12 Cultivation and Alchemy
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12 Cultivation and Alchemy

The next day Xing woke up he saw another door in his room. When he opened it he saw a small stone platform. Xing had immediately identified it as an inscription. He was eager to ask his master about it so he cleaned up wore fresh robes and went towards the hall where breakfast would have been ready for him by his master. He ate the food and went outside for his master. She as usual was sitting on the wooden chair. "Xing start the exercises." Luo spoke, "I will explain rest after it." She knew the nature of her disciple and hence answered him before even the question was asked.

After completing the exercises and cleaning up himself he went towards his master. As soon as he sat near her she gave him a book. It was rather an old book with a beast skin cover which was grey coloured but had turned brown. Even the pages inside were deep yellow coloured.

"Its a cultivation technique called The Nine Yin Yang Technique. It is quiet a powerful technique as well as suitable for you as even this technique like you does not favour any specific attribute but focuses on all the attributes. I think it was made specially for you. But this manual will only be useful upto foundation establishment as it does not help in formation of your core. But it will take a significant amount of time for you to reach that state and I know that with your talent you will find a way out of this."

After processing the information after some time he went in side the room sat on the platform and started reading the manual. The manual had only three pages. Xing felt that even with such a small amount of information the manual truly powerful as aura from only the three pages was ancient that anything he had ever felt. He opened the first page. There was only a yin-yang symbol drawn. But even the single symbol left a image inside his mind. He was already in lotus position, keeping the manual in the space bag he closed his eyes and started the meditation while imagining that symbol he just observed. The symbol left such a mark on his mind that he could still fell the complexity that single image was offering. Suddenly he felt a relaxing feeling. A small white layer of pure Qi was formed around his body. It was continuously entering through his body and completing a complete circle through all the organs and than collecting near the abdominal region. After sometime he felt that complete energy he had in his body had vanished. Even his head throbbed while he tried to open his eyes. After some time his senses started working and he smelled a foul smell all around himself so he stood up to leave the room and ran towards the bath. As soon as he entered the bath the whole tub filled with clean water turned dark. He changed water and entered again in it. After some time he left the bath and wore a clean set of robes. Then he went outside as he suddenly felt hungry and his stomach started making sounds. He moved towards the courtyard to look for his master. She was sitting there preparing meal. "Xing have your meal. I think you would be hungry." Said Luo.

Master how did you knew I was hungry? And why am I craving for food?

"So Xing what amount of time do you think you took in that room?" Luo said.

"Master, I think about an hour has passed and why are you asking me such questions?" Xing was confused with sudden change of his master's behaviour.

She patted his head and said, "Xing you have been practicing since last 23 days continuously and have not even moved from that place."

Xing was speechless and dumbfolded. "Do not worry since it just show how much powerful your mental strength is. And this is a good thing as you can have longer cultivation period as well as your understandings about various techniques will be too great."

The both then had a great meal while they talked about other things. In only 20 days Xing had reached middle level of level 3 Qi condensation. She was happy as Xing was growing as such wonderfully.

Xing since you have started cultivating do you want to start alchemy as well. You have read some books for it but do you really walk on that path. Xing nodded.

Luo threw a ring towards Xing.

"Prince Davis, let us get to the basics immediately. First, before practical, is theoretical. I want you to memorize all this as soon as possible before we try our hand in Alchemy."

He then took the space ring and quickly probed it with his Qi.


The contents of the space ring were books, all books. Ranging from books recording information of herbs, pills and treasures.

There were also a lot of books on Herb Encyclopaedia, Pill Creation Process and Techniques.

The Herb Encyclopaedia included information on the types of herbs, their characteristics, their variants and even their general location. It also included on how to pluck the herbs without damaging it, and the other features one would have to know if they were aiming to be an alchemist.

The Pill Creation Process explained the process of creating pills with the herbs and treasures, while the Pill Creation Techniques explained how to create a pill using the certain technique.

There were more than a hundred thousand books that contained a lot of information. If a mortal were to complete reading these books, it was unknown how long would it take for them to complete it.

Seeing the huge amount of books in the space ring, Xing's eye twitched. You have to start learning everything in there


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