The Bell of Death
4 The First Meeting
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The Bell of Death
Author :DaoistEasternWitch
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4 The First Meeting

"He'll be here by next week since you said_ no, you begged to see him." My handsome doctor, Lenard, poked my head, as he shakes his own in fake annoyance.

"Yes. Yes." I nodded my head like a drum beat.

"Do you really not want to tell him?" my doctor asked me one last time, worry evident on his face.

"No. I want to be friends with him." Everyone in this building became my friends, and no matter how sullen and angry at the world he was, or so my sisters from outside had heard. We'll be good friends at the end.

A week later….

A new empty room was filled with a new bed sheet and curtains denoting it's soon to be new owner.

In the hallway near that open room. People of all sizes and shapes congregates like dominos peeking at the room waiting for the soon to be owner of it.

"Is he here?" A man in a clutch asked.

"Why are you blocking me, outta way." a girl in a wheelchair retorted.

"Why are you people so excited? It's not like he's the first to be transferred here." A pale teenage carrying a pole with a silver packet IV drip connected to his wrist ruefully said.

"Why are you being so bitter, is it because you don't have the same reception last year?" An extremely fat man, so fat that his body equated that of the three people in front of him.

"Why don't you shut up, you fatty." the teenage carrying pole with IV drip shot back.

"It's not like I want to be fat. You stick like a pole." Pointing at the pole with an IV drip.

"Now. Now. Stop it. He'll be here soon, and Dessrie would be disappointed if she saw the two of you arguing." A young man who has a bandage in his neck mediated.

"I heard he's the son of xx politician, her mother owned the largest shipping business that dominates half of the world called xx company. He's extremely wealthy, handsome, and tall." The girl in the wheelchair dreamily voiced out.

"Well, he's not lucky enough. Blessed as he is, he's still admitted here. It means his days are numbered." The pole man cheerfully said.

"Oh, Don't say that. We will all get better." The bandaged neck man said.


"Don't be so discouraged. Just look at Dessrie, she's been here the longest. Do you see her so glum?" the man in a crutch said at last. "All of you are new here, so you'll get used to it."

"That girl is an airhead. No matter what you say to her, she still always smiles like a fool. So creepy." The girl in the wheelchair whispered. While the majority of the people nodded their heads in understanding.

It was this funny scene that I found my new friends. Talking to themselves as if conspiring something.

I knew that the new person will inspire excitement.

My sisters outside said he was an "idol material," if his tongue wasn't so sharp at flaying people, that is.

People then arrived.

With a body builder built wearing suits and if we were outside, I'll even add shades. A full bodyguard set up. It was cool. It was not the first that VIP people were confined here, but their entrance always excites me.

Like we are in an action movie.

Unfortunately, my body lapses and I was bedridden so it was quite a long time of waiting till I met him.

I heard he screamed at my new friends and threw them out of his room. Ordering his bodyguards to remove bandage trashes, pollutant, missing limbers, and crippled people out of his room.

He was harsh. Extremely so.

He seemed to have not accepted his circumstance, according to my doctor, "He was unsatisfied, and resented his current life. He was a living a perfect life before, but now he's lump alongside people he considered as "less" to him."

"Less?" I quietly asked. How are we any less? Is it because we cannot work or go out? We were also normal before too.

"Useless." my doctor tactlessly clarified.

I was surprised.

I never considered nor see my other friends as useless just because we were different. My family didn't say so, even my older sister nurses and older brother doctors never said so before, until now.

It was raining that day, a storm is brewing, the sky is muddled gray, while the climate is breezy and cold.

The meadow garden that I loved so much is drenched and looked so sloppy and chaotic in this glum weather.

I met him sitting outside, near the third-floor balcony. He was tall, my head only reaching his shoulders. He looked so lonely staring off at the sky.

"Hello. I'm Dessie Lunan. From Room S-3." From C-ommon rooms, to R-are rooms, to S-uper rare rooms.

Indeed, this facility is quite simple, patients are placed based on the grade of their diseases.

"S? Super rare?" His thick brows jumped in surprise. "You don't look like an S girl."

"Really? But I've been here since I was four."

His reply was a beat slower. "I see. I'm Benedict Angus. R-6 Room. Nice to meet you, Miss Dessrie who've been here since she was four."

He held out his hands.

"Haha… you're actually a nice guy. Can you take my hand directly for a shake? I can't move them, you see."



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