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I Wasn't Reincarnated as a Hero, Demon, or God, But as a Living World
Author :OriginLost_Born
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2 Getting the Hang of Things

"Okay, keep calm, something may be up, but I have to be calm and act natural so nothing serious happens quickly..."

[Are you done yet?]

The screen depicting strange characters I could somehow understand kept flashing words in front of me

[Welcome Master, you are now a new Planet Lord]

Planet lord? What's that? Am I some ruler of a distant planet or something?

[. . .in a sense. . .yes...]

Wait, really?! Then what the Hell happened to me?!

[You were crushed to death, due to a mistake in fate, and favor from certain Gods, as well as improving and saving so many people's lives in such an impactful way, you have been given the privilege of reincarnation as...an entire planet...]

Well... that doesn't exactly say anything about what I'm supposed to do

'If I'm a planet, where are the people?'

[You are to small to have your own atmosphere, let alone have anything on you. Your current size is only about 2 meters tall in circumference.]

Then how am I any different than a small meteorite?

[That is what you currently are at the moment. But as a special perk, you have been given this interface, as well as the ability to shape your own structure how you wish, take in the mass of any smaller celestial bodies than yourself within your possible gravitational pull, either build on your own body or to create moons, and control your own gravity within what is possible.]

Wait, I can control my own gravity?

[From your current size to your actual gravity and slightly more]

Hmm...normally in reincarnation stories, there is magic and cultivation type things, isn't there? I guess that real life isn't as that

[There is indeed magic...]


[Magic is harnessed from controlling what is given by the world and from what little energy is within yourself. Ki cultivation is similar, but focuses more on that very same inner energy. All beings with even a little are capable of these feats]

Then...why couldn't we do that on Earth?...

[Answer: because the inefficiency of the creatures in your previous world were the greatest of all known worlds, so inefficient that you couldn't even survive minor injuries, poisons, and the various energies of the world]

Well, that explains it...then how can I do magic and cultivate if I'm not even a living being?

[You are a living being. You are sentient, and have a living core within you]

When the display changed and zoomed into my own stone body, I saw it pan out as I watched the view change from an only black void to a pale, clear, small crystal.

[This is your core crystal, it will grow as you grow in both size and power, growing with you. All beings have at least something similar to this, in humans, it is referred to as a "heart". It will store energy and will remain in the center of your entire being as you develop]

Wow...this is getting more and more complicated...

Since for magic, people draw energy from me to use, and for cultivation, people draw in energy from around them in order to refine their own...do I get a free cultivation technique so that I can gather energy?

[Correct. You have a free option for a technique from the store, choose wisely...]

With all the options on the screen in front of me, I kept scrolling through for a while, maybe even for half a month, judging the pros and cons of each technique for my first cultivation, and I chose the best option I could

[You have chosen (Cultivation Technique): Celestial Heaven Bleeding Void Soul Refinement technique. This technique takes the most time out of any other technique to train with and refine, but it allows the user to gain far more energy, strength, and control over such much more than any other. It allows for energy to be drawn directly from anything, from living beings to the void itself. The drawback of such is that the energies will all collide and conflict without a proper container and control]

It has very great merits, and as a planet, I have all the time in the, well, me, to figure this all out. Plus, with my Planet Core Crystal, I have a great capacity for any energy I will take in, so why wouldn't I choose this technique? There is virtually no downside for me.

With my first step towards become a cultivating super planet, I almost didn't notice the small space debris I was floating through. It appeared I floated into an asteroid field

'Good timing, I needed some more mass!'

And with that problem out of the way, as I floated through space, gaining mass from asteroids, and cultivating through the years, I finally began my life as a living planet




[Process Cleared. Designating name.

Planet: Origin]


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