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Naruto and Hinata Lovers for Eternity dropped
Author :Kingofeverything
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1 chapter 1

cybertron is a virtual reality world a place where you can be any thing short tall beautiful a different species you could look like diffrent fictional characters you can make friends

you can do anything theres building worlds minecraft fortnite disney infinity and theres battle and world filled with quest the anime world

and their is also planet doom a place were most of people collect coins by fighting eachother or dangerous enemes I am the owner

thats right when the owner died me and laurel became the new owner of cybertron after a quest he made to find the missing easter egg ( I don't own ready player one) ( or transformers)

now me and my friends were on a quest on planet doom battling thousands of cell juniors

I only met two of my friends and real life laurel and jake sanders me and laurel fell in love at first sight amazing right it was like we had this connection anyway lets get to the story

ki blast are sent flying into several cell juniors. when their bodies burned to ashes . coins appear and naruto/me collects it

naruto : "mine mine all mine give me more EX P hahahahaha" laughs maniacly as he turns ssj2 and flys towards cell

James : why are you so obsessed with EX P you already have enough

Hinata: *giggles chill out james let him do his thing

shirou activates his blue light saber and slices the monsters in half as he spin kicks one sneaking up behind him sending it flying

naruto: flys up to cell whos in his perfect form


a large golden dragon made of ki appeared on narutos fist the dragon roared as he clashed with cell

oshio : "I will first to finish this game gomo gomo no pistil"he yelled as he crushed several of the monsters with his super streached out arms

vane :Activates Rinnegan "almighty push" he states as he sents several cell juniors in the air

jake "I will finish this BANKAI"he yelled a burst of energy eurupts from his body before he disappears behind the cell juniors "Getsuga Tenshō" wave of black energy erupted from his sword and burned the rest of the cell juniors to ash

"nice one bro" Hinata said as she grinned at him

thanks laurel he grinned back at hinatas annoyed look

"my name is hinata here jake"

yeah yeah whatever jake said dismissively before he was smacked across the head


hinata: looks at narutos direction "I think naruto is finished"

jake: show off

naruto suddenly appears besides hinata with two fingers on his forehead grabs hinata by the waist kisses her on the lips before letting go leaving hinata flustered jake smirks

vane: yo fishcake

"hey vane" naruto grinned as they fist bump each other

suddenly a large flash of light appeared causing everyone in the area to stop what their doing and everyone had to cover their eyes because it was to bright

when the light died down everyone started drooling even the girls as they were so awed at her beauty she was standing 7 ft 5 she smirked at everyone's expression before her gorgeous golden eyes landed on me and hinata

kami: I finally found you Aaron and laurel

their eyes widen in shock

naruto/hinata: how did you know what my name was "

jake grabbed the hilt of his sword as he narrowed his eyes at her

vane smirked A.A.RON thats been your real name this entire time

Aaron would've glared at him but he wasnt in the mood he narrowed his eyes at her"who are you and how do you know me"

kami chuckled " I am kami and you have know Idea how many universes I had went through to get to you

everytime with every life you died by the time I got their and I had to search all over again for you"

the area was dead silentl before

shirou spoke up "look lady just because your beautiful does not mean we will believe a word you say" shocking the crowd at how brave he was

"can I prove it to you"? she asked he nodded

"tell me something no one else noes but myself "

she smirked before she whispered something in his hear he started to blush red

shocking his friends

naruto leaned toward oshio

"is it me or is shirou blushing" he asked wide eyed

oshio just stares { what could she have said to make him have that reaction}

ok ok I believe you" he said as he turned his head the other way trying to hide kami smirked and planted a kiss on his cheek he blushed bright red before fainting

a lot of people were envious of him his friends eyes looked like they were about to come out

"as for you guys she turned to"

naruto and hinata

"I want you to go back to your past life, have fun do what you want mess with people a message from the creator of existence"

making us wide eyed

"past life"? jake grinned

"ha I told you reincarnation was real this is just like a fanfiction"

little did they know this is broad casting all over cybertron

she grinned at him

"your right jake it is very similar"

"you are naruto uzumaki you lived as uzumaki naruto twice Aaron along with Laurel as Hinata"Hyuga

the entire population of cybertron shocked to the very core

"jake was jumping up in down in excitement

"this is awesome my big sister is dating the uzumaki naruto on top of it my sister is hinata hyuga"

laurel well she was very close to fainting she was being held by Aaron who also had a shocked look

vane had his jaw hanging to the floor as his eye widened

his best friend was the uzumaki naruto the uzumaki naruto what the hell

oshio had a grin that was similar to monkey d luffy

she smirked at their expression as she continued "yes the first life you lived as the son of goku brother of gohan"son naruto died during the cell games" I was close to fainting as well me and laurel were hanging on to each other "second life you lived as naruto similar in what you call cannon universe

"the third life you lived as a alternate red headed naruto the villagers were more vicious but nothing else was different"

"your mother in that life is alive you also have a sister but was told by danzo" every body made disqusted looks at the mention of the name

"that you were dead causing her to abandon you" "you and hinata died in a mob attack"

"the 2nd life now" she snapped her fingers

two small but very familar figures appeared

"MOM" "DAD" they yelled tears forming in their eyes every ones as eyes widen

Jakes grin looked like it was about to split his face

{this is exactly like fanfictions} he thought as they ran forward and hugged the life out of them

I looked at the boy in my arms "boruto" I whispered to myself he looked at me and grinned tears forming in his eyes

every one looked shocked boruto noticed this and decided to explain

"dad when you were killed by the otsutsuki clan they decided to wipe out the entire ninja ppulation while stealing their chakra me and himawari were saved at the last minute and told us that you have been reborn and asked us to travel with her to find you"

the entire cybertronian world was shocked silent i looked at himawari and she nodded tears forming in my eyes as I hugged boruto tightly he hugged back

everyone was cheering

shirou woke up confused until oshio told him what happened shirou clenched his fist

now naruto and hinata crying hugging them with all of their might the world cheering on for them

kami then looked up before looking back to them

"alright time is up "

we looked up at her confused "Im here to send you back"


she noticed his sad and worried expression

" don't worry about leaving your friends behind the creator had extended the planet so it could fit this world you guys would all have your body and powers made as a real body and cybertron will be transported to your old world"

I looked around

fish cake this is being broad casted vane yelled everyone was wide eyed except kami

"wait a moment kami" he said

he then looked at the millions of [people waching this in the mirror



he then turned to kami alright were ready

she nodded before everything started glowing brightly before it dissapeared leaving nothing but a black space


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