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2 Awakening

Both the brothers slept after wishing each other good night. The house they lived was small with only two rooms and so the brother slept together.

The next day both of them were up before 6 in morning. Xing asked his brother if he had slept. Brother Mo shrugged saying that I did not sleep even for an hour last night. The environment today was different because the air today felt full of energy.

Both brothers took bath and together with aunt started walking towards the city hall. The city was lively today. It was not even eight in morning and the roads were lively. Both sides of road had venders set up shops of various things. Large amount of people were moving towards centre of city. At the centre of city a small stage was build and surrounding area was cleared for youth of various regions to sit and meditate.

This year was special because the son of current city mayor Fu Zin was also participating. More than one thousand people were gathered. Suddenly there were some guards arriving which were followed by a chariot. The carriage was not too luxurious but for the people it was extravagant. A youth exited the chariot who was blonde fair with brown eyes. He wore a brown robe with golden design at the borders. After him an identical looking man, The City Mayor Fu Zing.

After a while another chariot entered the ground which was a drawn by two brown horses which looked bigger than others that have arrived. It looked much more lavish than the one arrived before. From it a elder looking about 65 years of age came out who was much more older than he looked. His aura was that mad the heart shiver of that of the surrounding people. After him a young girl about 10years of age came. She had black hair, her body was not developed but the was slim and along with the white robe she looked like a fairy was landed on earth. Her movements were so nimble that everyone was looking at her even the elder. As they reached near the stage city lord stood up and bowed to him. He was the current head of a small family near the city the Han family. They were a small merchant family with there centre in the town.

As the time was about to reach 9'o clock a small bird was seen in sky who was heading towards the city. As time passed the bird looked bigger and bigger till its shadow completely covered the ground. People were astonished to see the bird. Every year similar beast would be seen but even then the excitement never decreased. A young man looking in his twenties landed on the stage. He wore a blue coloured robe. As he landed on the stage he had a smile that would make every women around fall for him.

After looking around the ground he was astonished by the number of participants. They were more than he had thought. After a while he spoke, `` Good morning citizens of Fu town. I am Ling Chen, I am a 6th stage Soul form Expert of Ma clan. I am an elder there for last 3 years and have been visiting this town for last 3 years on this auspicious day. For successful awakening of your spirit please sit in lotus formation and follow the breathing technique after carefully observing me. Follow the cycle of exercise for few times till you can awaken your spirit. Even if you do not awaken a spirit do not regret because even if you do not walk on the path of cultivation there are many other occupation from which you can select." As he completed the speech, all the young people about the age of 10 started sitting around the stage and started the breathing exercise.

On the third row one can see Xing's brother sitting in lotus position. Zing looking at his brother doing the following the elders advice sat on the last line doing the same. This caught the attention of the elder. He gave a breaf smile and then started looking towards others. Suddenly the atmosphere in surrounding changed. It remained same for a while and then a clear but not loud sound of bang was heard from the first row. It was the girl of the Merchant family Han Shu. The elder called her on stage. He then send a small amount of his Qi inside her body to check for her attribute. He was surprised to see that she had wood attribute. Wood attribute was scarse. And it had a great ability of healing as well as laying traps in wild.

After a while some others started to awaken their spirit who formed a line waiting for the elder to inspect their attribute. Suddenly the son of the city lord stood after similar sound. The sound was produced because it was the first time the children had absorbed Qi and the meridians in their body conducted it. Everyone gave him way to the stage. He was inspected and was found with a fire attribute. He looked towards the father and smiled. The Mayor also was an fire magic user hence his son was happy as he could was in his fathers path and move even forward. He hated this small town and wanted to go to a bigger city.

After a while another sound was heard but the elder was alerted as the sound came from the place Xing was currently doing his exercise. The elder gad an surprise on his face because he can clearly see that the child was not more than 5 yrs. old. He walked down the stage. The Mayor and the merchant both stood up. The elder did not notice this because he was still moving towards the boy. People gave him way and he reached the boy almost instantly. He was staring at he boy which made Xing uncomfortable. Xing suddenly bowed his head and apologised to the elder. The elder with curiosity in his mind asked him of his name. My name is Xing said the 5yr old. The elder asked him his complete name but unfortunately Xing did not know his family name as he was left on roadside by someone. He did not even knew if his parents were alive or not.

The elder was surprised so to check his spirit attribute he send a strand of Qi to Xing but as he was about to send he felt if his entire body was drained of energy and he took two steps back quickly. He could not conform his attribute nor could he see what was it that absorbed all of his Qi in such a small amount of time. Suddenly Xing started sweating but it looked black in colour instead of colourless which gave another shock to the elder. He used his soul sense and found that the boy was on third stage of body tempering stage. He was completely astonished. He asked Xing to stand on stage on coner as he wanted to talk with him after the ceremony finishes. The elder than came up the stage as fast as he left and started conforming attributes of other. After a while he told others to stop as the speed of cultivation of others was not upto requirements and told them that the could not continue on the road to cultivation.

Suddenly Xing's attention went towards his brother on third row. He couldn't awaken his spirit so he was sad but as soon as his saw his brother on stage behind elder who had awakened he gave a smile towards him. There were many who were disappointed because of the total 47 youths participating only 13 had awakened their spirits.

Soon everyone started to move towards the market where there were many vendors with various stalls along the road sitting selling stuff. Only the Elder, Mayor, Xing, his brother and aunt were standing near the stage. There was complete silence. The elder broke the silence by coughing and then said that Xing should also follow him where various sects would further examine the talents and select the sect they would follow. But contrary to his expectation Xing said he would not leave as his brother was not selected and he didn't want to leave his brother. He said this was the very reason he did the exercise so that he could accompany his brother. The Elder as well as the Mayor was shocked because they didn't think the child would not cultivate just because his brother was not going to accompany him. As he answered the mayor was furious that the child was throwing a tantrum but the elder stopped him. He patted his head and said`` look Xing you are a genius and if you do not come with me others will know about your talent and would rush to kill you. This can also cause harm to your brother. Do you really want to harm your brother just because you do not want to part with him."

This made Xing sweat from his head. He looked towards elder and then towards his brother. Then he asked the elder if he could bring him with him. The elder smiled and said that he cannot bring him know but soon if the grows too quickly and powerful he can be an elder or grand elder it self and bring both his brother and his aunt anywhere he wants. Hearing this Xing gave a smile and nodded agreeing to this statement. The elder then asked the mayor to make sure all the children who awakened arrive just outside the city gate two days from now.


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