Convenience Store in Another World
8 I Strolled at the City in Another World!
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Convenience Store in Another World
Author :FriedSpringRolls
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8 I Strolled at the City in Another World!

Sun soared high upon the bright blue sky, small puffy clouds flowed along with the wind currents. My body was exposed from the warmth given off by the sunlight as I went outside.

"Oh, what a nice day to stroll around. I'm glad that I had a decent meal, Raize Inn was definitely worthwhile. " Full stomach and enjoyable weather rises up my spirits and makes me exhilarated.

The massive walls of the city were still apparent and looked towering since the only gate on the southern part of the city was just a short distance away from here.

The contents of the map, stored deep within my memory, help me determine that I am currently located at the outskirts of the city within the residential district. Raize Inn was located at a corner of a boulevard and a narrow street.

I stepped my feet forward and walk along the side of the street with tall palm trees, heading straight towards the commercial district. The arrangement of the Irylia's streets made it easier to travel place to place within the city.

The houses of the residential district were almost uniform in terms of materials and methods of construction, the difference, however, was their sizes and layout.

Plastered clay bricks or yellowish white stone blocks made up the walls of these structures. Opaque exterior shutters were attached to the windows with wooden frames that crossed and fastened together forming square-shaped spaces in between but there were no glass panes. Terracotta roof tiles were typically used anywhere in the city as roofing no matter what kind they were. Raize Inn was no exception and also built that way.

Anthropomorphic felines and canines were everywhere, wearing thin and light clothes fitting for a commoner. I noticed even males were bipedal with human-like physique, they more likely took the form exactly alike to the beasts nonetheless. On the other hand, the females looked identical to a normal human but they only retained some features such as the ears, eyes, and tails of a beast; so Ruri and Rizz were catgirls.

Horse-drawn vehicles such as wagons and various types of carriages—the better ones which were obviously belonged to individuals in a higher class—often passed by on the street, apparently, these were the only mode of land transportation in this world.

By the time I reached the end of the boulevard, the surroundings became spacious and awe-inspiring.

"Uhm... Am I lost? I'm not quite sure if this the right place..." Thoughts of uncertainty made me scratched my head, but I disregarded it and strolled around, looking at the sights with pleasure.

The aspect of structures of this place had superior quality and larger compared to the residential district. Extremely ornamental designs were added to the facade with intricate motifs, making these structures had the air of solemnity.

An immensely broad, open space with stone bricks pavement which had two distinct shades of reddish brown and ash brown laid out in herringbone pattern forming zigzags of contrasting colors.

A conspicuous edifice erected exactly right at the middle, a grand palace with austere and forbidding outward appearance that was completely enclosed by a huge park with artificial pond and elegant landscaping comprised of evergreen trees forming a natural-like boundary in order to keep it apart to the city, but a simple stone bridge connected to its main entrance facing to the east for access.

Each of the four corners was a square tower surmounted by a spire; at the center were two pointed belfries positioned side by side and a round dome stood out taller than the rest, seems to be a part of another structure inside.

Wooden benches were placed all over the park, my legs were a bit aching after a long walk so I decided to sit down and rest for a while. "Phew... Seriously, I cannot quite imagine that this city was so big! Tsk. I should check the map a while ago." I wiped the sweat on my face using Arisa's handkerchief.

The map opened as I unrolled it with both of my hands and looked in a thorough manner while sitting on the bench. "Oh, so that was... Palacio de Irylia and this place is the central district and I'm here at... Plaza de Veneración..." It was hard for me to pronounce these correctly.

Looking at Irylia's streets on the map once again, it made me slap my face with my palm in shame. "Hmm? Hahaha! How dumb am I... Instead of turning to the street beside Raize Inn, I just go straight so that's why!" However, I found out the commercial district was nearby. "Alright, I'll take this shortcut so I reach there quickly."

