The Claimant's Resurrection
1 Setting up the world.
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The Claimant's Resurrection
Author :McCallam
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1 Setting up the world.

Hello peeps this will be my first attempt at writing a novel. I can't commit to a release schedule at the moment however if there is interest in more releases I will see what I can do 😊. This 'chapter' will focus on giving any interested readers a brief description of the world, abilities and all the races that were known to the main character before his death. You as the readers will also be given the choice to choose the race of the main character who will be introduced in the next chapter. The only two races that are off limits is the God race and the Devil race for plot reasons. This story will not be a pleasant one the MC will give in to his dark side a lot and their will be themes in this novel that should not be shown to anyone below the age of 18. Without any more delay I leave you with this information dump 😜

World before the destruction:

The main story will start on the continent of Amaranthine. It was largely dominated the empire of Dionysus. The land mass of the continent is (equivalent to Europe on Earth)10.18 million km². With the empire of Dionysus controlling 70% of the continent with its vassal states controlling another 10% and the remaining 20% being controlled by independent Orc warbands that are constantly raiding the empire.

The other continents of the world were relatively unknown to the young prince, he did however know there was a vast desert to the south of Amaranthine and a luscious rain forest to the east. To the north and west of the continent there was an endless body of water.


Humans- Humans served as the leaders of the empire and its vassal states, they were one of the few races that stood with the empire through the rebellions and the other races have not forgotten this. They are stronger than races like the Elves and smarter than races like the Orcs. They have average magic aptitude but their knights and leadership skills are feared throughout the continent.

Elves- One of the main causes of rebellions, the Elves were in a state of pseudo slavery during the reign of the empire. They were given food and housing however Elven magic was forbidden and their population was heavily restricted. They were the smartest race and had a way with the forces of magic. They did have weaker constitutions than the other races due to the constant influx of mana into their bodies. Some elves had developed strong enough magic to end the empire earlier than expected but they were silenced by the prince's spy network.

Dwarves- They were responsible for the empire's merchant guilds and crafting guilds. They are a strong race, slightly weaker than the Orcs, they have also been used as heavy infantry by the empire when needed. During the rebellions some Dwarves stayed loyal to the empire while others supplied the rebels with both money and equipment.

Orcs- Gruff, cold and angry by nature, the Orcs where one of the main causes of the destruction of the empire. They were often used as manual labour and front line troops due their physique and aggression. There are many chieftains that control various tribes within the Orc species, the independent Orcs have caused massive problems for the empire for nearly 300 years. They raid the empire for food and live stock as well as potential mates to expand their race further.

Gods- Gods first appeared when the younger races were first crawling out of their caves or that was how the story went. They appear from time to time to their chosen champions and the ones they select to ascend to godhood. There are Gods which follow all sorts of codes and beliefs. For example Dionysus was the ancient God of wine, fertility, ritual madness and religious ecstasy.

Fallen- ????????

Demon- ???????

Devil- ???????

Angel- Mentioned in lore however none have been seen in modern times.

Abilities common to the world:

Common Magic – magic used throughout the world, mainly focused in the Elven/Human realms. Main attributes are fire, ice, water, light and wind. Orcs are also known to use some magic but they only have access to the darkness element.

Berserk/er Power- The power used by Orcs and Dwarves to empower themselves to fight toe to toe with those with magic. The power's strength is based of the damage the host has received as well as the anger they feel during combat. The power makes the host go into a berserk state were they will deal extra damage to those they see as enemies as well as increase their resistance against almost all forms of damage.

Knight's Strength- Knights strength was granted to the Church of the Human Gods as a blessing to be passed down to the righteous and devout warriors of the Human race. The blessing increased the strength of the knight's body and willpower, while also increasing their aptitude in magic.


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