The CEO Who Hates Me
253 The Doctor Who Loves Me 3rd Book for Hate & Love Series
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The CEO Who Hates Me
Author :Eustoma
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253 The Doctor Who Loves Me 3rd Book for Hate & Love Series

Title: The Doctor Who Loves Me



Yera Han was one of the youngest and most sought after surgeons worldwide. She was also known as the cold and ruthless heiress of Life Hospitals Group: a worldwide chain of hospitals owned by their family.

But because of an unpredictable event, she started a new life as Deyna Song. She was contented with her life full of joy. But fate seemed to be playing with her a ruthless game, taking from her the person she loved and bringing back the memories she had lost...

From Deyna Song, she was now ready to go back to Yera Han. But how could she go back to her old self when everything Yera Han had, was taken away.

NO! She couldn't let it be! She ought to take it all back because it was all hers from the start!

But how? She was now a nobody...

But suddenly, a good offer came from a man who she despised the most, a longtime foe of her family - Xander Yang.


Xander Yang, the CEO of Yang Global Hospitals, had a unique and unexplainable disease. But for some reason, Deyna Song, aka Yera Han, became his only cure.

He would give her everything, help her with the revenge that she wanted, and get all the things that she had lost with only one condition: she must belong to him… he must own her, completely…


"I hate you!" Yera shouted and threw the nearest thing she could grab at him.

Xander grinned and said, "No, you don't!"

Then he added, "Do you know that there is a very thin line between love and hatred? For trying to manipulate you, you can hate me all you want. But trust me, that thin line between hatred and love will disappear. Because to have you, I am going to ERASE it."


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Where one second the two are fighting and making love the next…

Is it possible to love and hate someone at the same time?!

Will hatred overpower love, or in the end, love will overpower hatred?


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Title: The Doctor Who Loves Me


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