Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse
107 Episode 15: Nascent Hell of torment B
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Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse
Author :Lazy_leon
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107 Episode 15: Nascent Hell of torment B

It evolved into a unique type of tormented soul, one that was as big and powerful as a Galactical Collosi giant and retained the innate ability of a tormented soul. It had sun-blessed skin and flesh that was a thousand times stronger than flesh belonging to mortals, insidious black carving in the form of scared howling face was cropping up all-around its body. It lacked the gender defining item, hence Its gender was 'genderless/unidentified'.

Its evolution was only in the first phase of evolution. Furthermore, the evolution of the Jokers boundary had also begun.

The destruction of the circus tent ignited the evolution of the Jokers boundary. 




Along with the destruction of the circus tent, three explosive ringing of a doorbell rang out, one at a time. And each time, power beyond mortal imagination spread throughout the Jokers boundary in the shape of a ghastly blast.

The three explosive ringing was accompanied by the wails of millions of tormented souls, and the world-shaking howl of the gigantic tormented soul whose height reached 680 meters.

At this point in time, the tormented souls had just become dummies without any thoughts. They only wailed, again and again, as if welcoming the birth of an Evil God.

The evil God was none other than It. Furthermore, Its lust for power has increased even though the evolution has already ended successfully. The carving of howling faces produced a suction force, so steong that thousands of tormented souls were pulled towards It. The hollow faces of the black-carving opened up, 'It' flesh tore apart from various places and jaws replaced them. The jaws ate the tormented souls that got pulled towards It by the suction force. It strength increased as It absorbed more tormented souls and increased its strength. The tormented souls were also being used as fuel by the Jokers boundary that was undergoing evolution.

The tormented souls were dissipating, as fast as children munch on candies and chocolate bunties.

The evolution of the joker's boundary ended when the population of the tormented souls decreased from million-plus to only 777, lucky number 7. Millions of tormented souls faced their end in mere seconds.

The dead of 'Soul' in this place meant true end. There was no reincarnation or re-birth for the tormented souls. They were not sent to a place with eternal darkness either. The death of these tormented souls meant true dissipation and absolute emptiness.

There was no need to feel sorry for these tormented souls, as these souls belonged to warmonger, enemy of Gaalctical Collosi race, traitor of Elder Bai race, cannibals, Galactical rapists, tyrants that lusted after power, and all aspect affiliated with madness and evil.

They were evil existences that had committed galactical crimes, never in their life, a good deed was committed. At least in their end, they did something good and were used as fertilizer by the Jokers boundary and It for evolution. Furthermore, elder Bai, the creator of this place could stop the evoltuion process of Jokers boundary. He could also stop 'It' from absorbing millions of tormented soul but he didn't. It's because a single speck of fire can be the spark that burns an entire forest into ash. The millions of tormented souls were like tree leaves, It was like the powerful blaze created by the speck of fire that sets the forest ablaze. The speck of fire was created when It began to absorb Tormented souls for its growth.

In the end, 'It' height increased to a freaking 1000 meter. The Jokers boundary had also changed into a massive world made out of black clouds sewn together through a ghostly force.

It was black all around in this world with no signs of life and hope. Heck, only a total of 778 tormented souls were left in this place. It has also eaten Jaaun's torso that withholds the portal out of this place, hence there was no exit place left in this evolved Jokers boundary. Once entered, the only path out was to become a tormented soul or death in the truest sense.

It had gained all memories of Jaaun thanks to eating Jaaun's soul. It knew about the creator of this world, who was elder Bai. It also knew about the harbringer of death, who was Feng Mei, hence 'It' produced a roar that jerked the newly evolved Jokers boundary, and then announced, "I am the newborn Galactical Collosi giant, an existence unique in the multiverse. Jaaun is my father, the emperor of galactical Collosi giants is my ancestor."

Feng Mei, Elder Bai, and Deicide sitting upon Dun-Dun had witnessed the entire evolution of the wisdom emblem.

"This newly evolved tormented soul has gained wisdom. A new wonder between heaven and Earth, " Deicide, who spurted the blood alcohol after listening to It speaking in a comprehensible language, exclaimed in amazement. He eyed Bai, red-droll dropped down Deicide blood avatar. Elder Bai understood what Deicide was thinking!

