Take Care of the Ending
7 Want to go for a walk?
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Take Care of the Ending
Author :CHIV
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7 Want to go for a walk?

I went back to the place I was staying at, and I saw the others getting ready to do fireworks with the girls.

Of course, I'm there just to make up the number...

But mostly, my friends and I were just playing and enjoying with each other.

Being with them, as I expected, is more fun to do than fireworks.

When there's only fairy rod left, I just sat in one corner and enjoy it myself. But then the girl with a curly hair suddenly sat beside and startled me.

"It's very pretty." she said.

When the lights almost in tip, she suddenly blows that makes the light out.

In a dark, she touched my hand that makes me scared and she asked, "Are you scared?"

"There's nothing to be scared of." I snorted.

I slowly move away from her but she crawls towards me and asked, "Are you hoping for that kind of thing?"

I immediately answered her no and she just naughty replied, "Really?.... Liar!" My heart keeps pounding faster and harder. I want to run but I feel I was caught in her thread.

She then slide on top of me, her chest pressed against mine and said, "Don't be afraid. There's nothing to be afraid of. I'll teach you."

The next thing I knew, she had slammed her lips to mine. I was completely unprepared. I snapped and pushed her away.

I ran away. My heart is racing and having trouble breathing. I sat down and before I realized tears were keep on falling.

"Hey.. Seth? Is that you?" I was surprised when Belle saw me while wiping my tears. I stand up and pat my shorts.

"Nice night!" she said.

I can't look at her.

"The scenery's pretty nice during the day, but taking a stroll at night is even better." she smiled and looked at me.

"Want to go for a walk?" she added.

I still can't look at her. I just nod for an answer.


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