Cool CEO and his Model Wife
347 New member Is Arriving! Part-2
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Cool CEO and his Model Wife
Author :Dlchelwani
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347 New member Is Arriving! Part-2

Lee Xuiye was startled for a moment hearing the shocking news. Although Mo Lingtan never showed it, he did value his mother and father and their relationship and Lee Xuiye knew about it.

Lee Xuiye moved and sat beside him while giving him a hug and said the same words he always said to her. "Everything will be alright. I am here with you."

Mo Lingtan smiled. "I know."

"Does Xingjuan know about it?"

"No, her due date is near. I don't want her to stress out because of them."

"And grandmother?" Lee Xuiye asked after looking at Song Zhilian, she didn't seem to know about Su Qiaolian and Mo Mushan's divorce.

"Not yet, but Mother will come and tell her in a few days."

Lee Xuiye nodded in understanding and they didn't talk about Mo Mushan and Su Qiaolian's matter further.


Mo Xingjuan's due date was near and she couldn't travel too soon after giving birth to her baby. Therefore, the Mo Family decided to hold Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan's wedding in City B. Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan along with Mo Reng shifted to the Old Mansion for the wedding preparations. Even Mo Mushan and Su Qiaolian came to stay at the Old Mansion.

Even though Mo Mushan and Su Qiaolian were divorced. For Song Zhilian, Su Qiaolian was still her daughter-in-law and as the mother of Mo Lingtan, she had to take part in his wedding preparation.

Since Mo Mushan was now pursuing Su Qiaolian he didn't let go of this chance and shamelessly came to Old Mansion to stay despite the fact that every other member in the Mo Family was still angry at him.

Under Song Zhilian's orders, the whole family came together to stay at the Old Mansion including Mo Xingjuan and Tang Hu. 

This family gathering was a new and joyful occasion for Mo Reng and being the only kid, he was being pampered by everyone in the Mo Family, soon he was opening up with everyone and didn't stay beside Lee Xuiye all the time.

During the next few days, Lee Xuiye got busy in wedding preparations. Though Mo Xingjuan couldn't join in her shopping, Tangning did.

Besides, she was also hoping that before her wedding, she could share the good news with her family as Dr. Si had said that her chances to become pregnant were increasing.


Mo's Old Mansion.

"Wow...I must say you have great taste in clothes. It's a pity that they can't fit on me anymore." Mo Xingjuan unhappily pouted while looking at Lee Xuiye's new shopping collection.

"Don't worry, after you give birth to our baby, I will buy as many clothes as you want." Tang Hu tenderly coaxed her.

"Hmph! Do you think my figure will get back into shape like before? Never! Nevermind you just transfer that money to my account so that I can hire a private detective and a bodyguard!"

"Why do you want to hire a private detective and a bodyguard?" Lee Xuiye asked as she didn't understand Mo Xingjuan's logic.

"Private detective to keep an eye on him and a bodyguard to break his legs once I find out if he is keeping women behind my back."

"I will not cheat on you, Juan!" Tang Hu helplessly explained his loyalty towards her.

"Hmph...Every man says the same thing. Xuiye, you should also hire them. Who knows when my brother gets interested in someone else." Mo Xingjuan suggested.

"Ha! If I wanted to be with someone else, I wouldn't have waited for her for five years and became a monk. So stop giving out useless ideas to my wife. " Mo Lingtan angrily said to his sister.

"But I think Xingjuan is right, who knows when you'll change your heart." Lee Xuiye took Mo Xingjuan's side.

"Exactly! If we both hire them together then I will make sure to get some discounts. I will ask Ningning so that I will get a large discount." Mo Xingjuan excitedly revealed her cost-saving idea.

Lee Xuiye was speechless. Mo Xingjuan was indeed Mo Lingtan's sister. Not only was she getting Tang Hu's money to hire people to check on him but she was also thinking about getting a discount by inviting her sister-in-law to check on her own biological brother.

Seriously, where was your consciousness woman?

Tang Hu didn't feel affected by Mo Xingjuan's idea as he was now getting used to it. Mo Lingtan didn't bother with his sister's idea and he knew how to control his wife completely unlike Tang Hu.

Mo Lingtan gave Tang Hu a look which was basically saying, 'Useless!'

"What do you think about my shopping collection? You haven't said a word." Lee Xuiye asked her husband's opinion.

"Hmm! It is good and the best thing is it is loose fit. I don't have to worry about changing your wardrobe if you become fat in the future!"

"You…." Lee Xuiye took a small pillow and threw it at him which he immediately caught easily.

Lee Xuiye was about to throw another pillow again but then a scream startled her.

"Ahhh!" Mo Xingjuan screamed while holding her stomach.

"Baby, don't scare me!" Tang Hu warned her.

"I am not scaring you, but it is hurting badly...Ahhh!"

"What happened?" Su Qiaolian came out from the kitchen after hearing her daughter scream.

"Mom….Ahhh!" Mo Xingjuan screamed.

Everyone came out after hearing the sudden horrific scream of Mo Xingjuan and they found some kind of liquid in between Mo Xingjuan's legs.

"We need to go to hospital now!" Song Zhilian said.

"Hospital? But the doctor has given a date for next week." Tang Hu worriedly said and held Mo Xingjuan in his arms.

"But it seems that her water has broken. We need to hurry!" Su Qiaolian panically said.


"I am getting the car. Hurry and take her out." Mo Lingtan said and ran to get the car.

Tang Hu was also horrified hearing Mo Xingjuan's scream but he needed to calm down to support Mo Xingjuan. He immediately held her up in his arms and took her out.

Lee Xuiye also followed after them.

"What happened to Aunty?" Mo Reng worriedly asked. Everything was going good and now this happened. 

Mo Reng easily got worried when something bad happened as he didn't want to lose anyone from his life anymore.

"It seems that your little brother is going to come. Come on and hurry to the hospital." Mo Mushan softly explained.

With that the whole Mo Family rushed to the hospital.


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