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Mastery System In The Multiverse
Author :ZedMed
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4 Body Upgrade!

Bird chirping, bright bulbs, the store's smell, Leon was amazed at how everything was so stunning and... strangely too much clean?

Leon never saw a place this clean before in his entire life, even sterilized rooms didn't look clean when compared with his store.

'System show my status'

[Leon Silva

Str: low --> mid mortal

Spe: mid --> high mortal

Int: high --> peak mortal

Con: high mortal

Dex: peak mortal

Cha: ???

Skills: Empty.

Evaluation: Young lady killer]

"..." 'Are you kidding with me system? Why the hell my highest stats weren't upgraded, also, now that i see it again shouldn't i have somewhat a medical skill since i'm a medic?'

[The { Body Training Pill } just helps you to awaken and power up your entire body, however besides Strength and Speed other stats will have low to none effect.]

[Leon you don't have used your medic skills yet, so i didn't computed it yet, actually you didn't demonstrate any skill that are worthy enough to be called skills.]

'I see.' i said while sighing

'I already wasted too much time here, it's time to TRAIN' "my cooking" i muttered with a tear coming out.

...30 minutes later...

An unbearable stench with a comic dark purple smoke coming out of a pan, a fainted man... and a gas leak.


A teen with red spiky hair was walking leisurely in the road with a bag.

*Sniff Sniff* "Is this gas?" Muttered the teen, but when he smell's the pungent smell he immediately knew that it was definitely gas and rushes to where the smell's coming from, a restaurant...

"IS SOMEBODY IN THERE." Screamed the teen, whithout even knocking the door he entered past the door and immediately rush to find the kitchen and if there are anyone in danger.

When he enters the kitchen he founds a fainted young man and nasty looking food in a pot above the stove.

He turned the gas off quickly and after checking if the young man was still alive he called an ambulance to take him to a hospital.


In a hospital bed was Leon lying down with a tired face

"Wh-what's happening, ah yes i fainted." Said Leon with a exhausted look.

"Hey fella, we seem to enjoy the same hobbie." Said the man with spiky hair.

"Hobbie?" Then Leon gasps when he see the face of the young man but he tries to mask it.

"Yes, my hobbie is doing nasty foods hahaha, name's Yukihira Soma."

Still dumbfounded Leon starts talking."Ah yeah, my name's is Leon Silva, Leon is my first name and Silva my last name, i'm from the west."

'Better play with him about the hobbie, a restaurant owner with my cooking skills would destroy my


"Silva, you were fainted in your kitchen because of gas leakage so i went in your restaurant without your consent, hope you don't mind." Said Soma with a embarrassed look.

"Oh it's fine, if you weren't there things could've get worse, by the way, you can call me Leon, without honorifics." Leon said with a smile and his teeth exposed.

"Okay Leon!" Yukihira said imitating Leon's expression.

"Ah, almost forgot, i never saw your restaurant at that road, did you just recently opened?"

"Oh yeah, i was going to open it today after testing some combinations." Said Leon while giggling

[Quest 3: Fated encounter - Completed! Collect your rewards in a secluded place.]

'So that's what the mission was about!'

"Haha Yukihira-kun thank you very much for saving me but now that you remembered me about it i need to go back to my restaurant to open it, be sure to visit me soon, bye." Leon hastily got up from the bed and was readying himself to leave when Soma interrupts.

"No problem dude, i also was about to go back home, how 'bout' we go together, your restaurant is in the way to mine, i was even going home before i smelled the gas smell from your kitchen,"

"Okay, why not?"


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