she did.

Arthur look towards Jane, he knows she's clueless but he didn't think she was THAT clueless.

Arthur rub his forehead while thinking what he should do about this situation.

Once recess start, everybody left the classroom at light speed.

Jane who was left inside is dumbfounded.

"What the..?"

She get her stuff and rush to the open door, both sides she see has no sight of her classmates.


She walk the stairs up to the rooftop.

Normally, it would be closed. But she reflexly open it knowing that it will be open for her.

A surprise expression appear on her face.

"Min nan?(みんな)" Jane look in front of her, all her classmates sitting there in a circle with papers in the middle.

She take a few steps towards them.

They look at her with wide eyes but didn't move.

"Min nan?(みんな)" Jane stop her movements when somebody pulled her from behind.

Jane got pull behind of that person as she turn around to look, that person has already lock the door with the key.


"....." That person has no response but Jane firmly knows that Arthur is the one who pulled her.

A moment of silence as Jane wait for him to move.

She couldn't believed it!

Despite not wearing glasses, she could clearly see what was written on the paper.

A chill went down her spine.

'Why?' Jane look down while thinking and then she look at the back of that person.

Blood is dripping down from that person's shoulder.

A flash of memory appear in her mind.

Jane immediately pull him and bring him down to the nurses office.

She look at Arthur.

She's sure that he is Arthur but his actions seem as if... She immediately shakes the thought away.

'No! It can't be!' Ahw think

But what she did in the past and now are different.

That goes to the classmate's action as well.

"You haven't notice what's going on with them?" Arthur look at her suddenly asking.

Jane flinch for a moment, not because he ask about them but his face is near to her's.

She look down trying not to show him her blushing face and continue bandaging his shoulder while answering, "I don't know what's wrong with them. Please tell me what happen while I was gone!"

Arthur sigh.

Jane look at him, the Arthur from before who pulled her and was quiet all seem like a dream.

The once happy-go-lucky Arthur that she had once admire from before is now like a troubled old man.

Looking at his suddenly appearing wrinkles on his face.

Jane blink her eyes, it disappears like it never appeared.

"They think that Muri's death is your fault but don't worry Just leave it to me..." Arthur said when Jane finish bandaging his shoulder.

Jane immedaitely understood what he was saying.

She smile as she tap his shoulders causing Arthur who was facing his back at her to turn around.

She mutter beside his ear as she's close beside him, " I always like that about you, I seriously hope that we... can be friends."

"Am I not from the start?" He jokingly ask her

"No! I mean Yes! Arg... I mean I just thought you wouldn't think of me as a friend since we don't talk much.." Jane correct herself

Arthur who saw her expression laugh and assure her, "Of course, we are friends!"

Then he leave the room.

Jane laid her back onto the wall with a sad expression.

"Gomen.. (sorry)" She mutter as she remember Muri, "I can't confess it like you did towards him, now's not the time yet. I hope you will pray for my.. no.. our classmates safety!"


Jane smile weakily as she left the room.

Arthur who has not gone far, his back came into her sight of vision.

She follow Arthur back to the classroom.

'Yes... I need to solve the situation on hand first!' As the pictures of Jane and Muri flash on the papers with large circle around them with unknown letters.

"It can't be help.." Jane mutter under her breath but Arthur still heard her and said: "Don't worry..."

For the rest of the day, it's been a quiet classroom scenario for the teachers who has mix feelings of happy and sad.

HappyFreeWriter Note

Yes! I'm finally able to upload my book cover creation!


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