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New life in the naruto vers
Author :Willox
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4 Chapter 3

"Today is the day Naruto." He smiled as he pat the little boys head. He looked down with a warm smile.

"For real big bro, I can finally tell anyone that your my big bro?" Excitement was written on his face, a smile so big it took half his face. Naruto eyes had even stars in them.

"No,no,no, remember we talk about this, only in the afternoon. Or else are plan will not work, but this is the very last time you will be here. By tonight you and I will be in are very own home." He panic a bit, he desperately prayed to whatever Gods or Goddess, that everything would be fine.

This was there one chance, or more specifically his only chance in changing Naruto life. He knew that this would seriously fuck up any chance at predicting the future. He had that very debate withing himself the first time he came across a little Naruto that had just suffered a beating. Their on the ground, a bruise, bloody, scared small child, not even old enought to understand why all this hatred toward him. As he looked into Naruto eyes that night, he knew that his action would shape the kind of persone he was. He could follow his head, leaving event play out to his advantage and in the process only see this world as a way to reach power beyond anyone or anything this world had ever seen. Or he could reach out and help a lost, hurt, scared child, and leaving behind any knowledge of what was to come. He read enough stories to know that he was at a crossroad, one that would no doubt determined his fate and very likely the whole world.

Naruto smile dim a little, his emotion almost exploded out in a tirade, but he then saw those eyes that Morino always had. Something he was craving for, love, so Naruto shallowed down his resentment. He then focus on the very important fact tonight he would have his own place with his new Nii chan. (AN did I write that right?)

The two wispered quietly together for a few more minutes, Morino even gave his blessing to Naruto in making a massive prank, as a farewell present to the women who was so kind to them for all these years. He then wave him off, with tears in his eyes and a evil smirk as he tried to imagine her face once Naruto was done with her.

He looked toward her office as he wonder what bull she would try on him, in trying to convince in keeping him here. They both knew he could just walk out and receive no punishment, but before he left he had to maintain certain appearance. Like she for all the years he'd been under her care, she was paid a small sum by the village, most went to her but a small sum was divided in two, one part he was paid with, the other she keep and it was s'oppose to be given to him on the day he left. Of course the laws again were very grey in this department, it wasn't clear how much she could keep and how much woukd go back to him. It was all left to the head of the orphanage to give out at their discretion.

He came to her door and knock, a few moment later he heard a voice telling him to come in. He went inside, the meeting only lasted a minute. He left with anger on his face, the bad senario played out but not the worse. He was comforted to know that so far none was aware of his play, but the bad thing was that she really had stolen nearly everything. Morino delivered the news that he was leaving, she had a sour looked on losing a free slave, but her mood got better as she gave him a small bag with only a thousand yen in it. He should had recieve a hell of a lot more, but their was really nothing he could do. Complain, to who? No one would step up for a clanless powerless kid. So he left with a stomach full of rage, an nothing to vent on except the knowledge that no one was on to him for now.

"Phase one is complete, sigh it not like I didn't see this coming, but it just so frustrating being so powerless in all this." He grinded his teeth and promise a future pay back.

leaving the orphanage for the last time as a resident, he went to every money cache he hidden over the years. Once he collected everything, he then proceeded to the administrating building for housing. Once their he pick up the paper work and deliver the bribes he had promise. Of course he always presented himself as the errand boy for Mr Bruce Wayne a rich merchant that wanted a small appartment for a little lone time. See this was something he found out the creditor for the buy never had to show his face as long as certain member of the department got paid. So this fake letter save him from attracted to many eyes on him.

With the scroll in hand, he went to the archived to file the rigth of the apartment in his name, and to present the signature of Wayne signing off on this deal. As of this moment he was a property owner in the village, this now made it possible to adopt any child at the orphanage. As much as the town was open to letting their orphan go, every ninjas village would never allow orphan of one village to go into another. Instead they insisted on keeping them either in the orphanage or in a familly inside the village, at least until the kid was showed to have or not any talent as a ninja.

"Phase two is complete, Im almost their. Just one more move and we are in the clear." Morino was smiling he was so close he could tast it.


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