The Claimant's Resurrection
7 The beginning of the siege.
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The Claimant's Resurrection
Author :McCallam
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7 The beginning of the siege.

"So Demons cost 50 life force, seems a little steep to me, at least I have something to ponder over as we move around, time to gain a foothold in this territory. Wraith move ahead of us and scout out the territory, hound stick close to me and the rest of you stay in the same formation and move forward towards the camp." The Wraith was the only one to respond to Alexander as she said in a cutesy voice "Master is there a reward for doing well, I want to be closer to Master". Alexander just pushed the Wraith away and told to do her job. As the Wraith sulkily went to the outskirts of the encampment. Alexander began to size up the walls of the palisade as well the deepness of the moat. 'I can use Hell's Blight to destroy one of the walls to give us access to the fort and hold on unleashing the fireball until the wall has fallen. Then I could send the hound in under the cover of the smoke to set up a flank on the bandits while the Dwarves and Humans attack from the front. The Wraith can infiltrate and find the leader of the camp and execute him before the main attack starts. No that is a waste of the wraith, wait no it's not, I will wait for her to come back before I make a final decision, the extra information maybe useful.'

<Wraith's Pov>

Meanwhile the Wraith had successfully infiltrated the bandits camp and should have looked around to take approximate numbers as well as get a feel for the base however her mind was stuck on her master and how he rejected her quite quickly and forced her on her way. Before she realised that she was no longer invisible, an arrow flew through the air and grazed her face. The blood began to slide down her face and drip into a small puddle on the floor. Her face contorted, the pondering expression on her face vanished and was replaced with an expressionless smile. Her eyes told a different story however as the rage seen in them could been used to set the world on fire, they began to alternate between the colour green and red at a rapid pace until one eye settled in the green colour while other became an eerie red colour. A small man in shining iron armour began to shiver and collapsed on to the floor in a puddle of his own piss. Groups of bandits became alert to her presence and began to draw their weapons and prepare their bows. The sentry on top of the wall shouted "There is an intruder in our base, warn the captain and capture her alive, once caught throw her into the slave pens".

The Wraith seemingly vanished, the bandits were confused and began to check the area for her, the Wraith however had moved behind the sentry with alarming speed and sliced his head clean off with her pure black scythe, she then disposed of the corpse and moved in the shadows towards the nearby guard tower. She entered the cold, dull stone tower through a small window slit on the ground floor. There were two guards sitting down by a small wooden table, that were absorbed in their game of cards. As the Wraith entered she cast invisibility and walked behind one of the two men and cast poison touch on him then walked around the table and used assassinate on the other man. She went up the tower in the same fashion until invisibility ran out. When it did she relied on her extreme speed and scythe to finish off the rest of the towers residents. She encountered two female slaves in the tower who she just ignored as if they were not worthy to be in her presence. When she reached the top of the tower she glanced over to were Alexander was waiting with a look of devotion in her eyes.

<Alexander's POV>

Alexander was equipping the Undead Humans with their new common long swords and giving the Dwarves their new shields when he heard the bandits screaming about some woman who was going on rampage in their camp. Alexander's eyes grew cold as he contemplated the Wraiths failure and whether she was worth keeping in the future. A Demon who would not follow his orders was a useless Demon in his eyes, he arranged the Dwarves and Humans in the correct formation and prepared to begin his assault on the encampment.

<Wraiths POV>

The Wraith was standing on top of the watchtower watching Alexander prepare to enter the encampment. She saw the coldness in his eyes and her entire body started to shiver in excitement, something other than blood began to drip from her body. "Seems like Masters going to make his move, I wonder if master will like my new look". The Wraith wipes the blood off her open wound and proceeds to taste it. "This blood tastes good, I wonder if master tastes this good" A bandit slipped as he was fleeing the tower and this alerted the Wraith to him. "Ones trying to escape, Master won't be happy if they escape". The Wraith vanished and reappeared behind the bandit and cleaved his head clean off.


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