Convenience Store in Another World
1 I Started to Work at a Convenience Store!
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Convenience Store in Another World
Author :FriedSpringRolls
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1 I Started to Work at a Convenience Store!

Hello, I am Neel, 19 years old, an average guy with no talents and average appearance. I am a failure who only completed high school.

My ambition was to become a successful and rich entrepreneur, and have my own business and live a luxurious life in a mansion. I was planning to take business administration course but I decided not to go into a university anymore because I don't have enough money to sustain myself.

The worse case was that I am incapable of getting any outstanding achievements and I barely passed all of my subjects at academics. So, I was not qualified to enroll in a prestigious university in the country that I yearn for. Full scholarship in other universities and colleges? No, it was impossible with my grades.

This is what really frustrates me, not only that, my parents also disowned me since they don't want a worthless and disgraceful son. Haha! So funny right? Well, I won't blame them. I was addicted and spending a lot of my time playing VRMMORPG games to such a degree that I neglect my studies and guitar lessons.

My elder siblings have a promising bright future ahead of them, compared to me, I am a useless trash in their eyes. Hah, but when it comes to the virtual world, I am a top tier expert and confident about my gaming skills and knowledge.

However, due to my circumstances, I couldn't play anymore. That headgear was so expensive, not only to mention the cost of monthly payment of Cybernet needed to play it.

After my family ditched me on the day that I want to forget, I quietly left my old home bringing nothing else but my favorite blue hoodie jacket, grey jogging pants, and also I carried my duffel bag packed with my own clothes and important personal documents. Even though my parents merely drive me out and told me not to come back again, they even gave me 5000 Credits. It seems they were still caring a little bit to me.

I wanted to go away from that place and start anew, so I spent all of my Credits on a travel via high-speed bullet train as far as I could and then I reached a town in a middle of a valley far away from densely populated urban cities. I planned to spend the rest of my life at this place and live peacefully.

Unfortunately, I was starving and I didn't have any money left to buy a proper meal. I just wander around the town, I didn't want to disturb the locals since it was late at night. So I searched for any establishments that serve food and beg for leftovers. However, they are already closed. I could only persevere against hunger and I trudge until I saw a convenience store on the corner of the intersection.

"A convenience store! Yes! Food..." Before I could reach there, I passed out and fell on the floor.

I only remember after that was I woke up in a break room while lying down on a sofa, there was a cup of instant noodles on a center table and I slurped it without any hesitation to relieve my starvation.

Then, a young woman walked in from the door, her arms were placed behind her. When I rose my head up and looked at her, I was captivated by her beauty.

She had a fair white complexion, those narrow eyes were alluring and also shows her fierce personality. Her smooth black hair was tied in a ponytail.

She wore a black collared shirt that emphasizes her shapely figure. I could see her bosomy chest, curvaceous waists, and hips. Those voluptuous buttocks and legs underneath that black pants were quite enticing, but I regained my composure when she began to spoke up.

"Oh, you already awake. Don't worry, you won't pay that noodles." She smiled very sweetly.

"Thank you very much!" I placed down the cup and knelt both of my knees on the floor to express my heartfelt gratitude to her.

"You're welcome. It seems you are not from here, because your face wasn't familiar to me. I knew every local resident in this neighborhood, it is easy to remember the names as there are only less than a thousand people settled in this town. I'm curious, who are you and why you go to this place?" She sat down on a sofa opposite me and crossed her legs as she pointed her low heeled shoes towards me.

"Uhm... I am Neel, I ran away from home... I don't have any money left..." I sat back onto the sofa. I was ashamed to tell her my real situation so I didn't as I bent my head downwards.

"I see. Actually, we are short handed since only two people who work here including me. I checked your bag and then I found these papers." She smiled as she carelessly threw my important documents on the table.

"..." I was shocked and speechless. This woman had actually meddled with my bag while I was unconscious!

"I think, I got the gist of your circumstances. It looks like you are eligible to be employed, I want to hire you to work here and replace me on the night shift. I will pay you a fair monthly salary, and I also allow you to live in this break room as long as you keep this place clean." Her expression was kind and pleasant as she offered me a job while smiling.

"Wait... she offered me a job? Seriously? This is lucky!" That was I thought to myself before.

"Yes, ma'am! I gladly accept your offer, I will work hard and do my best!" I felt indebted so kowtowed to her.

"Now, please write your signature on the contract." She smiled coquettishly and placed a ballpoint pen and two paged printed paper above the table.

I picked up the pen and wrote my signature on the contract, without even reading it. Yeah, a huge mistake I had done.

When I finished writing and handed it over to her. My first impression of her — a gorgeous and benevolent goddess — was totally wrong. I felt completely crushed.

"Now you are my slave, Neel. My name is, Naomi, nice to meet you. From now on, I am your master, and don't call me ma'am again okay? Hihihi." Naomi giggled as she received the contract and tightly gripped my hands.

That happened half a year ago, when I started to work at a convenience store and that was how I met Naomi for the first time. A seductive and cunning femme fatale. She was also my boss.


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