I'm The Demon King's Son With a System
24 Chapter 24: Fudge My Life
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I'm The Demon King's Son With a System
Author :Arch_TK
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24 Chapter 24: Fudge My Life

"Don't get hurt too much."

After saying this, Ray took off. He propelled himself forward with a kick towards the direction of where Robert was standing. Ray could sense the serene yet oppressive aura that Robert was emitting. In his mind, he was still shocked about how this was just a five year old child.

On the other hand, Robert was ready. He still hasn't recovered fully from that last hit. The numbness and pain that he felt from before were still lingering on his body, but he didn't have the luxury of time to recover. His calm gaze didn't falter even when faced with the charge of Ray.
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8 meters

7 meters

6 meters




1 meter!

At a distance of one meter, Ray punched forward. It was not a punch with the technique of a boxer nor did it have the sharpness, but it was fast and powerful so Robert couldn't ignore it.

Robert didn't move, and let the punch approach him until it finally entered the range of his Seikuken. Robert swiftly and skillfully warded the punch to the side.

After the punch, Ray didn't stop. Ray pulled back the fist quickly then sent a kick to Robert's side. Robert utilized Minute Subtlety along with his Seikuken in order to ward the kick while stepping back while still keeping Ray in his attacking range.

Robert sent out a low kick to the knee. Robert would have sent it higher, but he was too short. Ray didn't give a sh*t about the kick. He stepped forward causing him to be only a few inches away from Robert. This allowed the kick to miss.

Ray cocked his fist to his waist, and then twisted his body, and delivered an extremely compact punch towards Robert's gut. Robert saw this, and quickly blocked while utilizing Minute Subtlety to take a step back in order to minimize the force.

Bear in mind that this exchange was very quick. Don't look at their ages. Pinnacle is the peak school of the Arcusignis continent, and if you look at the adult warriors outside, you'd find that most of them are beginners and some are low-mid Warrior tier. This is because most of the skilled ones with high warrior tier and above strength are drafted to the military or are hired by important companies.

Going back, Robert was having the time of his life. By having the time of his life, it means that he was suffering quite a bit. Even if he was able to neutralize some of the force from the punch, the force left was more than enough to cause his arms to feel a lot of pain. Robert was even wondering if he had a fracture now.

Robert still flew back quite a bit due to the punch. At the very least, he was able to recover, and didn't get dropped to the ground like before. Robert didn't lose his calm.

Robert ignored the pain he felt in his arms, and he ran forward. He decided it was time to go aggressive. He pondered if should be adapting a defensive style this battle, but Ray was too damned strong. Robert would just end being sent flying here and there due to Ray's punches if he did.

Ray stood there with slight smirk and slightly narrowed eyes. He seemed amused. Robert lowered his posture, and assumed a peek-a-boo stance while moving. When Robert was close enough, Robert sent out a jab. Ray just tilted back his body slightly to avoid the jab. He didn't attempt to make a counter.

Robert didn't care that he missed. He took another step forward, and sent a right straight. Ray warded the punch off.

"Is this all?" Ray sent indifferently.

<New Moon>

One could suddenly see a bit of Ray's hair turned silver. Ray's hand turned to a palm gesture. He sent it forward towards Robert. Robert could sense a bit of pressure from that palm. It was obviously not your ordinary palm strike.

At this Robert realized something, he didn't have any martial strike skills aside from his Seikuken and Minute Subtlety. He was too focused on his mage training, and mastering his Seikuken. He had Jeet Kun Do and boxing, but that wasn't enough against these kinds of strikes.

Robert couldn't avoid the palm, and he had to block again. It hit in square on.

'FUDGE MY LIFE!!!' Thought Robert as he let out a pained scream, and flew backwards.

"Okay, that's enough." Yue said.

"Yes, miss." Ray said before turning back to his normal smiling and gentle self.

Yue looked at Ray, and then at Robert who was on the ground panting and was in pain.

"Oy Glasses boy.Pick this poor boy up." Yue said as she pointed at Robert.

"Yes, miss." Ray responded politely as he began to walk over to Robert.

Robert saw Ray coming over to him.

"So *huff* mind telling me *huff* why we had to do this *huff*" Robert said exasperated.

"Well, this kind of thing is quite normal for Miss Yue to do especially to new students. The worst thing about this is that I'm not allowed to hold back a lot. Miss Yue knows a lot about me especially in terms of my combat prowess. If she notices me holding back too much, we'll be put through hellish training." Ray said with a wry smile while picking up Robert from the ground.

Yue looked at the both of them.

"Okay, since now that's done. Let's move on to training." Yue said with a playful smile.

One could hear people mutter

"Oh no."

To be continued......


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