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Mastery System In The Multiverse
Author :ZedMed
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3 Doing Quests!

"Okay, i turn right, go forward until i reach a street corner... found it."

"What... th-tha-THAT'S A RESTAURANT." I said while entering in the modern looking restaurant

'System how nice of you, now i can train my cooking skills and make my vict- i mean customers taste my food.'

[Host you are welcome, system suggests host to scan himself.]

'Ok, system scan myself.'

[Leon Silva

Str: low mortal

Spe: mid mortal

Int: high mortal

Con: high mortal

Dex: peak mortal

Cha: ???

Skills: Empty.

Evaluation: Young and weak lady killer]

'Interesting, i have stats but they aren't quantified, and what's that with my Charisma being unknown and also i'm not young system, i have 21 years.'

[Host, Cha doesn't correspond to charisma, it correspond to charm.]

[The system reduced host's age to 15 years to start a business and improve host's cooking skills.]

'Does this mean i won't go to that school?'

[Host doesn't even know how to cook yet, and Totsuki Academy just do practical classes, how do you expect to pass the admission?]

'Well, now that you talked about it, Totsuki Academy really doesn't teach you anything besides testing if your skills are up to their standards.'

After Leon finished communicating with the system he starts to explore the restaurant, the entrance is an automatic door and you can see a lot of marble tables with padded chairs, in a separate corner there is the balcony and behind it is the kitchen with full equipment, except the knives because they are in his inventory.

"Awesome." I muttered in disbelief.

[Warning. Inventory function will be deactivated, please remove any item in it, any item present will be disintegrated.]

"Wait, i'll do it, i'll do it."

'System, put all my items down.'


Suddenly a knife set, 3 marble sized pills and 5 giant eggs appear at the restaurant.

[Inventory function disabled.]

'Ok now it's time to learn how to cook!'

'System what do you suggest?'

[System suggests host to open the restaurant and sell simple dishes to improve host skills]

'Yeah, that's a good idea, by the way system, could you speak in first person and call me by my first name?'


[Configuration saved.]

'That's nice, system what are the current quests?'

[Quest 1: Open the restaurant


Reward: Experience amplifier.

Quest 2: Start a bakery

Sell 10 breads in 1 week

Reward: Level 1 God dish.

Time remaining: 6 days, 23 hours and 10 minutes

Quest 3: Fated encounter


Reward: ???]

'System, do the missions refresh?'

[No Leon, they will not refresh again, just when you travel to another world.]

'So i just have 3 quest to win rewards and i don't think the third one counts because i don't know how to do it, wait, isn't this the biggest injustice, i feel wronged.

'At least the first quest is a free gift to me.' I said while opening the front door and putting a open/close plaque.

"I will open the restaurant and close it again, haha this is like cheating the system, I need to train my cooking before really opening it." I said opening and closing the front door almost immediately.

[Quest 1: Open the restaurant. Complete]

[Retrieving rewards.]

Then a new pill appeared at the table next to the stove, the pill had light green color with green dots, definitively worth a ornament.

When i saw the pill together with the body training pills i couldn't hold myself, i gulped all of them down my throat.

The experience pill had a cooling feeling, but the body training are BURNING ME ALIVE!!!

"AHHHHH *muffled screams*"

When Leon woke up he was surprised to see that he had a 6 pack, a lean body and defined legs.

Leon look around the restaurant and finds that the world is the clearer that he ever felt!


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