Reincarnated as a Saiyan with a System
39 Training Time-skip
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Reincarnated as a Saiyan with a System
Author :Willhb123
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39 Training Time-skip

"What?! Goku's body is disappearing!" Master Roshi exclaimed.

"...I know, it was Kami, the Guardian of the Earth, I think you know him. Yes, this is his work, no doubt he has some special purpose in mind for Goku," Piccolo said.

"Yeah, I'd say he will ask King Yemma to send him to King Kai's planet to train, just like I did," Tarro said.

"Hey, how was this Raditz guy able to find Goku anyway?" Bulma asked.

"He had a device on his face that could scan and track strong power levels," Piccolo explained.

"What do you mean he had one, since I can only see burnt parts, did it break in your fight?" Bulma asked, seeing the remains of the scouter.

"Yeah, sorry about that, it explodes when it scans a power level of over 10,000," Tarro said.

"Wait, Tarro does that mean you have that high of a power level?" Piccolo asked surprised.

"Yeah, but anyway it doesn't matter since I have my own scouter that I modified to be able to read a power level of up to 100,000," Tarro said.

"Then we can use that to see when the other two Saiyans come and to find Yamcha and Tien!" Krillin said happily.

"Yeah, then let's hurry back to Kame House," Master Roshi said.

"Yeah, we can't do anything just staying here," Bulma said.

"And then, I'll head out to collect the Dragon Balls!" Krillin said.

"What are you going to Piccolo?" Master Roshi asked.

After regenerating his arm Piccolo said, "Be sure to find those Dragon Balls, in the meantime I'll take Goku's son," Piccolo said.

"What?!" Master Roshi, Krillin and Bulma exclaimed, shocked.

"What, are you gonna do, eat him?!" Krillin yelled.

"Geez, would you guys stop shouting. I think it's a good idea since Gohan managed to knock back Raditz, and if Piccolo trains him he'll be a valuable asset. And it's not like he'll kill him since I'll go and watch them," Tarro reassured.

"Yeah, and nothing matters except beating those Saiyans, cause if we don't he won't have a mother to come back to," Piccolo said and lifted up Gohan with his energy and pulled him towards himself.


In Other World

"...and so he has come to receive training from King Kai. Does he have your permission to proceed Great King Enma? Since there is no hope for our planet if Goku does not receive training," Kami finished explaining and asked.

"Hmm, Son Goku, well you certainly have a service record that would allow you to even attempt to reach King Kai, but are you truly prepared to travel along snake way and risk the hardships that lay ahead?" King Enma asked.

"Yes sir, he is," Kami said.

"Hmm, very well you have my permission, no go before I change my mind!" King Enma said.

"Thank you! Bye Kami, I guess I'll see you in about a year," Goku said and ran towards Snake Way.


Back on Earth

"Hey, Kid, you've slept long enough now wake up," Piccolo said and dropped Gohan into the water.

"Awa, *Koff Koff*" Gohan woke up and started coughing.

"Come on get up there's no time to waste!" Piccolo said angrily.

"Huh, where am I, where's my dad?!" Gohan said, scared.

"He's dead Gohan," Tarro said.

"Huh, u-uncle Tarro, what do you mean?!" Gohan said.

"He died trying to save you from that guy who kidnapped you. But don't worry, the others are already looking for the Dragon Balls," Tarro explained.

"Yeah, and in the meantime, you will stay here and undergo my training. Your father and I barely managed to defeat the Saiyan who came here today and we now know that two, even more powerful ones are coming in 1 year. We won't be able to beat them alone, that's why you're going to train so you can fight by our side!" Piccolo explained.

"B-But I'm just a kid, I can't fight with grownups!" Gohan said.

"Hmph, you may not be aware of it now but there is an incredible power within you, waiting to be unlocked. And if you can control it, you will become one of the strongest fighters on Earth," Piccolo said.

"N-No, your wrong, I don't have any powers!" Gohan said back, scared.

"Hmph, let me show you," Piccolo said and grabbed him by his head.

