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Naruto DxD-Purpose of Living
Author :Angel_Hearts
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24 Chapter 24

"Here, drink this Ravel, it will make you feel better" Raven Phenex said gently as she handed her daughter a large ceramic cup containing steaming green liquid. The girl took it with her shaking hands.

"Thank you kaa-sama" she said gratefully to her mother but her hand slipped, Ravel would have dropped the cup if not for Naruto quickly put his hand underneath her smaller ones, supporting her.

"Careful" he smiled at her, making Ravel blushed at the feeling of his hand around hers "Here let's me help you" he smiled and helped her drink until there was nothing left in the cup.

Ravel, while looking alright, still needed three more hours to wake up from her coma state. They had moved Ravel to the second floor and let her rest on Rias' bed, in the crimson heiress' personal room. The bed was enchanted with a fireproofed spell in order to not catch fire because of her feathers, which would burst into fire the moment they leave her new wings and touch the something else.

Currently there were only Naruto, Grayfia and the Phenex Family in the room. Lord Phenex was sitting on the edge of the bed next to her daughter and smiling at her softly, just like Raven.

"Ugh, what is this kaa-sama?" Ravel winched. That was one of the most disgusting things she had ever drank in her life, considered that she was a rich young lady who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth "it's disgusting" but nonetheless she felt a little better. Her body stopped shaking and she became relax.

"You have to bear it Ravel" Raven shook her head. Naruto took the cup from her and gave it to Grayfia "that is a special herb belonged to our family, which will help the body of the female member of our household become relax in case she has to experience a sudden maturing" she put her hand on Ravel's head and ran her hand on her golden hair, which was still shining like crystal under the light "you've become such a beautiful girl, my daughter"

"But why Lady Phenex?" Naruto asked. He knew very little about Phenex's Sacred Bond other than what he read in that tradition book. Whatever forced her become like this, Naruto got a feeling their bond have something to do with it "I thought maturing only increase her strength, not her appearance like this"

"First Naruto-kun" Lady Phenex cleared her throat and asked him "before the maturing, Ravel's transformation, you were going through a very extreme emotional state, weren't you?"

"Yes, Grayfia told me the same thing" Naruto nodded his head.

"If you're in an extreme danger state Naruto-sama, Ravel will have a massive boost in power in order to fight and protect you" Raven informed him "but if you're in an extreme emotional state, depend on which feeling you are having and your...licking" Naruto's cheeks became a little red because of Lady Phenex's choice of words "physically and mentally she will change."

"Ravel, can you tell me what you feel from the bond between you and Naruto-kun?" Lord Phenex spoke up, looking at his daughter.

"He's sad, really sad and...Naruto-kun needed someone to lean on, someone that cared for him and could make him pour all his heart out" she said softly, smiling at her fiancés

"Let's me ask you this Naruto-kun, what is the best way to cheer up a man in his desperate state?" Raven asked and Ravel's cheeks became tomato red. The now young woman grabbed the bed sheet and tried to hide her face behind it, her big blue eyes were trying not to meet Naruto's cerulean orbs.


However, Grayfia was the one who answered that question. The maid kept a very straight and stoic face when she said that, so it made the word ten times more effective to both Naruto and Ravel.

"Well...damn" he muttered

"Naturally, this is what she will look like in a few years Naruto-kun" Lady Phenex said "The bond between you two are very sacred and powerful, it is also very smart and like a living being. One way or another it will make you two perfect for each other, and in this situation where the male need to have a harem, the bond will shape the female in order to make her the number one position in his heart"

"I need a drink" Naruto muttered, he was too young for this.

"You should rest for now Ravel" Lord Phenex stood up from his position and walked toward his wife "your brain still needed a few more hours to get familiar with your new body, a good nice sleep will speed things up"

"I understand Tou-sama" Ravel smiled and lay down to the bed.

