Back to Life
7 Chapter 6: The start of the end
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Back to Life
Author :HappyFreeWriter
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7 Chapter 6: The start of the end

The next day~

Jane open the classroom door with caution.

Jane knows that the future has change but by how much is what she doesn't know.

Jane's Pov

"Good morning, everyone!" I shout out

Murmurs everywhere but some still says hello to me, I guess Arthur did as he promised.

I take a sit down, realising what I have done, I sigh.

Now's not the time to be depress!

I take out a notebook instead of trying to interact with them because I know they'll just give me fake smiles and not treating me part of the class.

I start recording down events openly.

Well, not like they would be interested to peep at my notebook.

My birthday: BF's D

Magic Circle: Maggie's D

New canteen stall open: B's D


Wait... What is today's date again?

I look at my watch...

Oh my! I forget that the technology hasn't advance that far...

I flip my bag open, rummaging through the contents, trying to find my phone.

I bang my head on the table.

Oh right... I didn't have one.. Because I haven't gotten it from the delivery....

I sigh, 'What's wrong with my life?'

From the corner of my eye, I see a colorful notebook inside my bag.

I take it out and read the contents.

Muri and I have went to the arcade today. She told me that ger birthday is at 4 January which is the same as mine! I told her that we should celebrate together every year because she is an orphan who lives alone...and she said yes! I'm very happy! Although we know each other for only a year but we are seriously the best of the best friends ever! Whatever we do is always in sync!

Third person view

Jane stare at it for a moment blankly, tears flowing from her eyes.

'What I feared really happen...' Jane close her eyes.

"Why..." Jane ask herself as she bury her head on the table crying.

From afar, Arthur look at her in worry. He had tried to peek her notebook but failed to do so even when his glasses worn.

He wouldn't be able to walk over casually and just ask: "What is this?" and read. Afterall, all eyes are on him. He wouldn't want Jane to get targeted and his hard work to go to waste.

"What are you doing?" Arthur turn around and eyes meeting at Jing En.

"I am just looking at the weather outside." He answer as if he just did that.

"Oh, I just check and it says that today is going to rain." Jing En say while holding my phone.

"My prayers are already approve huh?" He smile cheekily

"Haha, why do you want it to rain?" Jing En laugh as she ask

"Oh... It's because I would not need to go for co curricular activties (cca)!" Arthur say as he think: 'At least she'll get a cool on her head.'

"Oh~ Then you are free after school right?" Justin ask

"Why?" Arthur look at him with suspicion

"It's time to end what we had start."

Suddenly, everyone except for Jane who's head is buried on the table nod their heads at the same time.


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