"Hey, don't just throw him, let me do it," Tarro said and grabbed Gohan out of Piccolo's grip.

"What, are you going to d..." Then suddenly both Piccolo and Gohan felt an intense wave of killing intent wash over them.

'What the hell, is this killing intent?!' Piccolo thought, scared out of his mind.

"Now Gohan I want you to hit me as hard as you can, ok," Tarro said.

"B-B-But..." Gohan started saying before being interrupted.

"No buts just hit me, as hard as you can," Tarro said and increased the amount of killing intent, making both Gohan and Piccolo fall to their knees.

Then Gohan, with his senses in disarray from the killing intent, leap at Tarro full of primordial rage and punched him square in the face.

'System, what's his Power Level?' Tarro asked and stopped leaking killing intent.

[Beep! Power Level: 2,407]


A while later, when Gohan had finished calming down, Tarro told him what his Power Level was in comparison to Raditz, Goku and Piccolo surprising both him and Piccolo.

"See kid, that is how much power you truly have, and if you train under me and Tarro you will be a great help when the Saiyans come," Piccolo said.

"Yeah, and you can still become a scholar when you grow up," Tarro said.

After Gohan thought for a while he made up his mind and said, "I-If I really will be able to help you and dad then, I'll do it!"

"Good!" Piccolo said.

Then Piccolo told Gohan to stay here and survive for 6 months and then he and Tarro would start the real training.


Then at night, the Piccolo gave Gohan apples like in the original since he was stuck on the mountain, then after Gohan took a pee off the side of the cliff, he turned around and saw the moon.

"Wow, this is the first time I've seen the full m..." Gohan began to say but was interrupted by his transformation.

"RAAARGH!!!" Ape Gohan roared and destroyed the mountain he was on, scaring Piccolo.

"What the hell is that?!" Piccolo shouted.

"Saiyan's transform at the full moon, didn't Raditz tell you when he saw Goku not having a tail?" Tarro said, perfectly calm. "Oh, but don't worry about me, I can control it so I don't transform at all."

"Oh, yeah he did say about the Saiyan's true power having something to do with their tails, how much stronger does transforming make you?" Piccolo asked.

"He's 10 times stronger, so now he can give me a decent fight," Tarro said and lept towards Gohan.

'Damn, did he not warn us just so he could fight!?' Piccolo thought.




Six months pass and they were basically the same as in the original story with Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha and Yajirobe training under Kami but Tarro sent a clone to spar and help them get stronger more quickly. Then, after Gohan had learnt how to survive by himself, the real Tarro and Piccolo taught him how to fight, with Tarro pushing Gohan hard every day so he would get Zenki boosts.

As for Goku since he was stronger than in the original he had already gotten to King Kai's Planet and had already got used to the 10x gravity.




"Yes finally, I mastered the spirit bomb!" Goku shouted happily.

"Wow, you did it!" King Kai also was extremely happy as another person has mastered the techniques he could not.

There was now a few weeks until the Saiyans arrived so Goku didn't have to rush back to Earth after getting revied.

"Bye, King Kai!" Yelled Goku as he started flying along Snake Way.

'Hmm, with their talent Goku and Tarro might actually manage to beat Frieza," Thought King Kai as he was waving goodbye.


Piccolo and Tien Shinhan had learned Kaioken from clone Tarro. Tarro let everyone apart form Gohan learn Kaioken, but only Piccolo and Tien Shinhan were able to learn it quickly. Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Krillin would need a lot longer before they could master it, he also had them train in gravity after learning under Kami. Gravity training also helped them greatly as they needed strong bodies to use the Kaioken. Yajirobe was too lazy to stay with the rest of the group to learn and went off on his own.

Gohan was Tarro's main focus during training since he had the highest talent. The spars had gotten more brutal as Gohan's power increased and since he was now proficient with sensing and controlling Ki. Piccolo and Gohan also trained in the gravity chamber, though not with too high gravity as Gohan was too young to bear too great a stress to his body, which is why he didn't have him learn the Kaioken as well. Now, Gohan was the fourth strongest in the group with Tarro being first, Goku second and Piccolo third.


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