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Mastery System In The Multiverse
Author :ZedMed
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1 Magic Badge

Leon is a common otaku, he likes to watch anime, read manga and novels, except for one thing...


As a private medic Leon is desired wherever he goes, be it women or rich folks, but he actually just work for the sake of the sicks, so normally Leon wouldn't have extra money for other things besides bills, instant food and entertainment (anime, manga and novels).

So basically he lives in a cramped apartment.


In a trip to treat a patient at a faraway country, he lands in a city next to it.

In a city filled with people and dirty business everybody have to be cautious, obviously Leon wasn't aware of the dirty business part when he arrived.

Threatened by thugs to buy rip-off products right after reaching at the suburbal zone, Leon runned away and hid behind boxes in a alley, he can hear the steps from the thugs crossing him, after waiting for a little more time he walks out but is surprised to find step sounds coming back to the alley.

Leon Runs to the opposite side of the alley, but trips in something, it was a golden colored badge, he looks to the badge with greedy eyes but it's soon remembered the thugs are coming back so he stuff the badge into the pocket and runs.

[*Ding* new host detected, starting soul assimilation]


"FOUND IT." The thug in the front of the group screamed.

Leon is surprised to find out that the thugs had blocked the entrance of the alley with a truck.

Leon quickly got surrounded until getting backed out in a corner.

"You sure know's how to hide brat." Said a thug that seems to have a high position whitin the group.

[Assimilation complete, transporting host soul to a parallel world]

Leon is getting pulled through the wall and disappears in a black hole.

[Congratulations, you are the newest and only host of the mastery system, the system's goals is to

help the host master every single skill and profession possible, good luck]

'So it wasn't a mishearing huh.'

'...Soooo, what now?'

[Host please select one of the worlds random selected by the database]


1: Nanatsu no taizai

2: Hunter x hunter

3: Naruto

4: Tensei shitara slime datta ken

5: Boku no hero academia

6: Douluo dalu

7: Super gene

8: The strongest gene

9: Gourmet of another world

10: Bleach


'WOW, so i get to transmigrate like in those novels, kinda strange because there are like 4 worlds where the mc is transmigrated or reincarnated in the database available choices.'

'Kekeke as a anime lover i have to choose a anime first, yes i am biased, so what? System i choose Naruto as a first.'

[Host is too weak to access the Naruto world]

'What? ehh, so i choose Hunter x hunter world.'

[Host is too weak to access the Hunter x hunter world]

'AGAIN!?! Are you kidding me? Whatever, i choose Nanatsu no taizai.'

[Host is too wea-]

"AHHHHHHHHH fine. System which world is feasible with my current strength. >:( "

[Host these are the worlds available with your current strengh.]





ERROR ERROR ERROR, host is so weak that there aren't any suitable world in the random choices.


'The system is obviously just face-slapping me how could the system do this with me.'

'How do i proceed then system?'

[Host will be transported to a random world with no special energy or fighting tendencies]

'WHAT!?!? Then what would be the fun system...'

[Remember host, you are meant to master all skills and professions, no being the strongest]

'ooooh ok now i understand. so what world will i be going?'

[Selecting a random world, please wait...]


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