Take Care of the Ending
5 You“re certainly differen
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Take Care of the Ending
Author :CHIV
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5 You“re certainly differen

After we ate, the others went back to the place where we staying at while Mike and I wait for the sunset. We walked separate when I said that I left something in the store. The truth is I'm waiting for Belle, while waiting, my heart keeps pounding hard, I really need to clarify something first with Belle.

"Auntie, I'm going head!"

When I heard Belle, my heart pounds harder and when she saw me, I shyly face down trying to think what my first word to be.

But when Belle passed me, I hurriedly said, "Ah, please wait a moment. Don't ignore me!"

She suddenly halt and said, "Are you going to keep me waiting?"



"You successfully picked up a girl." Belle said.

"No! Actually, it was only the girls who really wants to hang out to us." I explained.

But Belle innocently said, "But the number of people was just right."


'It's true, if others saw us, they will think we are all in pairs. I can't excuse that.'

"Are you busy later?" I suddenly asked.

"No I just have to go home. Why do you ask?" Belle answered.

"Then, if you are free... I would like you to show me around the Island, please?" I shyly asked while scratching my head.

"There's nothing much to see! Are you trying to pick me up?" Belle replied.

"This is not to pick you up! No.. It looks a bit like it... But it's not... How do... I say this... There are two ways to meet a girl..." I somehow said it.

"Hee! hee!" Belle chuckled and said, "You're certainly different..."

I was puzzled on what she said.

"Okay, I'll show you around." She chuckled again and smile to me.

Upon seeing and hearing what she said, I feel really happy.


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