Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent
Chapter 21: Crazy Hunting
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Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent
Author :Banana Panting
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Chapter 21: Crazy Hunting

After three minutes of crawling, Fang Yun finally reached the end, looking across the corner.

 ”Squeak! Squeak!”

 A sharp cry rang.

  “Ring, target locked, vole, type: mammals, Family: rodent, can provide fifteen bio-energy point!”

  At the moment the sound of the system rang, Fang Yun launched an attack directly, bitting the mouse, then slamming it toward the ground.

  15 bio-energy obtained, From the next evolution, only 45 bio-energy point remains!

  Calming down his excited mood, Fang Yun quickly dragged the vole out of the cave.

  No way, the stench in this vole hole is too stinky.

  Although becoming a snake made him have great resistance to most bad smells, but Fang Yun’s still has a feeling of disgust nonetheless.

  So if he doesn’t have to stay in this place, he won’t do so.

After some time, Fang Yun dragged the vole out of the hole, then slowly swallowed it.

  After swallowing the vole, Fang Yun did not choose to continue hunting.

  Eating a horned frog and a vole in succession made his abdomen swell up. He needs to digest the food in his stomach before he can continue hunting.

  Lying at the entrance of the mouse hole, Fang Yun quietly waited for the digestion of the voles and horned frogs in his body.

  However, what surprised him was that he completely digested them in less half an hour, causing his abdomen to flatten and restoring his ability to move.

  If it were before, digesting both the horned frog and vole would need al least half an hour.

  In other words, after activating the skill “quick digestion”, he increased his digestive ability by three folds.

  ”Just three more voles and I would meet the requirement for evolution.”

  Fang Yun’s couldn’t help but get excited, determining the previous position according to his memories, and crawling in that direction.

  When he passed by there previously, he found many mice nests.

  However, at that time, he was already full and couldn’t hunt anymore, so he just remembered the location of the mice’s lair and didn’t disturb them.

  Right now, he needs food, and naturally, he will not let go of these mice.

  After almost ten minutes rushing, Fang Yun arrived at the location of the first mouse nest.

  Flicking his tongue, trying to determine if the nest owner is there, and then climbing down straight into the mouse nest. And sure enough, there is a mouse lying in the nest.

  However, this mouse is more sensitive than the previous vole.

  When Fang Yun’s attacked him with his mouth wide open, the other side jumped to the side, causing him to just scratch him on his hind legs. Then by jumping on the walls of the tunnel, he bypassed Fang Yun and run out to the distance.

  Snakes usually catch prey by attacking their opponents in an instant then bitting them, keeping a hold of them with their strong jaws.

  If the prey escapes from their attacking range, they will generally not pursue it.

  However, after the mouse escaped, Fang Yun did not hesitate to pursue it.

  Now that his physical attributes have reached 2.8 points. Under his full speed, he can continue running for more than two hours and still has enough physical strength to hunt down the mouse.

  The mouse ran out of the hole and ran crazily to the distance.

  However, soon after, Fang Yun caught up with the mouse, bitting it and slamming it onto the ground, Then quickly wrapping around it, and constricting.

  After this period of exercise, Fang Yun’s constriction skill has made great progress. Even if the opponent is struggling, he can quickly wrap his body around him.

  Two minutes later, the mouse stopped moving.

  After swallowing the mouse, Fang Yun is ready to continue hunting.

  But what surprised him was that when he followed the route in his memory, arriving at the next mouse nest, he found that it was empty.

  ”Maybe the mouse in this nest went out to look for food.” Thought Fang Yun.

  Fang Yun patiently went to the next mouse nest.

  But after exploring three mice nests consecutively, and not finding any mouse, he felt that something was wrong. Finally, in one of the mice nests, he smelled his kind smell.

  Obviously, the mice in these nests have already been eaten by a predator previously.

  After returning empty-handed every time, Fang Yun couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated, but fortunately, he eventually caught a tiger frog.

  This tiger frog gave him 10 bio-energy points.

  Overall, the prey he hunted today provided him with a total of 50 bio-energy point, meaning that only 20 points remain for his next evolution.

  But his following hunting trip let him doubt whether his good luck has come to an end, two hours passed, and he did not catch even a single prey.

  And now, the sun is already setting, il will be night in a few hours.

  A red glow penetrated the relatively sparse canopy of the tree and fell on Fang Yun’s body.

  Originally, he planned to capture enough prey to start his fifth evolution today, but now it seems that tit’s not possible anymore.

  Sighing with disappointment, Fang Yun began returned to the pine tree.

  When he came back to the big pine tree, he got slightly surprised.

  Because he found that the four girls he met before are actually still here, but at the moment they are packing up, it seems that they are ready to leave.

  ”Xiao Ning, sister Wei, Sister Ran, look there, that snake is back.”

  From the corner of her eye, Chen Meng noticed Fang Yun, who had returned and immediately greeted him.

“Thanks to you and the little squirrel, My live broadcast fans broke through the 100,000 marks!”

  ”Live well, next time we will come back to see you.”


  When Chen Meng greeted Fang Yun, Song Ran, Zhang Wei, and Meng Ning all waved their hands to Fang Yun, saying goodbye.

  Then the four women picked up the rest of their food and bags, returning from their original road.

  Fang Yun climbed over a large stone and looked at their back.

  Looking at the appearance of these four girls, it is clear that there must be villages or towns where humans live in the vicinity of this mountain. Otherwise, they won’t go down the mountain at this time, rather they won’t even stay to this time, as it’s almost dark

  Therefore, Fang Yun is sure that there is a place where humans live in the vicinity of this mountain.

  For a moment, Fang Yun’s couldn’t help but have the impulse to follow the four girls, fleeing this cold and ruthless jungle, and then returning to the human society.

  But he soon calmed down.

  ”I am a snake now. Human society is no longer suitable for me. Only the jungle that I hate is the best place for me to survive in and grow.”

  Taking a deep breath, Fang Yun is ready to climb down this big stone and then return to his nest.

  However, at the moment when he turned his head back, he couldn’t help but shiver, his danger signals are warning him that there is danger nearby.


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