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Mastery System In The Multiverse
Author :ZedMed
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5 Enlightenmen

In the sidewalk walking together were 2 boys, one with a laid-back looking and the other was very handsome, yes this is right, they are Leon and Soma going back to their respective houses.

No matter who someone is, when Leon cross them, they will gaze at him intensively, be it man or woman, from the man jealous gazes and woman lustful ones, Leon alrealdy felt these gazes before in his original world, so naturally, he developed a resistence to it.


Truth be told, Leon is virgin, he never even had a kiss, surprisingly. Leon always thought that people didn't actually loved him, he wasn't completely wrong.

they usually just wanted his money or his body, they probably wouldn't even try to maintain a long relationship before asking him to "do it" or asking money and the ones that actually loved him were shamed because of the beauty discrepancy between them or they thought of Leon as a godly figure and would further away from him, in his entire life he just dated with 1 girl and she tried to rap* him, he from then on always tried to choose well with who he befriends.

Which is unnecessary now that he's in fiction worlds and knows their personality because he already know who they are!


Walking back to their houses from the hospital when the sun is almost setting they reach yukihira's restaurant, they gasp in shock from what both of them see.

A vandalized signboard with white ink, Soma enters the restaurant hastily and is flabbergasted when he reaches the storage, a lot of spoiled meat was found by him, suddenly a woman with a business suit, purple hair and sun glasses came in from the sliding door.

Following behind the woman was 3 bodyguard lookings guys with sun glasses and suits.

Then she said mockingly "Ara, it looks like thing are better today than yesterday, maybe because that ugly sign is covered."

Now with a malicious intent she says "Ah... I think i want to eat meat today" Soma is already with a grimaced look.

Blah blah blah, all the nonsense of the first episode, but this time i am in the equation, so i enter the restaurant and watched Soma cooking his "roasted pork" and i was surprised to see a progress in my cooking skill.


Leon Silva

Str: mid mortal

Spe: high mortal

Int: peak mortal

Con: high mortal

Dex: peak mortal

Cha: ???

Skills: Cooking lvl 0 --> Cooking lvl 1

Cooking: The art and science of preparing food, in the way of cooking if your level is high enough your food can bring extra effects, if extremely low the chance of concocting a poison is increased.

Evaluation: Cooking amateur


I stare with the corner of my mouth twitching.

'SO THAT'S WHY, i'm so bad at cooking i made a poison on my first try... hahaha, have to laugh to keep from crying.' Tears falling while i smile.

'At least now i know my cooking level is higher, hey system, did i leveled up just by watching Soma cooking?'

[Yes Leon, with your peak intellingence level you are able to grasp knowledge more easily, although apparently you are very dumb.]

'... DUMB?!? There's no such thing as learning this fast just by watching, i'm being considerate with you here system, explain yourself!'

By now Soma is already presenting the plate to the woman and the foodgasm are about to happen.

[The Mastery System is the system that leads to the mastery of everything, as doing so would be extremely hard and probably impossible without a lot of luck the system gives you some especial powers!]


[1st - immortality 2nd - experience x1000 3rd - enhanced enlightment]

Leon is with a gaped mouth and can easily be misunderstood that he's surprised with the food Yukihira Soma made.

'JACKPOT! That's why i didn't received any good rewards in the start at all!'


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