Dear General, You better submit
4 No matter what happend, we“re always on your side.
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Dear General, You better submit
Author :melikachan
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4 No matter what happend, we“re always on your side.

One week later, Surria Planet, Capital of Athala Republi, Presidential Palace.

In one of rooms in the palace Raphael sat on the sofa, his eyes were closed and fatigue was visible in his face so he didn't notice the little bun that got close to him until she throw herself at him.

"Wohaaaah." He exhaled sharply, but when he about to roar at the culprit, he saw the little bun that was on his laps and his face intensely softened.

"Uncle, they said you're getting married and leaving here, is it true? I don't want to. I don't want uncle to leave me. Don't marry, I don't want you to marry." The little bun said with her cute and trembling voice, her big, round green eyes were full tears, her choppy, white cheeks were red from crying, her long blonde hair was messy. She hugged Raphael tightly as she said those words. Seeing his young niece crying made Raphael feel helpless, he gently patted her back and coaxed "I'm getting married but I won't leave you. I will always come and see you and you will get a pretty auntie. She is really kind and pretty, she will play with a lot. So stop crying, my dear Ella."

"Really?"Ellansia sobbed.

"Really, really."He answered. He continued to pat her back until he saw the little bun calmed down, then asked "Who told you these words?"

"Uncle Mike."Alonso answered.

"Mike!!" Raphael roared angrily toward the door.

"Ouch!!" Suddenly a handsome young man appeared in the door frame, his blonde hair was till his shoulders and was tied in back, his green eyes had a mischievous light in them, He looked like he was in his early-twenty but actually was in his early-thirty. His good looks and talents brought him, Mike Warner, the third son of a president, the title of movie emperor. He was Prince charming of all girls in the galaxy."I just wanted to teas Ella a little. didn't think that she would react like this" Mike pouted.

"That's because you don't think at all." Suddenly a cold voice come from Mickah behind as a man and a woman appeared behind him, the man's face was identical to Mickah and Ellansia but it was full of maturity and showed that he was in his mid-thrity, standing beside the man was a beautiful woman with brown hair and eyes. They were president second son, Michael Warner and his wife Jenna Rin. Unlike his brothers, Mickael wasn't interested in politics or Mickael wasn't interested in politics or military so he entered business field and was quite successful, his company was one of the biggest companies in the galaxy.

"Uncle Michael!!"Ellansia shouted happily and smiled toward her older uncle. Michael patted the little girl on the head and looked toward his younger brother.

"So would you please explain why suddenly my little brother is getting married?" His glare was telling Raphael you better don't lie to me. Understood?

Raphael sighed. He already lost count of how many people asked him about his relationship with that woman. Since that night a week ago he was under arrest and interrogated, making him exhausted, so he didn't even notice Ellansia approaching him.

"Was it really a good choice?"He began to doubt.

"Let's talk about those things tomorrow. Raph most be tired." Said a man in a gray suit as he entered the room.He was Christian Warner, first son of warner family, Raphael's oldest brother. As heir of family, he became a politician like their father, president Samuel Warner. His talents, calm personality and charisma soon made him rise in the ranks and became the next president in the eyes of everyone in the republic.

"Daddy." Ella shouted excitedly and ran toward her father, abandoning her uncle completely.

Christian picked up his daughter with utmost care and softness as if she was glass. As he was a single father, his daughter was the center of his universe and he always spoiled her. In front of Ellansia he was completely different from how he appeared in the public's eyes, no, the whole Warner family were different in front of Ellansia.

"It's your bedtime soon, go sleep, your nanny is waiting outside." Said Chris with a soft and loving voice.

Ellansia was rubbing her eyes, but still protest "No, I want to stay with uncle Raphael."

"Your uncle will play with you tomorrow, but now both of you are tired and should sleep so you will have the energy to play tomorrow, okay?" Christian reasoned calmly.

Little bun had her little fingers on her chin while thinking deeply, her serious face was so cute and funny that made everyone want to laugh but didn't because her devil of a father. a little later little bun nodded seriously and said "Okay." Then came down from her father's embrace. Running toward Raphael, she kissed him on his cheek and smiled brightly "Uncle, I missed you so much, so you most play with me tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay." Raphael smiled.

Only then little bun was assured and began to run out of the room.

"I'm her uncle too." Mike pouted.

"Then behave like one." All the people in the room glared at him.

Christian didn't bother with this brother of his, later he will make sure he will regret making his dear daughter cry, and looked at Raph "Mom and dad are on the Saha planet for an important meeting, they will come back as soon as the meeting ended. Sleep a little." Then began to leave, opening the door, he looked back again and said "Remember little brother, no matter what happen in the future, We're always on your side." Then everyone nodded before going out.


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