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Author :melikachan
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2 Meeting 2

'I must be crazy.' Raphael thought for the hundredth time, walking toward Hotel Starfall.

Yes, it must be craziness that made him come to this place or else why would he want to meet that damn woman?

He was shocked today evening when suddenly a note appeared on his mecha screen while he was doing his daily flight. The note was simple, "If you want to end this war come to this place tonight" with an address and SK as name of sender.

His interest was drawn, but he was struggling with himself to go or not, it might be a trap to kill him, but from his understanding about her, She wouldn't do that, not with proud personality of hers. In the end when his watch had shown 11:30PM, he made his decision, got ready and then teleport here with his personal teleport box.

Wearing only a smart glasses and a long collar, black overcoat for covering his face, he arrived at hotel entrance but didn't go in. His logic was screaming that it's a trap, but he couldn't stop himself. Taking a few deep breaths, Raphael braced himself and entered the the hotel and walked toward elevator.

Last floor was empty and he was thankfull for it but he didn't let go of his guard. Walking through the hallway, raphael used all his senses to extrme to detect his surrendering until he reached the door, take another deep breath then opened the door of penthouse.

The first thing that came to his vision was a beautiful, delicate woman, she was wearing a long, simple black dress with a simple black high heel that made her pale skin even paler, her light brown hair was climbed up showing her beautiful neck. Her face was round and small, Raph could cover it with only one hand, her brows were arched, framing her big round pine green eyes, but the look in her eyes wasn't soft at all, if luck had the ability to kill, Raph would have been dead so many times already. The deem lightening of the room had caused a halo around her, making her look divine. 'No wonder they call her goddess.' Raph thought, even though he hated this woman he couldn't deny that she was beautiful. No, actually if there weren't enemy, he even might have proposed to her.

Entering the room Raphael closed the door behind him, then stopped a few steps away from her. Arching a brow, he said" So? What did you want to talk about?"

She frowned, then showed the sofa. "Sit." She ordered.

Raphael frowned 'Did this woman think I'm one of her subordinate?' But didn't say anything and sat on the sofa. She sat in front of him with her usual poker face. "You read the note I sent you. I will go right on the subject. I have a way to end this war."

Raph felt amused "Then why didn't you use it to win the war already? Since when did you become so softhearted?" He said with a sneer.

"There is no way this war end with victory for one side. Both of knowing how hard it is for both sides to even continue fighting. Both sides suffered greatly but still are so stubborn to admit defeat." She paused, took a deep breath, then continued "But I have a way that requires both you and me as commanders of army to work." She paused again as if struggling to continue or not.

"What is it?" He asked, if was going to stop this stupid war, he was more than willing to try it.

"Let's get married." She said flatly as if talking about the weather, but it felt like a bomb was exploded in Raphael's head, but he didn't have time to confirm what he heard because there was several hurried footsteps in the hallway that were coming toward their room.

Raphael saw her face paled.'they know we are here.'He read from her face, standing from his seat, he quickly walked toward her then lifted her chin with his fingers.

When the door burst open, he was kissing the women he hated the most.


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