Mastery System In The Multiverse
2 And The Adventure Starts!
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Mastery System In The Multiverse
Author :ZedMed
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2 And The Adventure Starts!


'My god this is taking so looooong.'

[*Ding* Loading complete.]

'YES, finally, that loading was slower than Skyrim games.'

[Selected world: Shokugeki no soma]

'Ohhh, i always wanted to taste this anime's food, maybe this won't be that boring.' i said with a grin, although i don't feel like i have a body.

[For the sake of host's sanity system will make host faint so host doesn't feel the pain]

'What pai-?' *muffled sounds*

[. . . . .] After entire 24 hours

'C'mon system you can't do these things without warning me, urghh i can still feel a headache.'

[Configuration saved. system shall ask host when major changes happen.]

'Why this isn't standard configuration, who in their right mind would make a configuration where you aren't asked when a major change happens.'

'Well whatever i'm fine now, no, fine isn't the right word... more like stable, system i'm still in this bodyless form even though you already chose a world, so when will i retrieve my body?'

[As this is host first time in this world host will receive 3 lottery tickets and a starter pack for this world, host will just retrieve his body when utilizes the lottery tickets and the starter pack.]

'Ok , now that you mention it, besides lottery what are your others functions system?'

[System current functions are





'Just this? and why the inventory is temporary?'

[Host is in soul form, so if you drop a item it will disappear... forever]

'Looks fair, so i suppose the quest are for me to unlock new cool functions, now this is my life chance, use my 3 tickets, ahh this feeling of gaining things for free is awesome.' i said while doing a praying position.

[Gained 1 mid spirit knife set]

[Gained 3 body training pill]

[Gained 5 dragon unfertilized egg]

'Ok, system what does it mean by high spirit knife set, emphasis in spirit.'

[Spirit is a prefix in equipment to measure their tier, the levels are

1 - Mortal

2 - Spirit

3 - Imbued

4 - Earth

5 - Heaven

6 - Possessed

7 - God

Each tier has low, mid, high and peak tier.]

'oh i understand, wait a minute, EHHHH doesn't this mean this knife is at best slightly above average?'

[Host don't understimate this knife set, remember that shokugeki no soma world is "normal", so this knife is actually in the apex or at least close of this world as this world doesn't have spiritual blacksmiths.]

'SERIOUS?! HAHAHAHA i didn't even enter the world and already have the best weapon, WHO SHALL BE DISRESPECTFUL IN FRONT OF ME.'

[System advise host to don't try hostile confronts with the knife set, they are effective in domestical uses, in combat the knives are just high mortal level.]

'...' 'that wasn't very nice of you system, you should let me dream' i said while fake sobbing.


'System you should at least answer me'


'Whatever, now open the starter pack.'

[Opening starter pack...]

'It was really ignoring me.' i said with a ticking mark in my inexistent forehead.

[Gained ID card, backstory and 100000 yen]

'WHAT?!? if i don't gain cheats from the lottery i'm okay, BUT NOT GAINING FROM THE STARTER PACK? How will i get op if you don't help me system.'

[Requirements satisfied, transporting host.]



In a dark alley a blinding light emerges.

*Pat* *pat* 'I feel my body!' I thought while patting myself.

"Finally!!!" I scream without noticing.

Strange noises came from a alley, and now weird gazes once and a while are directed toward it.

[*Ding* Map function unlocked temporarily.]

'Oki, Is my house marked in the minimap system?'

[Yes, follow the trail in the map.]

'HAHAHA, let the adventure begins.'

[Host you are going to head back home, where's the adventure?]

'Come on system i already told you to stop ruining my dreams. *sob* *sob*'


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