"She will realize on you for the next few days Naruto-kun" Naruto nodded his head at Lord Phenex's words "she will have to get use to her new body and what she could do with her new found strength. Even this version of maturing didn't give her a boost as great as in the situation when your life is threaten, she is a lot stronger than before I tell you"

"After a few hours Ravel will return to her normal age," Lady Phenex said "but from now on she will be able to get access to this new form of her. You're very strong Naruto-kun, so help her get use to her new power"

"I understand Lord Phoenix, Lady Phoenix" Naruto nodded his head

After making sure Ravel had fallen asleep and her parent teleported away, Naruto and Grayfia silently left the room, closing the door as quietly as they could behind them, making sure not accidentally bother the girl. The girl, like Naruto already got a very rough day.

"Naruto-kun" Naruto turned his head around and saw Rias waiting for him; Yubelluna was also present with a worried expression on her face. It looked like everyone had returned to their training "how is she?"

"She's fine now" both girls sighed in relief at the same time.

"I can't believe Phoenix's sacred bond could do something like that" Rias said. She still couldn't believe that the adorable Phenex with bossy attitude had become a fully grown young woman, probably her appearance alone was older than Rias.

"Me neither" Naruto nodded before looking at Rias "you should return to your training now Rias-chan, your match with Sona is coming near after all"

"Are you really okay Naruto-kun?" she asked, still a little worry about her boyfriend "I can..."

"Now" he said firmly and instantly Rias turned on her heel and headed to her own training ground with quick steps.

"I will see you later Naruto-sama" Grayfia leaned forward and kissed him softly on his cheeks, walking away and returned to her original duty at the head maid of Gremory Family.

"Yubelluna," Naruto turned to his busty Queen and saw her bowing his head to him when he applied her "would you like to accompany me? I'm seriously need a drink right now"

"Of course I would love to, Naruto-sama" With that, the two of them left to the nearest but fanciest bar belonged to Gremory Territory.

Line Break

Naruto couldn't get drunk, not if he wasn't drinking the wines of devils, which magically a lot stronger than human's wine.

Sitting in the VIP room, Naruto got the whole place for himself and a beauty next to him, filling the cup for him every time it became empty, Yubelluna the busty bomb Queen who happened to be extremely attractive woman.

"So, Yubelluna" Naruto was quite drunk right now, but he still managed to keep a clear mind "you're there, watching my memories, weren't you?"

"Yes Naruto-sama" She nodded, filling the cup for him. She was quite amazed by how much her King could drink. A half of what Naruto had gulped down his throat could seriously send someone into an extremely drunk state, her former master to name a name.

"Don't tell the other girls alright" Naruto told her with a serious tone, making Yubelluna widened her eyes in surprise "They have their own life, they don't need to worry about mine"


"You girls are my family yes" Naruto smiled and grabbed the bottle of wine from Yubelluna's hand, filling her cup much to her surprise "I don't want any of you to get worry about me just because I found out the reason why I could walk on the water" he chuckled at his own joke "here drink up"

"Thank you, Naruto-sama" Yubelluna took the glass gratefully from Naruto's hand and drank it all at once with him at the same time.

By the time Naruto finished his sixth bottle of wine with Yubelluna, he was completely drunk and she was no better than him.

Because mentally devil was stronger than human, drinking too much didn't make them pass out right away.

Instead, it made their true devil's nature to come out.

Naruto was a man with a troubled background, who went through a lot in a single day.

And Yubelluna was the Queen who adored her master dearly, her feeling for him was still a question but right now, all she cared about was that he was sitting right next to her, looking at attractive as always.

Like Lady Phenex and Grayfia said, the best way to help a man through his desperate state was sex.

Almost instantly, Naruto and Yubelluna threw their cup away and jumped at each other, Naruto being the stronger one pushed the Queen down to her couch and attacked her lips mindlessly. Their tongue met in a heat battle against each other, rolling around and wrapped around each other as the two gulped down the other and their own saliva.

His hands found her large breasts and pulled her tunic top the side, freeing her tits and grabbed two handful of them with his hands.

