Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi
48 ch48 The end of the 7 Swordsman
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Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi
Author :IntactReincarnator
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48 ch48 The end of the 7 Swordsman

(point of view of Lord Danzo)

I had been keeping a eye on Asuma since the start of the war. He needed to be protected after his developments he had along with Orochimaru on the medical field along with their future research of the artificial Gekkei Kekkai (Blood line). I was surprise at how efficient he and his team integrated well with another unit. Not surprise the reason was he had some fellow associates he trained with, that and Konoha always had made teamwork a priority on their training, without it they won't be able to graduate as gennin.

Either way Asuma's war potential is evidence as he commands his team and even take's over with his charisma the other team as well. As I see the Hyuga chunnin following Asuma's advice, even though he has more experience on the field. It maybe also because Asuma is recognized as the 3rd Hokage's son, but anyone cannot over look his prowess.

Even Orochimaru requested for me to keep a look out for him. That without him allot of the research could take years if it wasn't for the innovative ideas of Asuma and his incredible skills in Fujinjutsu. I had my own interest on how well he could handle war. I wasn't surprise since I already overheard from Hiruzen on what Asuma did on the Chunnin 2nd Exam, killing by himself 3 Elite Kumo shinobis and managing to steal some secrets from them, gaining the sword formations of Kumo's elite anbu units and even stealing the secrets of the Lighting Armor of the Raikage. Sadly Hiruzen didn't wanted to share the Lighting armor but I manage to gain the Kumo sword formation tactics, since it fitted well with my Root 5 members per unit teams.

While Asuma and his teams kept getting rid of Kiri forces. I send my Root to also to do the same. This areas been infested allot by Kiri. They really are pushing it far and I didn't like they invading my territory. So I lead my Root to also keep getting rid of these infestations of Kiri. Along the way also letting scouts gain the info of Asuma and his team. Since they were being already recognized as "Kiri Killer" we just make the voice spread, even among civilians that got rescued by us.

With this we could attract the attention of the 7 swordsman as they also been roaming and destroying some of our bases, and destroying towns along the way. If we could trap with a lure which I made sure they pick it up from Asuma. We could ambush and kill them on the spot with my new elite Root members. With Ace, and King who at the moment are my most recent and powerful cards we could totally eliminate most of them.

The only problem would if they all fight together, so we need to divide them and conquer.

Finally we picked up that Asuma's team started to ran from the battlefield. Looks like right after we sense some strong chakra fluctuations. The 7 Swordsman had finally picked the bait! We immediately follow pursuit by the outer edges to not been sense. Since most of my units been practicing the "Kings Techniques" all of my units could pass as invisible by most sensors, except maybe not Sharingan/Byakugan users. Also thanks to the Extreme Speed and Air walk we could be as silent as possible not wasting movements.

For some reason thought Asuma's team stop running at a point, to a big clearing. Looks like he was ready for a confrontation against the Legendary Mist Swordsmans. I know he wanted to prove he was better but to make a fight were all 7 are was a little insane. I wonder did he discover that he was being watched? Was their Hyuga capable to detect us and knew he had back up? I don't believe that Hyuga could reach to our location since we were pretty far away. Asuma is a sensor ninja, yes but I could't believe he could reach to our location.

Either way I gave my order to the Root members to surround the area around the possible retreat of the Mist Swordsman since I was planning none to escape alive. The only one that could give me a hard time would be Fuguki the owner of Samehada and leader of the swordsman, is power level is compared to mine, I could beat him at the moment with my Root member and me easily outnumber him but he as the other Legendary swordsman around him, time was of the essence, I hope Asuma can show me how powerful his swordsmanship is, I need at least for them to keep occupied the swordsman as we attack Fuguki.

Looks like the 7 swordsman manage to caught up finally. I commanded to watch and to take an opportunity to my teams to finish them off with surprise attacks when they see an opening. To my astonishment . The first to make a move was actually Asuma as he vanished and was already pass the body of the owner of Nuhibare, his head cut off of his body; I couldn't even sense his movement when he attacked! As the owner of the Blastsword Shibaku initiated a attack only to hit air or an illusion of Asuma. As a golden flash reverberated in the background as a light went through the throat of the owner of Kiba twin swords. Splashing blood everywhere as also several trees and rocks were pierce/cut like if they were of paper.

