Mastery System In The Multiverse
6 Problems, ALREADY?!?
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Mastery System In The Multiverse
Author :ZedMed
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6 Problems, ALREADY?!?

[Be advised Leon, this immortality doesn't mean you won't die, you still can die of injuries or poison, this immortality just stop your aging and turns you immune to mundane diseases.]

[And also, the 1000x experience boost wasn't with you in the start, it was the experience amplifier pill deeds, initially you would start with a god level bread, but apparently the main system was very disappointed with the previous hosts and decided to present you with something good, or did you thought that the system would give a mission with a simple loophole.]

'Wh-WHAT, previous hosts... What do you mean with 'main system'? I thought i was the only host of this system.

[You are the only user, the only current user, the previous hosts died either because of their own stupidity or because they were targeted by other system users.]

'OTHER SYSTEM USERS! But you said i was the only one.'

[The only user of the 'Mastery System', there are others systems with other hosts roaming around trying to kill each other because of their own power, and the main system is the one that provide us with products, powers and so on, the main system is the definitive 'god', he is trying to balance my power because of the previous reasons.]

Leon is just in shock because of the information excess

The woman with purple hair and her bodyguards already paid and gone away

'Okay i won't disappoint you system, but now i have something to ask you system, do other system host know where i am, and if they do, how?'

[To don't create a war with the system users the main system made the information about where the hosts are unknown to everyone, the only way to find you would be by being very close to this universe, it may sound strange but it's not that hard to bump into someone when you are going to another universe.]

[You just won't see them everytime because you have the easiest condition to travel to other universes, that is, to master a skill, while others have conditions like 'Have to be the strongest' or 'Be the richest' these conditions easily atract attention and you won't stop from finding problems.]

'I see, well system, now that i know this i'll work hard to get out of here, but now i have something more important to do.'

"Hey Soma can i eat some of that?" Leon said with drool coming out of my mouth

"i'll pay you by helping you clean the sign." Leon said with a bright smile

'of course, i also want to level up my cooking skill, just watching him cook almost leveled up the skill directly to lvl 2, if he cooks again i'm certain i can level up again.'

"Hehe, i will cook one for you just wait a minute... ah." Soma said with a smile but then his face froze

" 'ah' what?" Leon with a bad feeling asks

"The meat is over..."

'... Damn it, i didn't even get to experience this world's food.' Leon crying secretly in his heart

"Ah, it's ok, it's about time for me to go anyway, how about i help you clean the sign very early tomorrow?" With unwillingness in his face he says

"Deal, see you tomorrow Leon." Soma with a devil face looking like he achieved a pact with someone

"Bu~t before i go, did you already thought about your father's proposal to go to that culinary school?" Leon said even thought he knows that Soma will have to.

"Uhm, I think that it will be stupid, who would pay to learn how to cook, i bet the teacher will be some old man."

"I don't know, i have a feeling that this is special, if you decide to do the exam, please search for me, i'll be there hehe." Leon said with only one thought on his mind

'If i watch people cooking there i'm sure i will level up insanely quickly, that damn system fooled me.'

[I can hear you.]

" 'be there'... You will do the exam?!? Why, you already know how to cook right?" Soma with doubts says

'Damn it, i screwed up, think something up.'

"Soma, if only you knew the truth about that school." Leon said trying to be mysterious with sweat covering his entire body

"Uhm, okay, i'll think about it, see you tomorrow."


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