Their lips separated, but their tongue never left each other, still swirling around each other erotically. Yubelluna snaked her hands down his pants and felt the bulge at his crotch, moaning out as he pinched her nipples and sucked on her tongue mercilessly.

In a flash of light they disappeared, only to appear thousand miles above, right at Naruto's bed where he left a mark at the ceiling. The two fell on the bed rather roughly and both looked at each other hungrily, lust in their eyes.

Naruto managed to pull himself away from Yubelluna and quickly removed his clothes, his mind completely oblivious with the surrounding and clouded with lust and affected by liquor. Yubelluna was faster, with a click of her fingers her dress disappeared, leaving her naked on Naruto's bed, looking up at him submissively.

"Naruto-sama" she moaned out when Naruto finally pulled down his pants and freed his monster, fully hard and erect. .

Wasting no time, Yubelluna shot forward and took him into her mouth, popping her head up and down madly with her mouth stretched to the limit. She sucked his cock without any rhyme or pace, all she cared about was pleasing this man.

Naruto groaned out, putting his hands on her head, thrusting his hip forward to meet up with her head. It was truly heavenly to have a woman popping her head up and down your member, Naruto knew it better than anyone else since he already had sex with two incredible attractive girls.

Rolling her tongue around the head Yubelluna deep throated him several times, bringing him closer and closer to the edge of cumming. True enough with absolute no control at the moment Naruto shot massive amount of sperm down Yubelluna's throat, surprise her. Her belly was filled in the seconds and her mouth was no better, she had to pull back and let Naruto painted her face white with at least gallon of thick and hot sperm.

Naruto grinned like a maniac at his work before lowering himself down, grabbing the back of her hair and kissed her deeply on her mouth, forcing her to swallow some of his saliva and if it was possible, his tongue because he shoved it pretty far down her throat.

"On your hands, my Queen" he order huskily.

Instantly Yubelluna dropped to her hands and knees, with her ass raised and shaking invitingly at him,

Naruto grabbed his sperm coat cock and positioned it at her pussy entrance, giving it a few tease he groaned out when the tip split her pussy lips apart and let his cock in.

Yubelluna eyes closed and she sighed as Naruto's cock slid into her pussy, the thick shaft spreading the walls of her cunt wide. More and more of his massive prick slipped inside her until she was convinced the head of his prick was nudging into her very womb

"Uuuunmnnngghh - - fuck - - fucking hell," Yubelluna grunted, opening her eyes and glancing back at him "Ohh - - oh, your cock - - mmmmm - - feels so good in my pussy," she purred

"Aahhhhhh - - fuck," Yubelluna groaned as Naruto gave a mighty thrust, getting his cock into her womb before withdraw it until only the bulbous head remained in her pussy. He then repeated the process and fucked his cock in and out of her cunt, filling her to the brim with every thrust. Kurt

"Tight" he grunted as he fucked her harder and faster, her pussy becoming used to his size, his pre-cum aiding the resizing. "Fuck! your pussy is awesome Yubell" he said. His speed madly increased, to the point he was fucking his hip into a blur, knocking the wind out of her several time before making Yubelluna cum rapidly around his cock.

"Uuhhhnnnn - - fuck - - thank - - thank you, Naruto-sama" Yubelluna managed to gasp, her huge tits swinging violently beneath her as his big fuck meat filled her again and again. "Oh Maou-sama - - Maou-sama...SERAFALL-SAMA" When a devil-girl was having sex, they prayed to Serafall because after all, the girl was like the goddess of devils " - - fuck me - - fuck me!" she babbled knowing full well that was exactly what Naruto was giving her

"Oh fuck - - aahhhhhnnnn - - fucking - - cumming!" Yubelluna yelled as Naruto's big dick brought her off, her orgasm crashing through her body as he continued fucking her.

"I'm cumming!" he cried and his cock swelled inside her as he thrust it as deep as he could, the head spurting out a huge amount of thick, slimy cum. She shuddered as she felt it batter into her womb, literally filling her up within the first two spurts.

