So What If Its an RPG World
Chapter 11: Going to Church
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So What If Its an RPG World
Author :Qiye Kai Wen
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Chapter 11: Going to Church

POV: Fir

“So Beatrice and Michua said that they would be coming in a few days, but they still haven’t come over?”

Although Mari-sensei had contacted Beatrice two days ago it seems that they are still procrastinating and haven’t reported to the school.

At this point I was still having headaches from the two people on my side, Sally and Ben. One of them had been staying in the Church and the other I had been playing chess with in their home.

It’s basically a form of advanced autism.

But now there is basically no time to think about that. The best thing to do now would be to go to the Church and ask Yybril for help. But since we returned from the Abyss, Yybril had been been busy with the Church and hadn’t come back to the school. I had sent a message but hadn’t gotten a reply.

There’s nothing I can do. Right now the highest priority is asking Yybril to help get Sally to come to class. When it comes to the school in the church, I wouldn’t be able to get in if she doesn’t open the door for me after all.

“They’re most likely preparing for something. I saw in their eyes that they wanted to come so there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Ms. Mari replied as she looked through something.

“The good news is that this morning I got a message from the Adam’s Family. Kevin has agreed to participate in the event but still hasn’t come to class.”

“Then why is he participating?”

“He said he wanted to draw the dragon. His summoning technique calls beings with the strokes of his pen. The more detailed the drawing, the stronger the summoning. Though it will take a lot more to summon. If he can summon a dragon, it can be seed to be incredible. So being pushed by curiosity and family pressure, he’s agreed to join.”

“That’s good. After all, if he didn’t have any interest then we’d just be bringing along a burden.”

I forced a smile and turned to Oyado.

“Well, we should go to. Dale said that he could take us to the Church in the afternoon and it’s almost time.”


Ms. Mari looked at me strangely and asked.

“What about Aliyah? Isn’t she always with you?”

“First, she has her own class to deal with. Second, if someone with the blood of a wolf entered the Church then they might be locked up as a heretic.”

“You’re clearly an undead holy angel~”

Bergis, who had remained quiet, spoke up.

“Tch, what’s the Queen of the Dark Elves saying. Besides, I usually use light magic instead of necromancy so they shouldn’t be able to detect it. Probably.”

“Then I’ll wish you good luck~”

Looking at Bergis’s expression, I really wanted to beat her up.


I wouldn’t be able to win.

————————————Reading Map————————————

I don’t know what Dale had been busy with these past few days, but he looked like someone that received guests in a hilltop cave. Hearing that he took a small bath, I can’t imagine what he looked like before it.

I don’t want to know.

But I could tell the direction of this guy’s research by looking at the airship he was driving.

The guy’s trying to develop a space battleship. The original airship I had seen now had aircraft guns, laser guns, and all sorts of weapons. In addition to the giant railgun in the front of it, I feel that it’s already a cosmic level spaceship.

“Don’t tell me you’re building an airship to pull the feat of attacking an entire country?”

I asked as Dale set up the autopilot before he went back to looking over blueprints.

“It’s not that simple. Unless the weapons are capable of being mass produced, a warship would be dealt with by those guys hiding in the empire’s depths.”

“The depths?”

I became curious.

“Did you find something?”

“Un. I detected several strange energy sources under the Witt Empire’s imperial capitol. I released a few stealth airships and I discovered that there they were under several empires, but smaller empires might only have a couple if at all.”

“But why didn’t those guys come out back during the trouble with ‘Snake Eye’?”

“Well, isn’t that simple?”

Dale smiled.

“Think about it. Even if they wanted to take action, which country is going to do it? Those are their trump cards and it wouldn’t be a good thing to let others know about them. And we’re here helping them resist Snake Eye, which is what they want to do. It’s more suitable for us to do it since we don’t seem to belong to any country.”

“Well, that’s true.”

I shrugged.

“We prefer it this way, right? We can earn more like this.”


As we finished talking the airship began to land.

Looking out the window, it was pretty obvious that the large white building was the seat of the church’s power.

The territory of an organization that didn’t belong to any country, only the Church of Light could occupy such a large stretch of land.

“Welcome to the headquarters of the Church of Light. Please report your name and purpose.”

The communication device on the airship played a message sent from the Church. With a bitter smile, I stepped forward and spoke.

“Hello, My name is Lin Fir. I’m looking for Yybril.”

For a while, the communications was silent. Then it responded.

“I see, please wait.”

There was a long silence after that. I don’t know what they were doing.

“They’re confident in letting us enter their airspace.”

Dale looked at the screen and said.

“There are 3 electromagnetic cannons and 17 magical cannons targeting us. Personally, I think that we wouldn’t have good odds against this group.”

“Hey, hey hey, why does picking a fight have to be a prerequisite? It’s completely unnecessary.”

“God only knows. Might happen eventually.”

That’s true.

“But what’s it like to be targeted by your own weapons? Didn’t you make those electromagnetic guns?”

“Nothing of the sort, I feel happy.”

Dale spoke, pushing up his glasses.

“Do you think I’m going to let my own weapon hit me?”

“Hey, hey, you’re really……”

Definitely worthy of being called Dale!

“Hello. Verification has been completed. Please land on tarmac 14.”

Hearing the voice from the communications device, I laughed.

“All right. It seems we can start.”


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