Dear General, You better submit
3 We are in love.
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Dear General, You better submit
Author :melikachan
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3 We are in love.

When Shirin noticed what he was going to do it was too late already, seeing people that entered the room forcefully, she didn't push him away.

The thing surprised her more was the fact that those people weren't her soldiers nor his, they were reporters!!

Still shocked by the fact, Shirin suddenly felt a hand that slid under her dress toward her upper thigh, she cringed, but when she wanted to push him away, his other hand catched her hands. Breaking their kiss, he moved his mouth toward her earlobe.

"Hush, Be a good girl and play with me."he said quietly. Shirin intensely understood what he meant, Someone had brought reporters here to catch them off guard, resulting in punishing one of them for treason so it was much better to get caught like two lovers than two general who were trading their armies' secrets.

His grip around her hands loosened, feeling his hot breath on her earlobe, Shirin pushed down her disgust then put her arms around his neck. Both of them started kissing, acting utterly unaware about people who were standing by the door.

Those reporters were utterly shocked by the scene in front of them, their eyes were wide open and their jaws were on the floor. Earlier that night an unknown person called all of them and told them that two important officers of republic army and alliance army were having a secret meeting here in golden penthouse of Hotel Starfall, sensing hot newses all them quickly came here to confirm the news, thing that they weren't expecting was the two important officers actually were general Kian and general Warner, and they were kissing like the apocalypse was near. Some older reporters catch their chests, nearly having a heart attach and younger ones were checking room number, thinking if they came to the correct room.

When finally their kissing ended, Shirin, even though was so much stronger than ordinary people, was breathless and her face was bright red. Although not very devoted but she was still a Muslim so she always avoided all sorts of relationships, she even didn't touch any man other than her father, brothers, grandfathers and uncles so of course it was her first kiss.

"Oh baby, looks like they catch us red handed."Warner said with a mischievous tone, his ocean blue eyes were bright, like a little naughty boy, his raven black hair was messy. His shirt was unbuttoned, showing his muscular chest and ABS, he was panting slightly.

"How can we help you, my honorable sirs?" He said while caressing her face, his annoyance obvious as if he was angry that they disturbed their sweet moments.

"We... General... We come..."The reporter who was standing in front of the rest shuttered, unable to answer, his face was deathly white like the rest of their group.

"We come because someone informed us that two high level officer your armies have a secret meeting here, but found you and general Kian like this. What is this suppose to mean?"asked the reporter who looked like youngest among them. His honey colored eyes were sharp like a hawk. He was around the same age as Shirin.

'Youngsters have courage while elders have wisdom' Shirin remembered that her grandfather once told her this when she was younger.

Young man's words gave other reporters the courage to ask their questions too.

"General Warner please explain what is the relationship between you and general Kian?"

"are you two lovers?"

"Is this counted as treason? Your countries are enemies, but you are meeting each other in secret."

Warner raised his arm to stop their train of questions, he looked at her, with the smirk that she hated the most because he always smirked like that when he was the victorious before turning his head toward reporters again. "As you can see both us are in a relationship, Shirin and I fell in love a long time ago, but because of our station we weren't able to be together in public. So both of us are trying our best to stop this war."he said then placed his hand around her shoulder, bringing her closer to him. "We are lovers and for her, I'll fight with the whole world."


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