This momentarily make me pause as the other members of Asuma's team gang up against the owner of Shibaku(Blastsword), and surprise injured him with some careful place traps. Finally succumbing and falling by the attacks of the Hyuga chunnin and gennin Genma. Followed by Might Gal finishing off Juzo of Kuribocho on one encounter. I was beyond shock, since when was they so strong, the only one that make sense was Asuma since I had been keeping track, but even the talentless ninja of Gal could fight and overpowered a legendary swordsman!! None the less this was the perfect chance, to finish them all off, no more Mist Legendary Swordsman should be born, Konoha should proclaim all of those sword!!

Not knowing I was showing a smile, of the great opportunity that had arrived at my footsteps.

(3rd Point of view)

Several Root members were around Fuguki as 2 units surrounded the other 2 swordsman as they initiated attack to them making them split in opposite directions. One of the Root members didn't waste time as he speed up using Extreme Speed but at the last second disappeared from everyone's sight.

Later reappearing behind the owner of Himerakai (chakraMoldingsword) as his legs had been cut off of his body even before he could respond. Such Root member didn't finished there as he used super-fast punches perforating the body of the mist ninja.

While this happened the other members of that Root unit attack and kept the owner of Kabutowari (HelmetSplittler) busy. Injuring him with projectibles and irregular speed and awkward timings combine with their team work as they attack at every opportunity, not letting them perform any type of ninjutsu as they were keeping them on their toes.

For reasons, the Root member that killed of the owner of Himerakai. Pick- up the dead body and threw it to the air at high speed as he jump follow it. As he looked like he was going to perform again the super-fast punches technique capable of piercing anything to the dead body in the air. At this moment at the opposite side where HelmetSplitter was being kept busy suddenly vanished and was replaced by the dead body that the other Root member previously threw in the air.

This took by surprise both Fuguki and the owner of HelmetSplitter, as he reappeared disoriented in mid-air and perforated by wholes on his body as he got punched by the Root member without any mercy. Leaving blood everywhere.

Lord Danzo at this moment as already drawn out a kunai that he imbued with his wind release chakra turning his kunai to a Wind charka sword glowing with sharp golden chakra.  As he dash to attack head first toward Fuguki who had not time to worry as he had to do a final stand, either he kills Lord Danzo and escapes or dies in battle!

As the golden chakra sword collides against Samehada, a fierce screeching could be heard from the sword, it looked like elemental chakra that is refine to such extreme was hard to swallow/absorb for the poor sword. Both back off of each other as the impact had destroyed the surroundings. Fuguki follow the collision with a water trumpet continued with a water cyclone towards Lord Danzo.

Danzo responding in kind as he release a Wind style: Vacuum Blade from his mouth as he split the attack in half splashing the water on the surroundings. Thanks to Samehada, Fuguki didn't get cut by the jutsu as he protected his body with his sword, absorbing the attack.

While this was happening Asuma and his team were just watching from afar since, they couldn't intervene in the fight now that Lord Danzo made his move. It could be considered a offence intervening since he gave a signal to everyone to stay in place as he was going to take care of it himself. As Lord Danzo was in a higher ranking as his superior Asuma and the rest couldn't deny him.

While fighting Fuguki look like he was getting the advantage the longer the fight went on. As the jutsus of Danzo got absorbed by Samehada. Over confident that he was going to win since Danzo reserves drop big time as the battle was prolonged more. So he decided to finish him making a big move and releasing a giant Water style: Tidal Wave Tsunami towards Danzo and well mostly the whole arena being submerge in water for about 3 meter high.

After this happened Fubuki follow it with Twin Headed Water Dragon jutsu toward Danzo. Drawing his Golden chakra sword(kunai) he smiled as his arm vanished from  his body and a golden light pierce both dragons dispersing them and cutting right throw Fuguki right arm which was attached to Samehada, letting it fall. Right at the moment Fuguki tried to get his Samehada as soon as possible but again out of nowhere the sword and his arm were there no more! In his place was the dead body of one of the 7 swordsman who own Shibaku(Blastsword)!

It looked like Samehada was teleported toward Asuma and his team as one of the Root members ask them to seal it in a scroll since it was hard to contain the sword who was sentient and alive. Asuma follow the request with Raido and Gekko helping taking out a big scroll and starting to take out some special ink as the 3 started to do a 4 elemental seal and also a, time/space containment as they store it on the giant scroll. Without anybody noticing the Asuma had also added a key so only he could open the scroll. He didn't trusted Danzo with Samehada, so he did that as a precaution.

Now that Fuguki was without a sword and without a arm, Danzo took full advantage releasing a Sonic Blade big enough to cut Fuguki cut in half diagonally.

2nd day of the 3rd ninja war, the 7 swordsman of the mist met their end that day. This day would be recorded in the history books.


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