My Bothersome Life
133 Fractions 2
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My Bothersome Life
Author :hye4654
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133 Fractions 2

I sneaked out of my dorm room through the window as usual. It was crazy how the meeting was right in the middle of the night at 3AM. But, I couldn't complain when Luke's fraction was just as crazy to hold it right before school started.

The location was near the dean's office where both middle and high school students could access. It was the only place where this was allowed for security purposes. Sometimes, the middle school dean would personally assign missions to the high school students.

The door was a familiar sight after my frequent visits. Ben waited for me as he leaned against the door. I already guessed Ben would personally take me to another location. These fraction meetings seemed so secretive.

When I took his offered arm, Ben had teleported me to a room inside a stony castle. I wondered if we were outside the campus as I instantly discovered another barrier that stopped time. There was no way the campus who mixed some futuristic automation with traditional decorations would have an ancient room with no alterations.

"Are we still on campus?" I asked him.

"We're in the high school section that not many people know about," Ben revealed.

"Hey Rika," Cillian greeted me.

I gasped when I saw the same girl with the BL comic inside the room. She covered her face with her soft chocolate hair when she remembered I had helped pick up her stuff yesterday. There was also Henry, who I met during social week and their partners who I had never met before.

One of them yawned from the lack of sleep as there was a big exam coming up. She stretched out her arms as the girl next to her kept on pinching her side to keep her awake. They were dressed the same like they were twins except one had a short bronze bob and another had shoulder-length tanned curls.

"Sienna," The one with the short bob chided her.

The high school girl was also beside another person I had never met before. His light strawberry blond hair waved in various directions like it was intentional. At the same time, his eyes glowed cherry pink under the moonlight.

Alice leaned against the wall beside two more pairs of high school students who hid inside the shadows. She friendly smiled in my direction, remembering our time together during social week. I liked Alice since the first time I met her since she didn't appear to be afraid of anything.

Before Ben could lead the meeting, I came to shake the high school girl's hands. It was hard to find a fellow otaku in the first district. I could already imagine helping ourselves out when we needed to hide our stock.

"Do you already know each other?" Ben asked while the others seemed curious with their interested eyes that glimmered.

"She's the one who has few BL comics from the early volumes of the magazines," I revealed, thinking that the group was open to otakus since Ben's sister had a stash of her own.

"I'm also a fan of that magazine," I finally got a clear look of her lovely deer-like eyes.

"This is exactly why I want to join this fraction! This fraction accepts fellow otakus and simple actions like yawning or an untidy appearance when you're tired." I placed my hands together with anticipation.

"I told you to not yawn that noticeably," The girl pinched Sienna again.

"But I couldn't sleep for five days straight," Sienna mumbled while complaining.

"You're in," Alice grabbed both of my hands before the rest could vote on their decision.

Well that was easier than I thought. I didn't even have to reveal all the dirt I had on them that the group probably didn't even know about each other. Seeing how relaxed this fraction was compared to the stiff atmosphere yesterday morning, I smiled from my quick actions of kicking myself out.

I looked around to see if anyone disagreed with Alice, but Ben sighed as he nodded. This was a good fraction! I could already see myself fitting into the group. I wondered why this fraction even seemed to be so exclusive in the first place.

"We have monthly meetings in this place," Alice transferred the route into my marble as we exchanged numbers.

In the end, I exchanged numbers with all the members in the group. Although I didn't need the numbers of Cillian or Henry. I didn't have a good impression of them during social week.

"So where is the place where you hide all the otaku goods?" I asked Eliza, the girl with the magazine.

"We don't have one. Our group usually lets us keep our hobbies as long as we hide them properly," She loosened up once she realized we were the same.

"We should create one," I exclaimed.

"There are some people with very stringent partners who burn all of their hobbies up as soon as they find them," I revealed the cruelty of Luke and Alex.

Eliza gasped as she soon started to pity me. "You can store them in my place if you want," she offered as she patted my back to comfort me.

"I don't know how we became a group of people who hid other people's weird hobbies for them," Cillian appeared a little offended.

"Same here," Ben sighed as he disjoined the meeting.


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