He filled her until her womb expanded to its farthest limit, swelling up in order to contain the unimaginable amount of thick hot sperm. He filled her to the prim and more, fucking his cock into her while keeping on doing so, letting her experience the pleasure that only Grayfia and Rias got to experience. The feeling of his thick cum in her swollen stomach drove her crazy, making Yubelluna cum like a mad slut around him.

Naruto pulled out, and Yubelluna fell flat on the bed, breathing heavily with her body still limp from the pleasure of cumming non-stoppingly.

But before she could even catch her breath, Naruto spread her ass cheeks and thrust his full length into her anal hole. The Bomb Queen did nothing but scream out in pain at the sudden invasion in her unused, virgin anus.

The night was still young and Naruto was going to make the most of it.

Line Break

Naruto woke up with his head arched in pain.

He knew that he shouldn't drink so much like last night, even though Naruto could hold his ground pretty well against liquor and alcohol better than most, devil's wine was something you shouldn't underestimate.

Putting his hand on his forehead, Naruto ran his hands through his hair. While the consequence was a bit hard to handle, it was totally worth it, it helped him forgot all of the negative feeling he felt yesterday after experiencing his past once again.

However, it didn't take long for Naruto to realize he was completely naked.

"What the..." the blond muttered in shock and began to look around. He saw his bed, his room at Uzumaki Residence. The blond didn't remember to come here last night nor did he remember he got a habit of sleeping naked like Rias.

Then, something caught his eyes.

On the ground was a purple thong, lying on top of a pile of clothes and jewels. It didn't take him long to recognize that purple red, blue tunic top and those jewels belonged to whom.

But he didn't see her anywhere.

Putting on his boxer, Naruto stretched his shoulders and body before calling for his sensing power, after knowing the true origin of his strength and experienced them once more time, Naruto was able to use them better than before because he understood his power now.

Feeling her present at his kitchen, Naruto quickly headed down to the first floor. He did remember asking Yubelluna to accompany him last night, but after his fifth bottle of devil's wine, Naruto could not remember what he did afterward anymore.

But he got the feeling about what the two of them did last night after seeing Yubelluna standing in the kitchen, wearing only his shirt which was a little short for her tall body. She was making a very simple breakfast for him with bacon eggs and toasts, from the way she was frying the egg Naruto could say that she was a professional in cooking.

Yubelluna was enjoying her time of making breakfast for her master when she suddenly felt a strong arm wrapped around her hip and a pair of lips landed on the crook of her neck.

"Did you have a good night sleep?" he asked gently.

"Yes Naruto-sama" Yubelluna said with a smile "I hope you're satisfy with me Naruto-sama. You're really drunk last night"

"Yeah, luckily I had my Queen with me" he lifted the shirt up and put his hand on her bare hip.

"We should return soon Naruto-sama, Ravel-sama probably woke up by now" Yubelluna moaned at the feeling of Naruto's hands on her body.

"Thank you Yubelluna" He whispered into her ear "for being there for me last night"

"Anything for you, Naruto-sama" she turned around, looked into his eyes before closing the gap between them and their lips met once again a passionate kiss.

Line Break

"Are you sure about this Ravel?" Naruto asked, standing in front of Ravel Phenex, in her normal age.

"Yes Naruto-sama, please spar with me" She said confidently, determination burning in her eyes "please don't go easy on me" Ravel and Yubelluna was the ones Naruto paid special attention to, since the Queen was the strongest piece in the Evil Piece System and also the most potential one while Ravel was the one who could use his power to strengthen herself, kind of like a jump-card. Because he couldn't be around all of them at the same time, the other girls got his clones to help them in training, not that they minded since Clones Naruto were more or less him.

"Then go for it" Naruto nodded and got into stance. Yubelluna stood at the sideline and paid attention to the fight, she could see that her master's stance was slightly difference than before, the way he carried himself was also much sharper.

Maybe knowing himself being a Ninja would affect his fighting style, both Ravel and Yubelluna could see that.

