Convenience Store in Another World
7 I Ate Breakfast in Another World!
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Convenience Store in Another World
Author :FriedSpringRolls
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7 I Ate Breakfast in Another World!

"Sigh... there's no time to be sentimental, I must explore the city and find a way to earn Rifties." I got up from the bed in a sluggish manner as I placed both my feet on the floor and walk towards the table with a single drawer while unrolling the map then placed it flatly on the surface. I moved the wooden chair to sit down and read the map of Irylia thoroughly.

Indeed, the contents of the map were complete and detailed just like Rizz said, the whole city and its landmarks had labels written on their locations, it was drawn skillfully and easy to understand.

Also, the map shows that the city was separated in distinct areas: the port district which was obviously located at the harbor to the east; commercial district situated alongside the port district and also took the city in half; central district at the middlemost part of the city; the rest was the residential district.

I could tell the urban planning of this city was impressive and planned out very well. The walls with moat enclosed the city on the north, west, and south side, while the east was the sea. The layout of roads and blocks were organized symmetrically.

My conjecture was that Irylia is centered on commerce but lacks on industrial activities, in other words, the city solely relies on trade and shipments of goods from other places as Arric told me. On top of that, the area of the commercial district is large with a plethora of shops and other structures related to trade business such as warehouses and the wide-open marketplace.

I expect that this city is a good place to run a business, but what I need to do before to start by the way? What kind of business I need to establish so I will be successful? Hmm... Maybe I'll take a visit to the commercial district first to ascertain if it's true or not and find out the mysteries, besides I want to know what kind of goods available in this world.

While I was pondering about Irylia and making plans, somebody knocked at the door and a muffled voice came from the other side.

"Sir! Your breakfast was ready to serve, please come downstairs! Nya~" I could recognize that the voice belongs to a girl.

"Oh, its done already? Well, thats great. I'm hungry and I didn't even eat anything since yesterday." I stood up and head towards the door.

As I opened it, a young girl came into my view. She wore a plain blue dress seemly to her small and attractively dainty body. She had blue colored iris and cat-like pupils. Her hair was white and long that reaches to her waist. Her overall appearance still resembled that of a human girl but she also had white cat ears and a white tail.

Ugh! I must control myself not to pat her head!

"Hello, what's your name? You can just call me Neel if you like." I gave a slight smile to her and avoiding to act like creepy as possible. I admit that I have a soft spot on girls younger than me — I'm not a lolicon!

"Hello, Neel! I'm Ruri. Please hurry, before the food gets cold! Nya~" She was lively and high-spirited as she went down on the staircase.

Oh, so cute! I thought her name would be Razzy or something like that, matching the sounds from names of her parents.

I grabbed the map from the top of the desk and rolled it back, locked the door then went off the stairs to the lower floor. Unexpectedly, I'm alarmed as I noticed a menacing stare from Raize.

I can't understand why you're unfriendly to me! What the hell was your problem!? I haven't done anything wrong with your daughter!

"Sir, please have a seat." Raize spoke with stiff politeness as he offered a seat on the dining table.

"Thank you very much." I kept myself composed and sat down.

I just noticed a couple of dishes on the table giving off hot steam and the aroma pervaded the air was quite stimulating. I had never seen this kind of cooking before.

"I present to you my specialties for your breakfast, Tortilla de Patatas y Cebolla Frita, and Sopa de la Raize. I hope you will enjoy your meal." Raize served and introduced the names of the food to me and left.

This is very mouthwatering, I didn't even take a bite but while looking at these dishes, they are delicious. I picked up the spoon and fork on the table. Usually, I use chopsticks but I know how to use these utensils.

Hmm... Raize called it with his name and I didn't understand what he said but it seems this one is soup. The stock was thick and red sprinkled with saffron and parsley... Oh, I know why because he used tomatoes to thicken the soup. There were prawns with its shell already peeled, squid tubes cut into rings, and fish fillets. My goodness, I can't wait to taste it.


"Ooh! The flavor of the soup is exploding on my tongue!" I savored the taste of the soup with relish, I can't help myself but to eat more and gulped down the soup.

I didn't expect to taste spiciness from the stock. The sweet, succulent flavor from tomatoes complemented with the spicy hot sensation of finely chopped chili, mild buttery taste of the prawn, slightly firm and chewy texture of the squid, and the soft and delicate with a tinge of creaminess from the flesh of the fish.

Before the bowl was filled to the brim, it gradually decreases and then it was empty that not even a drop of the soup left. After a long time eating processed food and instant noodles, I was very happy and satisfied eating a bowl of soup with a variety of fresh seafood cooked by a humanlike cat.

I will not waste any time and proceed to another dish, Raize called this Tortilla or something, I'm sure that I recognize this one, it was an omelet. I took a portion from the golden yellow egg with my spoon without any effort. The omelet was actually filled with thinly sliced fried potatoes and finely chopped white onions. I never thought that it was possible to cook an egg like this.

I wonder what it tastes like? I pierced the portion of the omelet with my fork then put it inside my mouth and chewed it slowly even it was piping hot.

"Mmm! I can't believe it, this is way better than other fried egg dishes that I ate before!" I was delighted by the novelty of the texture and flavors that I tasted.

The egg was fluffy, it easily melted inside my mouth along with the soft potatoes with a hint of crispiness. The sauté onions gave off the pleasantly appetizing sharp aroma that adds sweetness to the omelet.

I prefer to consume it slowly so I could enjoy it longer. Now I understand why Arric recommended this inn highly, Raize's cooking was superb.

I was busy eating the remaining omelet but someone placed a cup of hot black liquid on the table, it was Raize who served it but his expression was different, he looked more approachable than earlier.

"Here's your Chocolate Caliente. What do you think about it sir, did you like it?" He asked me while placing down the cup on the table.

"Yeah! These dishes are absolutely delicious, it was delightful to eat. Especially that soup, really like it. Good job!" I praised and gave him a thumbs up because he deserved it.

"Thank you, sir, for your compliment." I noticed that Raize had a slight smile on his face and he left.

Hmm... what is this drink? I'll try it... Oh, its hot and it scalds my mouth a bit. It's just simple dark chocolate but it had a rich bittersweet flavor with a thick consistency that kind of sticky when it reached my throat. Ah... this is so good.

I ate the rest of the omelet and swallowed the hot chocolate little by little. In the meantime, I checked my wristwatch and the digital screen displayed 9:23 AM.

After I finished my meal, I stood up. Rizz was busy maintaining the cleanliness of the inn at the same time Ruri lent a hand as she swept the floor and Raize sat on a stool not far from me.

This guy was watching me while I'm eating, no wonder he changed his attitude because of my positive reactions!

"I'll go now and head for a walk around the city, I appreciate the service you provided. See you later!" I inform them about my departure and bade farewell because that I'm full and satisfied, I need to go now.

"Bye Neel, see you! Nyaaa~" Ruri waved her tiny hands.

"Come back again later before dinner alright! Nya~" Rizz stopped her actions for a moment and reminded me.

"..." Raize didn't speak and he raised his paw briefly but his eyes sparkled with anticipation.

"Of course, I'll return. Goodbye!" I smiled at them and waved back to Ruri as I opened the door to exit bringing with my map.

It's time for a stroll! At last, I want to see the city and know this place well.


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