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Nanatsu no Taizai Tri-force
Author :youngestking
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4 Family

"I HEARD THAT A CERTAIN SOMEONE HAS FINALLY WOKEN UP!! ITS TIME TO COLLECT SOME RENT FROM LETTIN THIS BED BUM SUCK UP MY AIR!" an earthshaking voice utterly violated my eardrums and caused me to tear up trying to hold back the waterworks. I thought why the hell does everyone have to be so loud when the people they are talking too are right there! "Dear please be mindful of the baby as well as the neighbors, nobody likes to be woken up so rudely." hearing the following voice I couldn't help but exclaim that at least one person is reasonable here, but I shouldn't get my hopes too high.

"Excuse me darlings, papa coming through lemme get a good look at the new leach." Damn, you're a leach your whole family is leach's! at least they will be when they start suck- "Hey dont call him that papa! he's our little brother and he'd gonna get super strong and protect us!" Oh Emilia my fiery little angel I knew you were reliable.

"What world are you in to think that girl? Your power level alone is past 20,000 he would have an easier time killing hoards of demons than even scratching you, tsk you girls would be pushed to the forefront of the war if not for your mother threatening King Middias over the charge. All of the girls silently glared at him as he pushed past and leaned over my body silently. He had wild fiery red hair and piercing green iris' surrounding a ruby pupil. Even though he he had that hatefully lousy voice and his face could somewhat be considered good looking, he had glaring features that emphasized his existence. He hadn't bothered wearing a shit and showed of his well toned body and bulky shoulders that were blanketed in blood red tattoos that emulated flames. A few seconds later another much more beautiful face showed up. A flawless elf with pure white hair and pure sapphire blue eyes. My mind is constantly overloading with all of these beautiful people so close to me. Noticing my daze the female Elf reached into the crib and tucked me in the crook of her arm before flashing another dazzling smile. Never to disappoint I took it upon myself to act as dashing as possible and put on my best jojo face.

"pfft, what kind of face is that, this child is truly too cute isnt he?" She started rocking me in her arms as the family crowded around me. "Mom now that he's awake dont we have to inform the queen she did entrust him too us." Her smile disappeared from her face before a resigned look took its place. "Very well I shall go myself to talk to the queen while you watch over the child, regardless of what her original plans were they matter little now that he is our respinsibility." Dang that unquestionable aura is too sexy, the queen must be that aunt of mine who took me from my mother in this world I've yet to actually distinguish how I feel about her though, on one hand she pushed my mom to her death(supposed) and on the other she is keeping the secret of my Tri-force. If she gave me to this family they must have a special position in the kingdom, they may be the only others to know my secret.

She placed me back in the crib before leaning over and kissing me on the cheek "Hello little one I am your mother Zolaa, and this here iqf is your father Deliora, we look forward to living with you cutie." He grunted and patted my head before trailing behined her like a whipped do- I mean trained husban- *cough* GOOD husband should, yes. The sisters each gave me a peck on the cheek before clearing out of the room and heading to their individual wherever they go. "Hey Navi, how old is Princess Zelda right now?"

"Havent you ever heard its rude to ask a ladies age? Hmph no home training, but if you must know she's only little over 3 years old now however her power level is already recorded to be around 2,000 yours is only a little lower but you're younger do you need not worry." Hmmm, the younger years For Elves will usually last for around 10-50 depending on both gow much magical power and how competent they are. The higher the magical power the faster they grow until maturity in which time almost halts for almost a thousand years. Also some people are just naturally smarter, One of the more famous Elfs was a young man who had fallen in love with a human and had daydreamed of her once, yet by the time he was done daydreaming 8 years had passed and she was pregnant and just married. In his anger he killed the husband and fled yet, because of the peace pact had fell into depravity and became the first Dark Elf.

My time after waken up was spent mostly being taken care of by the family in turns, Most of them had left the house already and Khaliah turned out to have given birth the year before I woke up, meaning her daughter was my age(gah) But I enjoyed the time I spent with all of them. With Deliora I would watch him in the underground forge of the household as he droned on about his techniques in smithing, Zalaa usually spent time on the battle field fighting Dark elfs and Demons and so I rarely saw her, The twin however are the ones I spent the most time with. One of the two redheads were always picking me up to go outside with them and discover treasure. This idea for them started one day when they had taken me to an unescavated Hyrulian ruin for whatever reason you would bring a baby, they used it as a hideout of thiers and were showing me around when Emilia fell under the floor while holding me. What we found was an underground crypt full of what looked like glowing blue water but was actually a mana vein! Ever since then they took me on almost every trip they went k as a good luck charm. my most comfortable times however were with Naadia when she would hold me close and rest me on her chest while singing to me. Man you never know you needed something so bad until you get it and it goes. But that girl is seriously magic and helled the last 15 years go by as if they were nothing.


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