Convenience Store in Another World
4 My Night Shift Was Over!
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Convenience Store in Another World
Author :FriedSpringRolls
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4 My Night Shift Was Over!

My thoughts drifted inside my head while I was comfortably lying down on the sofa as I put myself in slumber.

When I was a trainee and began to work at this place, I was wondering why Naomi — a beautiful and clever woman — doesn't have any love relationships. How did I know? It was simple, I directly asked a reliable source, her father. Hehe! I was shocked when I knew that she had no boyfriend since birth.

I thought many possible reasons, one of the most logical explanation was the young men in the town were very few and most people at her age was women, including Arisa.

However, after several months I had stayed here, I became fully aware of it. It was her ruthless, cold attitude and hate towards men. Of course, no one even the male customers could bear with that except her father and I.

Naomi took business administration course at a college in a nearby city. Surprisingly, she was already in her third year even she was one year older than me. When I replaced her, I noticed she was thankful about it. I guess she had a flexible schedule, she only goes to the store and work at the office on weekends.

Even though she treated me poorly, I really admire her — I am not a masochist, okay? — not only she took the course same as mine and her graceful appearance but also she was scrupulous and diligent to her work while studying at the same time!

What's more? She maintained her healthy diet and lifestyle, managed her time schedule efficiently and prioritizes punctuality, she's interested in her own selfish concerns before others, and most of all she was a cunning and shrewd woman.

I don't feel any resentment towards her despite she always teases me, mocks me when I do something wrong, and mistreats me like her own slave. She was my boss and I was indebted to her since she was the one who gave me another chance to start over again from a new beginning.

Meanwhile, Arisa and Naomi were different as night and day, but they actually get along and treat each other very well. It was expected because they were childhood friends.

Arisa was a part-timer when she was high school. At present, she is a regular employee and almost the same age as mine. She was well known by the people of this town as a cheerful, demure, friendly, and innocent young lady, sometimes she was clumsy but she is really cute no matter what she does.

She told me before when we had weekly stock inventory a week after I started to work, she wanted to go in an all girls university and learn fine arts to hone her skills in painting.

Indeed, Arisa was a talented artist. Her favorite motif was rural landscapes, one of her artworks painted in a canvass was framed and affixed on the wall of the break room — named 'The Idyllic Valley'. It portrayed the peaceful and lovely scenery of the valley where the town situated at. Her painting relieves my stress as I take a look at it.

Arisa was comitted to pursue her dreams but she opted to stay on her home with her parents in the mountains and take care of them. They were already old and her elder sister had a family in the city, so Arisa had no choice but to sacrifice her ambition because she loved her father and mother so much.

In spite of the fact that she didn't have an opportunity to acquire helpful knowledge of arts, she was optimistic and practice by herself to hone her skills and strived to create her own style of painting.

After Arisa revealed that to me, I regarded her in high esteem and what she had done was remarkable.

Since I started to work at this convenience store half a year ago, these women influenced me and they are my inspiration. Because of them, they drastically changed my life.

I was a good-for-nothing person idling every day and took anything from my parents for granted, They raised me well and provided me what I needed. They wanted me to have a good life. What did I do? I wasted it!

I know I was trash! I know I am an ingrate! I know I took a wrong path and went astray!

That's why I work really hard as the day passed by, not only to survive and earn money but I also want to improve and become a better version of myself, to redeem and gain my reputation to my family!

I am eager to achieve my dreams into reality! I want to be a successful man basking in wealth and living my life in luxury!

I was unaware when the magical ring reacted to my thoughts. The faint blue light began to grow brighter and brighter.

'Hong! Shua!'

I could see the blue light behind my eyelids. I moved my left hand away from my forehead as I got up and slowly opened my eyes.

The mystical runes engraved on the ring was shining with harsh brilliant blue light.

Oh! This was the magical ring that strange customer gave to me! I remember now! I thought that was a dream, but its real! Hahaha! Is it working now? I wonder how did I activate it.

My hand moved by itself even I had no intent to control it. I felt some mystical force guiding my left hand to write something in the air. Enigmatic symbols similar to the runes of the magic ring formed from the movement of my hand.

'Wong wong wong wong!'

When my hand stopped to move and I regained my control of it, the symbols in the air started to set in rapid motion and whirled in circles.

'Shiiiiing! Boooom!'

All of a sudden, a large blue portal appeared in front of me. I felt the atmosphere around me was heavy. The blue glare from the ring became dimmer.

This magic ring is awesome! Is this so-called inter-dimensional travel magic? Hahaha! That ice cream loving customer was great! I hope I will meet that person again someday, I will give you free ice cream all you want! Hahaha! Hmm... wait let's try this.

I picked up my favorite chocolate bar on the table and threw it to the blue portal. It passed through and disappeared into thin air

Oh! Alright! I'll go and see what's in store for me!

I was so excited and recklessly jumped into the portal without any hesitation then the blue portal vanished after I successfully entered.


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