Take Care of the Ending
9 I won“t be able to forget this summer
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Take Care of the Ending
Author :CHIV
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9 I won“t be able to forget this summer

@@Today, we rode the first ferry in the morning going back home.

"Yah Seth! Where have you been yesterday?" Sonnie asked me. All the others are worried about me when they saw what happened and I suddenly ran away.

"Nowhere." I answered while still looking at the sea.

Yesterday I told Belle that I would take this ferry home. But she didn't come to see me off.

'Did something like this really happened yesterday?' when I remembered my kiss with Belle.

It seems a little like a dream...

Then I took something on my pocket.

'No... Not a dream!'

When we parting last night, she gave me this shell, and her phone number, which she put into my pocket carefully...

"I'm not coming to this island. Girls are so scary." Scott remarked.

"This has been a worst trip ever!" Sonnie added.

"It's better to hurry back home!" Wayde said.

Hearing that from them I feel assured just to have a caring and reliable friends.

And also from this southern island, the beach where I sat next to Belle...

'I won't be able to forget this summer!'



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