Convenience Store in Another World
3 I“m Figuring Out How to Use It!
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Convenience Store in Another World
Author :FriedSpringRolls
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3 I“m Figuring Out How to Use It!

I picked up the magic ring on the counter and I began to inspect the ring.

I like the design, it had some sort of runes engraved on its smooth surface. The ring seems to be made out of a precious blue stone. It really looks cool and my favorite color was blue.

As I wear it on my left pinky finger, the runes on mysterious ring shined intensely with blue light.

Hahaha! I could feel the magical energy seeping into my body! Nah, that was just my imagination.

The light faded away as it became dimmer. I took a look at the magic ring that fits nicely to me. However, it just emitted a very bright light and as a matter of fact, nothing happened.

That's all? Why I had not felt anything? I thought I gained magical powers! Fatherducker! I had been scammed! Oh, wait... it lit up, right? Then this is an authentic magic ring!

Maybe it needed the right words to activate it? Hmm... I will try. Uhm...

Abra Kadabra Alakazam!


Open sesame!


By the power of darkness, I call you forth. Ring of destruction!


Expecto patronum!


Azarath Metrion Zinthos!


Heed me now, thou who is darker than dusk, Heed that which is redder than blood, In the name of that which has been buried in the bottomless abyss of time eternal, I summon thee, master of the ultimate darkness, have no pity on the fools who stand in our way, infuse me with power; let your strength become mine to wipe them from the face of this earth to deliver unto them the ultimate doom! MAGIC RING!


Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,

Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.


Heikas, heikas. Estai, bebroi. Zazas, zazas. Natasatana zazas...


Fimbulvetr. Gleipnir. Excalibur. Naglfar. Manni Katti. Sol Katti. Sieglinde. Audhuldma. Reginleif. Vidofnir. Seigmund. Garm. Nidhogg. Latona. Ivaldi.


DUCK! It's no use! This is pointless! I spent an hour chanting many words I could think of. I tried my best to find out and discover the power of this ring. However, my efforts are all in vain!

I pulled the ring to remove it on my finger, it was stuck. I tried to pull it once again but it didn't even make the slightest movement.

Why I can't remove it!? Ugh! It's so tight! Oh, well... duck this. I give up. I'm wasting my strength on nothing, thanks to your ring now I'm really tired.

I felt so sleepy and sat down on a stool behind the counter. I yawned, I couldn't help myself but to slowly close my eyes and took a nap. I wish no one will enter the store to disturb me.

'Tiling tiling!'

I was startled when I heard that sound. It meant someone entered the automatic sliding door.

I woke up as I found myself rested my head on my arms above the counter. I immediately stood up straight and give a greeting the customer.

"Good evening! Welcome to Friendly... Oh, no!"

I saw the intersection outside the transparent window panes, the road outside was bright as the sun rose upon the sky. I realized it was already morning. I hurriedly checked my watch to make sure and the time was 5:50 AM.

I looked at the entrance, it was Naomi. She was dressed in her sporty tracksuits. It looks like she finished her daily exercise, jogging beside the riverbank.

She sauntered towards the cooler and opened it. She picked up a 500mL bottle of mineral water and drank it half-way as she approached me on the counter.

"Good morning Miss Naomi!" I greeted her and forced myself to smile. I knew she caught me, I need to prepare myself.

"Neel, my slave! You are paid to work not to sleep on your shift! Since you just woke up, you need to wash your face. Here, have some water." She splashed the cold water from the bottle on my face. It's alright, I'm used to her antics.

Good thing the cash register didn't get wet. I commend her skills as the water only aimed at me perfectly.

"I apologize, Miss Naomi! I'm just deprived of rest so I took a short nap but I didn't intend to fall into deep sleep." I wasn't aggrieved by her behavior as the water dripped from my face. I even bowed to her.

"Hmph! I'll forgive you this time, dog." She drank the remaining water from the bottle.

Suddenly, the automatic sliding door opened.

'Tiling tiling!'

"Good morning Neel! Good morning sister Naomi!" A cute maiden with a natural colored brown hair with a bob cut and plain outfit went inside the convenience store. She had a paper bag on her hand.

"Good morning Arisa!" Naomi greeted as she waved her cheerfully.

Arisa was not a customer. She was also a full-time employee of the convenience store who works for day shift.

Our first encounter happened on the day I started to work here, it was quite embarrassing. She barged into the break room while I undress my uniform and saw me almost half naked, I only had boxer shorts at that time. She shrieked and ran outside. Wait, there's more. She spread false accusation and told the people outside there was a pervert who tried to mape her. Well, let bygones be bygones, it's okay now and we are friends. If that was real, I'm already imprisoned in a jail of a nearby city.

"Oh! Why the counter was wet?" Arisa was puzzled.

"It's nothing. Neel, could you please wipe the counter and mop the floor before the customers arrive? If you are done, you can end your shift. Record your attendance to time out." Naomi smiled at me and went to the office room beside the break room.

"Yes, Miss Naomi!" I nodded.

"Use this to wipe your face." Arisa handed over a clean handkerchief to me.

"Thank you." I happily received the handkerchief. I'm touched by your kindness Arisa!

"No problem. It's my shift now. I'll handle the counter, rest assured." Arisa had a beam on her face.

She moved towards on the biometric clock attached on the wall beside the door of the break room to record her attendance and went inside. Probably, she would change to her uniform.

I dried off the cold water on my face and went to the cleaning supplies closet to get a mop, rug, dustpan, and a broom. I wiped the counter and the tiled floor then I swept the whole store thoroughly with my broom. Actually, I always clean the store before Naomi and Arisa would arrive. However, I overslept.

After, I cleaned up. Arisa had already changed to her uniform and stood behind the counter while serving a couple of customers.

Since my shift is done, I picked up my favorite chocolate bar from a stall for a snack and paid it, of course. Then I went to the biometric clock and placed my thumb to time out and entered the break room.

The break room was plain and simple. It was also my own room and it had a painting as a decoration, two long sofas, a wooden center table, five lockers, window-type air conditioner, and a wooden shelf with microwave oven, electric kettle, several mugs, and glass jars with instant coffee and sugar.

I went to my locker undressed my uniform and put it on a hanger. I took a plain white shirt and my favorite hooded jacket and I wore it. I relaxed my body on the sofa and I placed the back of my left palm on my forehead as I closed my eyes to sleep.


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