Take Care of the Ending
6 It seems kind of strange
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Take Care of the Ending
Author :CHIV
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6 It seems kind of strange

At coast

I was lose in daze just staring at her as she stretched her arms while looking at sea. The moon under siege by stars seemed to lighten the night and the humming of the waves charmed us.

"It's nice,isn't it?" she said.

"Yeah! The seaside in the evening is so beautiful!" I replied while still looking at her.

"It's my first time bringing someone here..." she said when she looked at me. Hearing that makes my heart thumped.

"Thank you."

"I dislike this Island..." she said with a trace of sadness in her face

"Actually.. I like it, but I also dislike it.."

"I especially like this Island the best in the summer. But I also dislike it the most in the summer."

From what she said before, I pretty know she really treasure this Island.

"My friends and I, leave our problems and stress in a while and rush over here!" I said.

"I am very clear about the reason they came here... It has nothing to do with me..." she said.

"Of course, it has nothing to do with you... " I said.

"Then why are you here with me?" she asked.

"I think it's also to flirt with you..." I said while looking at her.

"Exactly!" she snorted. And turns around.

"But...!" I shouted.

"But?" she asked.

I clear my throat first and said, "Not just any girl will do!"

I looked at her and added, "My flirting with you is like shaking your hand."

"You want to shake hands?" she curiously asked.

"Ah.. That's..." I suddenly feel embarrassed in what I am trying to do. "But I'm different with others!" I said.

"I'm also different from the girls that come to this island to have some fun.." she said while looking at me.

After what she said, we just both in daze while looking at the sea.

I smile and said, "It seems kind of strange."

She also smiled and agreed in this awkward conversation we have.

We look each other and laughed.


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