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Dear General, You better submit
Author :melikachan
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1 Meeting 1

'He won't come.' Shirin thought as she checked her watch, Feeling more foolish by every passing second.

It was past 11 PM but there was no trace of that damn man, Shirin massaged between her brows thinking whatever she should leave or not.

'Life and death of so many people depend on this.' She thought, That was why she planed this secret meeting with all of its dangers, such as being attached by enemy or discovered by her own soldiers.

Former threat wasn't really worring because although he was an enemy, they had a mental understanding of each other that was formed from ten years of fighting and scheming against each other so she knows beforehand that even if he doesn't show up, He wouldn't send his forces to kill her, No this wasn't the victory that he wants.

And about the letter one... won't happen if no one notice that her SAR wasn't connected to the system. Too many eyes were watching her for the slightest mistake so they could cause trouble for her and Kian family. But she couldn't let anyone know her location, it was too dangerous

'Power always brings enemies.' Shirin thought as she checked her watch again, it was 11:30 PM now. She stood up from the sofa and walked to the floor to ceiling window and looked down at starlight planet.She always loved this planet because it shows her how peace felt like.

Starlight planet was one of few neutral planets in the galaxy that was located between four countries include republic and alliance so making it the best place for entertainment.

one of the reasons why she chose this place for the meeting, if she book a penthouse here it wasn't odd because every time she was free, she would come here for relaxing from bloody battlefield and the death of her soldier.

Five min until midnight, She walked toward her purse and take it from table, Planing to leave until she heard footsteps from the hallway.

Its uniqueness makes her stiffened, footsteps were very light and soundless, if it was normal people they wouldn't even notice if the person was right beside them, They belonged to a well trained person who knows how to control his weight and force that exits from foots with each step, Those footsteps belonged to a mecha pilot.

Then the door of penthouse opened and a tall, handsome man walked in.

The big unique watch in the room sounded showing midnight and General Shirin Kian was looking at the face of her archenemy, General Raphael Warner.


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