The Black Card
Chapter 426 - Breaking the Situation
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The Black Card
Author :Xiao Se Liang
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Chapter 426 - Breaking the Situation

Chapter 426 - Breaking the Situation

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Editor: SSins

Shi Lei replied helplessly, “Please. What happened to eating first? Aiyo, I’m going to starve to death.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll let you eat all you want!”

Oi, what happened to talking appropriately? Why are you doing it again? I’m really not interested in you. Isn’t it illegal to eat wild animals like echidna?

Song Miaomiao ran out of the room like a whirlwind. He didn’t know how she achieved it but within five minutes, the table was filled with all kinds of dishes.

It was fine if they were all cold dishes, but there were only four cold dishes and everything else was hot. Did she tell all the chefs here to come and take one stove each to cook?

Shi Lei was indeed starving. He barely ate anything for lunch and only drank tea in the afternoon. His stomach was already empty.

He didn’t care how so many dishes were prepared within such a short time. He picked up the chopsticks and began to use them to devour his food.

Song Miaomiao widened her eyes in shock as she watched Shi Lei turn his wrists and devour food. She thought, was this guy really hungry? Was he reborn as someone who starved to death in the previous life?

Shi Lei finally felt a sense of satisfaction after eating for more than twenty minutes. He burped loudly and laid in his chair while touching his stomach.

“Can you tell me now?” Song Miaomiao glared at him. After a moment of consideration, she poured a glass of wine and placed it in front of him.

Shi Lei picked it up and chugged it down before burping again, “Let me have a break first. I’m scared that it’ll come out of my throat if I speak now. I ate too much.”

Song Miaomiao fumed. She pressed Shi Lei on the chair and put one foot on his chest like she was about to make him into fillings for buns.

“Are you f*cking done or not? Are you going to tell me or nor?”

Shi Lei raised his hands to show that he surrendered and Song Miaomiao finally left him go. Still, she grabbed his collar, “Say it!”

Shi Lei could only explain, “Let’s talk about the first condition. It will be easier. The reason why Yao Keji betrayed Yu Banzhi is because he hates the Yu family.”

Song Miaomiao was still waiting for Shi Lei to explain, but he closed his mouth and made her wait for a long time, “Is that it?”

Shi Lei nodded naturally, “Yes, that’s it. He hates the Yu family so it’s easy to make him betray the Yu family. You just need to make sure someone will keep him safe.”

“No sh*t. How would I not know that he hates the Yu family? But he worked so hard for them all his life and he’s going to betray them right now? Why does he hate the Yu family?”

Shi Lei didn’t have a choice but to briefly summarize what happened to Yao Keji in the past years and Song Miaomiao finally nodded, “No wonder. It’s understandable then. Yao Keji is a very schematic person to conceal himself for so many years. Then as for the second condition, how did you make my grandpa agree to save Yao Keji?”

“It was even easier; I just had to show him the benefits he can receive which is greater than what the Yu family can give him and he naturally decided to save Yao Keji. Of course, I spent at least an hour to change your grandpa’s mind on this alone. According to his opinions, even if the benefits are greater than what the Yu family can give him, it’s unnecessary to create conflicts between them.

“Shi Lei, be careful with how you speak your next words. If you keep saying useless things, I’ll rape you here! Don’t you dare think that I won’t do it!” Song Miaomiao frowned with an angry face as she was raging at Shi Lei’s simple explanation.

Shi Lei was worried, “Those are the main points. What else do you want to know?”

“How much can the Yu family give? How can you say that there are more benefits if they lose? Although I never asked but I know that my grandpa won’t take their money directly. He must have his eyes on Yu Banzhi’s resources overseas. These things can’t be measured in monetary terms. How do I understand what you mean by greater benefits?”

“Benefits greater than having resources is even more resources than that in addition to some help.”

“What is it?”

“Are you an idiot? Yu Banzhi’s resources, Yu Banzhi’s everything... are they in Yao Er’s Dad’s hands? Yao Keji can take out the same resources that Yu Banzhi can and it’s more straightforward. Didn’t you ask how to take Yu Banzhi’s assets without making them your enemy? It’s simple; the things in Yao Keji’s hands still belongs to Yu Banzhi, but he returns them to Yu Banzhi numerous times in small amounts at a time and the time limit is five years. During these five years, Yao Keji can help Yu Banzhi continue to work on them and share the resources with your family. He can also use Yu Banzhi’s investments and other things to help your family. I asked your grandpa how long your father could still stay in his post. The last sentence probably touched him. The Song family only had single children and it stops at you. As a family, the biggest weakness of your family is that it’s too small.”

Song Miaomiao fell silent. She looked at Shi Lei with hollow eyes and it was hard to imagine that this was the Shi Lei who she knew.

She liked Shi Lei because of his simplicity. She liked that he would tell her what he was truly thinking and she liked him because he was different to all those people she met before.

But how long had it been? How did he become so complicated?

Song Miaomiao looked at Shi Lei in disbelief and asked rather timidly, “Shi Lei, were you always this considerate of the future and pretended to be naive and sweet in front of me. Or did you eat fertilizer to mature so quickly?”

Shi Lei rolled his eyes, “I didn’t. You did. Since when was I naive and sweet? I’m so brilliant, awesome, handsome and valiant… Uh, fine, I’m not as valiant as you.”

For once, Song Miaomiao didn’t banter back but stared at Shi Lei motionlessly.

Shi Lei scratched his head, “Perhaps it’s just me performing usually? And many of these were taught to me by Wei Xingyue’s godfather. Well, not exactly taught, but he gave me many hints and allowed me to think about these things.”

Of course he couldn’t tell Song Miaomiao that he walked in front of Master Song step by step and followed the Black Card’s hints. Indeed the elder gave Shi Lei some advice and perhaps he didn’t even think that they were hints. But even more so, it was because of the Lotus Tongue Card. The things that were ambiguous were clarified under the help of the Lotus Tongue Card.

When Shi Lei thought of a point, the Lotus Tongue Card would help him connect the dots into a straight line, then into surfaces, and eventually constructing a three dimensional space.

And because of this, Shi Lei touched Master Song with his clear logic and reasoning, letting him understand that it was worth it to have some conflicts with the Yu family if he saved Yao Keji. And this degree of taking could not yet make the Yu family determined to fight the Song family too. After all, the Yu family wouldn’t lose anything substantial. Against defeat, the Yu family can only swallow bitterness and it would be more possible for Yu Banzhi’s father to decide to step down.

The main point was that as long as Master Song lived, the Yu family would struggle to decide to fight the Song family to death. Not to mention that at the same time, the elder in Didu promised to save Wei Xingyue and Wei Puti. Under the circumstance that they didn’t lose anything substantial, they wouldn’t allow themselves to be surrounded by enemies.

Song Miaomiao sighed longly. A situation that seemed to be impossible to change was broken by Shi Lei so easily.

However, Song Miaomiao quickly roared and grabbed Shi Lei’s neck. The delicate tip of her nose almost touched Shi Lei’s eyes as she growled in a low voice, “Xingyue? You say her name so casually? Did you sleep with her?!”


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