I rotated my wrist to check the time from my wristwatch, the screen displayed 11:53 AM. At that moment, the sudden realization of uncanny similarity of time from my watch and the sun's position on the sky made me dumbstruck.

"... That was strange... Well, whatever. I have to hurry." I rolled the map and stood up straight away, then dashed ahead towards the nearest route.

I walked through a narrow street which carriages couldn't go in since it was blocked by a line of flowering shrubs in the middle.

Minutes passed by, I finally arrived at the commercial district, countless shops were found everywhere as far as I could see. The structures of these shops were the same as the houses in the residential district, only their sizes and layout varied.

I wander aimlessly through the streets to explore the place while looking around. Various types of shops having similarities in their trades or occupation were put together in one block, there was a definite designation between them.

There were taverns, bakers, barbers, and more; but there was only one shop that piqued my interest.

A hanging signboard attached to the top of a store, 'La Luna Lluviosa' was written on it. The store was like a humble house from the outside, it had a single front door and a couple of windows with shutters. "Hmm... this is the only tailor shop in this place, I wonder what kind of clothes they sell." The wooden door was left ajar, so I just pushed it to open.

There were several men's clothes hanged to the hooks on the wall, they were well-made. A variety of fabrics, mostly with dark colors, folded neatly and placed on the shelves.

An anthropomorphic dog had a long wavy white coat that his eyes were covered by his own fur—similar to a Catalan Sheepdog—and wearing a white long-sleeved shirt paired with black-dyed pants. He sat down on a chair while sewing some sort of fabric, there were traditional sewing tools above the table.

That's strange, why is there no sewing machine and other equipment in this tailoring shop?

"Hello! Woof!" He noticed me and carefully placed down the needle and fabric, then waved his hands while greeting casually.

"Uhm... Hi, can I buy some clothes?" I waved back at him.

"I can make one for you." He gave a response but he was not answering my question.

"Are there any pre-made clothes that suit for me?" Seems he didn't understand so I rephrase it.

"I'm sorry, I don't have any clothes that could fit for you. Just as I said, I can make your very own clothing." He shook his head.

"Oh, is that so?" Well, the clothes hanging on the wall were bigger for me.

The dog nodded his head, "Yes, the price depends on what kind of clothing you want and the kind of fabrics used, also difficult one needs more intricate work." He made a further remark.

"I see. How much if I want perfect clothing for warm weather?" This hooded jacket was very hot but I cannot take this off and I didn't want to lose it.

He looked at the shelves with fabrics, "I think cotton is good, it is lightweight and breathable, it would cost 36 Rifties. Silk was also an alternative but costs higher at 53 Rifties. I could use linen which is much cheaper but I advise you not to choose it."

I don't know what is the equivalent value of Rifties to Credits but that amount sounds really expensive.

"Erm... I don't any Rifties right now, maybe I'll be back next time." I scratched my head knowing that I only had a handful of Rifties.

"Too bad. Okay, bye." The dog was aloof as he waved his hands and went back to his business.

"Can I ask what's your name?" Yeah, he didn't introduce himself a while ago.

"Woo? Call me Ramiro. I will give you a discount if you bring me a high-quality fabric." He was stitching the fabric with his needle while talking.

"Woah! Are you sure?" Discount? I like that but the high-quality fabric seems pricey.

"Certainly, if you can't afford it, then don't show yourself here again and just buy some cheap clothes at the marketplace." Ramiro was nonchalant and still being busy.

"Fine, I'll come back here and I'll bring it for sure." I turn my back, heading to the exit and went outside.

"..." Ramiro ignored me.

I'm here on the streets once more, still roaming around. My first impression of Irylia had no industrial activities was actually wrong. Rather, the city had small-scale processing of raw materials into products, since most of these shops had nothing more besides skilled craftsmen providing service and paid for their work.

The shops didn't sell any raw materials at all, looks like I need to head towards the marketplace.

"Haaah... I have debt, flat broke, and now I'm hungry." I checked my map to find which way to go so I wouldn't be lost again.


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