Convenience Store in Another World
5 I Set Foot in Another World!
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Convenience Store in Another World
Author :FriedSpringRolls
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5 I Set Foot in Another World!

As I passed right through the portal, I arrived at the other side and landed safely on the ground. The cold breeze with refreshing but somewhat salty smell blew all over my body. This feeling was very familiar, it was not different compared to Earth.

I found myself near the edge of a steep cliff. However, I was really terrified, my heart skipped a beat when there were pointy rocks at the bottom along with crashing waves. Instinctively, I stepped backward and calmed myself down.

If I jumped higher, I would die from fall and those spikes would skewer my intestines as well. I must be careful next time.

I looked around me to check my surroundings.

Suddenly, The surge of amazement arises as I catch the breathtaking sight that I had never experienced in my entire life. The bright clear blue sky and the seemingly endless expanse of blue sea on the horizon.

"Wow! This place is wonderful!" I couldn't help myself but appreciate the view and smiled widely.

When I looked to my left, a huge city with many ships in different kinds and sizes docked on its bustling port on a harbor located in a gulf with a long coastline but I couldn't see it clearly far away.

I should have bought a pair of glasses with my savings next time. It was difficult to see things at a distance. Hmm... this is troublesome.

I noticed my favorite chocolate bar and picked it up from the grassy ground then I put it inside my hooded jacket's pocket. I hope it wouldn't melt, I thought.

Thereafter, I searched and luckily found a trail through the dense woods with ease. I followed it so I could go to that city and observed the new environment with curiousity.

Various evergreen tropical plants and trees but something like coconut palm trees grew abundantly on the area, there was also a flock of bird flying freely in the air but I never knew which kind were they.

It was hot, I endured and wiped off the beads of sweat dripping on my forehead with Arisa's handkerchief from my pocket, I forgot to return this to her. Hopefully, the breeze that came from the sea and the shade by the trees alleviated the heat of the sun.

After I hiked downwards along the nature trail in almost an hour, I reached the end of the woods. Yes, I could determine the time because my digital watch worked pretty fine and it was 7:49 AM displayed on the screen. I didn't know if it was exactly the same time in this world.

There was a wide stone brick paved road that stretches to the port city, I started to walk once again. Meanwhile, there was a noise from hooves tramping on the road behind me, I turned myself around. There was a horse-drawn covered wagon traversed on the road drew near.

Wait... do my eyes became worse that I need to check up to an ophthalmologist?

I gently rubbed my eyes and slowly opened it. I was shocked because the coachman was not a person but an anthropomorphic dog!

'Tok. Tok. Tok.'


"Baroo there fellow. Are you going to the Port City of Irylia?" The coachman... Erm, I mean a coachdog sat on the wagon's seat while holding a horse whip. It had erect ears, wrinkled forehead, and a long neck with brown and white short fur covered on its whole body — very similar to a Basenji breed. It also wore a black beret on its head, cotton long sleeve shirt, pants, and leather boots.

"Oh, hi. Uhm... yes I will go to... Irylia." I replied and nodded.

"Hop in and take a ride. You can go along with me, I'm also heading there. Baroo!" The coachdog tapped his furry hand... or a paw on his side. Gesturing that I would take a seat there beside him.

"Thank you very much." I climbed up and sat down on a cushioned seat.

"Baroo! Let's go!" He whipped the back of the horse and it started to run at a quick pace as we head straight to Irylia.

"I'm Arric, a humble coachman. What's your name, baroo?" Arric offered his furry hand for a handshake.

"My name is Neel, nice to meet you Arric." I also extended my arm and we shook our hands.

This was very unusual to me, shaking hands with a talking dog driving a wagon loaded with barrels and boxes. Indeed, I was definitely in another world.

"Roo roo! I guess Neel came from a land far away from here. What urges you to go Irylia alone? You had done such a feat to reach here despite you didn't even bring any equipment." Arric took a glance at me in a moment and redirected his focus back on the road.

"Yeah, I just preferred to travel by myself and discover new places." I scratched my head as I smiled forcefully and I lied. Of course, I won't tell him the truth that I came from another world.

"I see." Arric didn't talk after that. It seems he won't pry anymore.

"Uhm... brother Arric, I heard some things about Irylia but can you please tell me more about that place?" Actually, I made up this question on the spot to break the ice.

"My friend since it's your first time to Irylia, listen to me carefully about the things you need to know regarding that place. I don't want to repeat and answer any follow-up questions after this. Baroo." Arric became enthusiastic, I guess he loves to talk with others.

"Alright." I began to pay my attention closely.

Woah, wait a minute. So he thinks of me his friend even we just met? I think well of this amiable guy.

"Irylia is a peaceful city located at the Gulf of Ellisrath, east of the Riloris continent, which is a crucial spot of trade routes. As a result, Irylia became a hub of commerce. Irylia is also an autonomous region where other nations cannot interfere and uphold their sovereignty regardless of how great they are. The laws of the Port City of Irylia implemented by the Council are very strict, even the trivial violations have serious punishment given by the Maxis. If you get caught littering on the streets, you will clean the whole city in ten sols. So you must be careful when we reach there. Baroo." Arric maintained his focus on the road while talking in a manner that I clearly understand him.

"..." I nodded.

Council, the governing body of the city? Sols, do you mean days or weeks? Maxis, are they the law enforcers of the city? You introduce me more things that I didn't know and making me ask more questions instead.

"The locals are friendly and hospitable to visitors, as long as you have enough Rifties you can enjoy your stay at that place. There are many establishments and shops to visit, surely those will sate you and never get sick of it. Baroo." Arric bared his fangs as he smiled.

"Uhm... sorry but I have to ask. What is this Rifties, could you explain it?" Yeah, I want to know what kind of currency they use in this world.

"What!? You don't know what Rifty is? Where did you really come from?" Arric was dumbfounded and the wrinkles on his forehead became evident.

I have a feeling that I already experienced this situation but now from another perspective.

"..." I kept myself silent.

"Don't worry, if you don't have Rifties you can barter goods with merchants on the marketplace at an equal value or work so you could earn Rifty. Roo roo roo roo!" Arric laughed, I guess he thought that I'm penniless.

Funny, I have a work and I have saved quite a lot after half a year, did you know that Arric? No, you didn't.

"The economy in the city is doing very well for a very long time and the market continues to flourish because of the free trade between various countries and nations. The Customs of Irylia control and monitor the imports and exports of goods. Hundreds of ships went to Irylia constantly, so stocks will never run out. You'll see what I meant eventually. Barook over there." Arric added as he raised his furry paw forward.

I faced in the direction he was pointing at. I felt only a short time had passed by but we were close to the Port City of Irylia.

In that case, Irylia is a perfect place to establish a business and become rich! Hahaha! Irylia here I come!


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