Deicide thoughts: Will I have a chance to eat this creature?

"Ancestor Pig Butcher, when will you learn to not state the obvious. We have eyes and ears to see what's going on!" Feng said, rolling his eyes at Deicide. 

"The flesh of Jaaun and his soul belonged to my race, hence this much evolution is only a natural process." Elder Bai said.

"Isn't it?" Feng said in response. Feng wasn't amazed by the newly evolved Tormented soul but the evolved Jokers boundary. 

"The real wonder is the evolution of the Jokers boundary, the third dimension belonging to my wisdom emblem" (full form: [Truth emblem] «commadment of wisdom») Elder Bai said Feng's thought, brushing his long whisker thoughtfully.

"Yes, Indeed!" Feng continued. "Elder Bai, your Jokers boundary (The third dimension) was already at the middle-stage level. Now it has evovled into a high-level dimension. This is a great success and celeberation party is must. So how about you gift me your divine robe?"

Elder Bai saw Feng eyeing his robe like a snake. He refused immediately. This robe was handed down to him by his legendary master. This was a godly heirloom. The cloth was strechable indefinitely. Furthermore, it had automatic self-repair. Not only that, the robe was made out of Godly materials, one not found in multiverses. Lastly, it belonged to the grandmaster of his legendary master!

'Damn! I guess, I will have to bind elder Bai and steal the divine robe. It's the only way I can start the distribution of Extinction leaf' Feng insidiously thought, throwing hidden daggers at the divine robe of the giant who was unaware of Feng's thoughts.

"Hey, preceder and successor, look!" Deicide said, suggesting at the chessboard that had been acting as television.

Feng Mei and Elder Bai stopped their drama and turned towards the television.

'It' bowing down on one knee!

It prideful face tilted downwards!

Word's filled with utmost respect came out, ringing throughout the heaven and Earth of the wisdom emblem third dimension.

"The Tenth Emperor Of Evil is my God. I bow to the supreme God offering my subordinance and plead for a name," It said. It remained bowing down, awaiting an answer from Its God 'Feng Mei' .

"What??" Deicide shouted.

"Nani!" Feng exclaimed

"Heh, young one is really crafty" Elder Bai, who was filled with wisdom understood what It was trying to do. 

"Young chap, if you accept it as your subordinate then Bai third dimesnion will become yours! How about you let me eat 'It' and I will let you obtain 70% benefit from the blood trade," Deicide said in excitement.

"Blood trade?" Elder Bai inquired.

"Yeah, Blood trade Mpphh"

"Shhh," Feng angrily blocked Deicide mouth using both his hand, and stopped Deicide from exposing their plan of fooling mortals to Elder Bai. Feng hand had regenerated.

'Shut up, elder Bai divine robe is the material needed to create the instant delivery app through which we will sell the annihilation leaf. So stop blabbering about our plan. He must not become aware of the fact that we need to obtain his divine robe," Feng mentally communicated with Deicide and scolded the retarted third.

Elder Bai had become interested in the blood trade after he saw Feng blocking Deicide mouth, hence he once again asked. 

"Oh, it's nothing much, you know the situation of the physical world, right? There are many undead creature with bodies full of blood, hence I established a blood contract with young chap. I will lend him my power and young chap will give me blood and help me recover," Deicide, who had to use his brain, told a believable lie through the teeth.

This was a good justification to establish a blood contract but elder Bai still had some suspicion. Elder Bai gaze reflected his thoughtful status.

'Fuck, last inheritor, you should had told me about this earlier, this old man can use divination and forsee future. Do something and avert his attention!' Deicide mentally communicated with Feng Mei after he saw the thoughtful status of Elder Bai.

'Pig teammate, leave the rest to me!' Feng mentally replied.

His Oscar-worthy acting began!

"Yeah, it's just like that elder Bai. A good trade, that's all, hehehehe huhuhu hahaha ahahahah," Feng exclaimed calmly while laughing manically. He continued. "Anyways, Elder Bai, is this the reason why you send me to Jokers boundary?" Feng said, gazing at the Giant kneeling inside the evolved Jokers boundary.

Elder Bai felt some suspicion about the blood trade but he didn't ask any more as Feng had successfully distracted him.


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