1 Jack O“ Lantern
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Author :Greedski
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1 Jack O“ Lantern

Michael opened the vault and was greeted by a long hallway full of doors. He walked to the last one, number 125, he knocked once and the door opened to a dark room without windows. A man sat on that room, his eyes were white from tens of years of crying, he had developed leukocoria.

"Jacky boy! Are you ready to give up already?" Michael walked to him and punched his stomach.

Jack looked up, Michael wouldn't get what he most wanted. "Will you kill me?"

Michael didn't answer.

"The day I die is the day I'll give up. And if I don't give up, you won't get what you want from me."

He snapped his fingers and an aged man opened the door. "Bring me today's tools. I'll have some fun with him."

The man followed his orders and brought a table with a few items on top of it. A dental mouth opener, a piece of coal, alcohol, and matches. This torture worked with all of Michael's victims, but he still doubted it would work on Jack.

Michael picked up the mouth opened and proceeded to open Jack's mouth and lock his jaw. He picked up the coal and soaked it in alcohol. "Do you want me to make you into a Jack O' Lanter? Thinking about it, please don't give up, seeing you suffer brings me great joy."

He placed the coal on Jack's mouth, lighted a match and threw it inside his mouth.

"Josh, keep healing the fucker, you know the deal."

Michael faced the door and left, all he could hear was Jack's muffled screams. "She'll be mine Jack, no matter how long you keep her sealed, no matter how long you resist, time is not a problem here."


"Hahahahaha! I've finished it! After soo much time, it's finally done. This will take me back, I'll be able to save him!"


The little chip she was working on exploded somehow, painting her face black with ashes. "Or not, guess the code was - cough - a bit bugged."

She was standing in a small room, barely illuminated by a small window, mountains of papers piled over the table, the computer that was previously plugged to the chip had been destroyed and fixed many times, the case looked broken in several places.

'Hold on Jack, it's almost ready. Your countless years on that wretched place are soon going to be over.'

Cynthia stared at what looked like an elevator, 'The first part is already done, but you'll need more than this to escape Michael.'


The day and night passed slowly, outside the vault nothing could be heard, not a single scream. No matter how much damage was done to him, death wasn't an option.

Michael opened the door 125 and saw Jack, his jaw was on the ground, the fire had almost killed him. "Josh, come here for a moment."

He came closer and looked at Michael's face. "What is that on the ground Josh? Is that perhaps, his jaw?"

"Yes, sir."

"Have I not been extremely clear? Don't let him die. Don't let him get any near-death experiences. I don't want him to get the taste of freedom."

Michael placed one of his hands on Josh' shoulder and another on his jaw, he controlled a bit of energy inside of his body and released it on Josh' lower jaw, removing it from his face.

Blood spilled on the floor. "Fuck Josh, you spilled blood on my new suit, you sick fuck."

"You're not even good in dying."

Michael snapped his fingers and the same old man entered, "Call someone to clean up this mess and heal Jack, I have some special plans for tomorrow."

After a few seconds, someone entered the room and completely healed Jack. "What are the plans, Mike? Torture again?"

"Hahahaha, nah. Much better..."

"Do you remember the psion that challenged me a decade ago? Yeah, that guy gave up today."

Jack pretended to be in shock, the psion he was talking about knew Jack very well, but not enough to read his mind.

"Tomorrow morning, we'll find her, I'll finally get to taste the sweet taste of your tears."

The man that recently cleaned the room chuckled a bit, almost imperceptible to Michael, almost. He faced the man's direction with fire in his eyes.

"Excuse me?"

"Sir, tears are salty."

In a blink of an eye, the man died, no physical contact needed, the sheer amount of force Michael's eyes carried was enough to obliterate him.

"You really need little to get angry, you're like an infant." Exclaimed Jack with a grin in his face.

"Jacky boy, if I didn't need you, I'd have killed you a long time ago."

"If you hadn't immobilized me, you'd die first Mike."

Michael whispered something in the old man's ear and left. A few moments later, another man entered the room with a rat in his hands.

"Ha! Prometheus torture? That's already been done before."

Jack yelled, "You're so unoriginal, Mike!"


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