The youngest Phenex nodded her head before closing her eyes, growing a pair of fire wings behind her back.

She then opened her eyes wide and those blue orbs shone brightly. Her flaming wings started to materialize into actual wings of Phoenix with golden feather before flapping gently, lifting Ravel's body off the ground. The young and petite girl, in a flash of light she became a fully grown young woman.

Naruto knew that she couldn't hurt him, so sparing between them was meaningless since her attacks couldn't burn or even hurt him but Naruto knew that he could avoid those attacks or whenever it hit, he would act like he was hurt because of it.

"Here I go Naruto-sama" Ravel said loudly and raised her hands. Her grandmother was the only Phenex in the history when through this change before her so more or less Ravel got the basic idea of what she could do in this form.

Yubelluna gasped and almost stood up when fire began to form above Ravel's head, but it didn't form into the usual trademark fireball of Phenex Clan but an actual phoenix.

An actual, fire, living phoenix.

"Holy" Naruto muttered at the gigantic bird of fire flying above Ravel. That was the most amazing thing he had ever seen in his life.

The girl then brought her hand down and pointed at Naruto. The bird, like it could read her thought, flew down and headed straight at him.

The blond's eyes harden and was about to dodge when suddenly, the fire phoenix lowered itself down very close to the ground, to his shock it began to explode.

Any place the bird flew by; the ground exploded like it was dropping multi fire bombs down to the ground. Naruto quickly jumped out of the way when the Phoenix was right in front of him, but his foot was caught in its flaming wings. Because of their bond it didn't mean anything to Naruto but he doubted the temperature was lower than the hottest fire he could make.

Before Naruto could even return his eyes to Ravel, he saw another Phoenix heading to him while howling out loudly and angrily. This one, however, attacked in a very different way than the previous one, by twisting its body in the air the fire phoenix created a big fire tornado head straight at him and would do a lot of serious damages.

"Seriously" Naruto cried as he dodged the phoenix "This is just a boost in power? This is a massive boost in power!" he dodged again, this time it was a fireball.

"Naruto-sama," Yubelluna spoke up "Maturing only happen when you're put into a state of extreme dangerous situation or emotional state. When you think about it, someone as strong as you will hardly be put into a situation like that, but it does happen..."

"The bond will boost Ravel so she will be as strong as or even stronger than I am in order to protect me" Naruto nodded his head "in this case, while it wasn't that great, Ravel is a lot stronger because of maturing affected her age" it was terrifying. To think in a few years Ravel would be this powerful.

"Maturing also give me the true power of Phoenix" Ravel said with a smile "this is the evidence that you love me and accept me Naruto-sama, you allowed a young phoenix like me spread her wings" she then raised her hands and formed a bow of fire in her right hand "Now I can use the true power of Phoenix to support you"

"Seriously this is too much" Naruto nodded before catching a fire arrow shot by Ravel "Oh well" Naruto swung the tri-prongs kunai in his hands before throwing it at Ravel.

The girl widened her eyes, knowing full well what that Kunai could do and quickly shot a fireball out to destroy it before it could get to her. But to her shock the tri-prongs kunai suddenly duplicated.

"These are simple tricks of mine" Naruto smirked.

At least a hundred clones of the original kunai was created and aimed at Ravel, who widened her eyes in shock and put her hands together, creating a wave of fire at them in hope of destroying them.

Naruto was right, her flame was way hotter than the original fire of Phenex Clan, it melt his kunais into hot liquid almost instantly.

He would need to get serious if he wanted to land a hit on her.

"Yubelluna" He asked the Queen sitting at the sideline "You wanna join us?"

"Me?" She asked in surprise "I mean...I don't think..."

"Two of you against your King, how's that sound neh?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"C'mon Yubelluna, I'm not going to wait forever" Ravel said, smiling at the Queen with her arms crossed.

Sighing in defeat, a smile made it to the Bomb Queen's face as she stood up with her staff in hand, her life sure had changed and got better ever since they were traded to Naruto.


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