The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort
Chapter 227: Master… No
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The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort
Author :Ye Mo
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Chapter 227: Master… No

Suddenly, Xiao Xi felt as if her chest was covered by something. When she looked at Feng Lingran on the bed again, the indescribable scene made Xiao Xi’s heart collapse.

Does he think he is a decontamination powder?

Xiao Xi’s drunken face was flushed. She looked away slightly, and even her breathing was a little disrupted.
“Master… don’t be like this…”

Feng Lingran’s palm kneading Xiao Xi’s body, his dark eyes observed Xiao Xi’s blushing expression. There was a hint of cold ridicule on his lips.


The seductive scent of the girl evoked the most primitive desires of the man. Feng Lingran felt a little dry in his mouth. He licked his dry lips, and there was a dark light in his eyes. He looked like a bloodthirsty demonic beast.

No, it was like estrus and bloodthirsty demonic beasts.

The slender fingers tore off the girl’s skirt, he yearned for the primitive action that he had never tried before. As he thought so, his blood vein swelled. He could no longer bear it. In such a long long time, he had never touched any woman, nor had he tasted the… ecstasy that people talked of.
Xiao Xi’s body was getting hotter, and her face flushed. She was standing here, and her clothes were intact, but she seemed to be caressed by Feng Lingran wantonly. She couldn’t struggle and resist; she could only let him do whatever he wanted.

“Master… no!” Xiao Xi trembled a little. Seeing the unabashed lust in the dark eyes of the man on the bed, she almost wanted to cry. A feeling of fear occupied her heart, and it was expanding. Tears came out of her eyes. She said with trembling lips, “This broken body has been played by Nan Gongyin, and now the master is also interested in it?”

Feng Lingran paused for a moment. The lust in his eyes gradually disappeared, then it was replaced by a stormy anger. His slender fingers gradually tightened. This should belong to him, but she was defiled by that animal Nan Gongyin.

Xiao Xi was dizzy. Tears had blurred his vision. Feng Lingran before her eyes became blurred. She choked and said, “Master, I hate you, you are as disgusting as Nan Gongyin and Feng Lingran.”
Zi Yi in a corner. I’m wronged! I didn’t do anything! All of this was done by that beast Feng Lingran… he is so sinister, suppressing my soul in his body by trickthat beast had a lot of tricks, so that the spirit of the teacher was pressed into his body.

Of course, Xiao Xi didn’t know about it.

After Xiao Xi finished speaking, she choked twice and fainted. Feng Lingran put her by the bed. When she fainted, her head slammed at the bedboard unconsciously. Maybe her head would be bleeding in the next moment.

At the critical moment, a long arm pulled her over, avoiding the bedboard.

Feng Lingran looked at Xiao Xi who had fainted, and his eyebrows frowned fiercely. The lust in his eyes gradually disappeared. He put on the clothes for the girl on the bed again, then he carried Xiao Xi out of the room.

A trace of soul still remained in the room. The small face that was similar to Xiao Xi, but it was pale.

What did I just see? Xiao Xi took over my body, and I suddenly became a lonely ghost. Lord even did that kind of thing to Xiao Xi who is dying?

Xi Er’s voice seemed to be stuck in her throat. Her tears kept flowing down, but she couldn’t make a sound.

Why? Why is God so unfair to me?

All the good things are given to Xiao Xi, and I, the pitiful one, even has to offer my own body. We are of the same age; we have the same exquisite face, but why is the final difference so… tragic?

That’s right, Xi Er was miserable in the end. She refused to accept; she resented; she hated Xiao Xi for taking everything away from her.

Xi Er’s eyes gradually shed bloody tears. She looked at the body on the bed that was about to die, and she stretched out her hand to Xiao Xi with a stern face and choked Xiao Xi’s neck.

“Xiao Xi, you took everything that belongs to me. You even took my body. Why are you able to live so well? I want you to die; I want you to become a lone soul just like me… ”
Human and ghosts had different paths, Xi Er’s hands, after all, couldn’t kill Xiao Xi.

When Xiao Xi woke up again, it had been a day. After getting up, she rubbed her aching temples. She drank too much alcohol yesterday. She didn’t seem to remember what happened yesterday, but her mind seemed to remember a scene where Zi Yi was pressing her down.

Xiao Xi shook her head. Her small face was a little red. Although her master was not serious sometimes, he would never take advantage of her when she was drunk.

Xiao Xi walked out of the room, and Feng Lingran was no longer in the mansion. He had already gone to the imperial court. She seemed to hear a moan in the next room, then she strode over.

Xiao Xi pushed open the door and saw Nu Er turned her back. Half of his robe was removed. There was a bloody hole that shocked Xiao Xi.

“Nu Er, how did this happen?” Her voice trembled.

Nu Er quickly pulled up his robe and turned around. At this moment, the enchanting face of the past seemed to have lost a layer of blood; it was pale and transparent as if it would shatter a single touch.

Nu Er didn’t expect Xiao Xi to come over at this time. A panic flashed across his peach blossom eyes, and a faint smile appeared on his pale lips.

“A little injury, Nu Er is fine. Miss doesn’t have to worry.”

The wound was so scary that Xiao Xi wouldn’t believe in him at all.

Xiao Xi walked to Nu Er and smelled the scent of medicine mingled with blood. The red robe on his chest was darker and brighter as if it was dyed red.

Xiao Xi felt something falling out of her eyes, “Tell me, who hurt you so badly?”
When Xiao Xi went to hold Nu Er’s hand, he moved his hand away, but Xiao Xi still touched the coldness.

When Nu Er saw the tears in Xiao Xi’s eyes rolling down, he was a little overwhelmed, “Miss, don’t be like this. You will make… Nu Er feel uncomfortable.”

Xiao Xi’s nose turned sour, “Nu Er, is this done by the damn Taoist Zhu Xu?”

She did not forget that when she left the restaurant, she saw Nan Gongyin and Zhu Xu as well.

Xiao Xi had no doubt that in this world, no one could hurt Nu Er except the damn Taoist Zhu Xu.
Seeing that it couldn’t be concealed from Xiao Xi, Nu Er nodded slightly. He wanted to snatch the holy grass from the holy capital messenger before he arrived in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, but he didn’t expect to Nan Gongyin and Zhu Xu appear halfway.

Nu Er’s peach blossom eyes were dark red. If it weren’t for them, now the holy grass would be in his hands.

When Xiao Xi saw Nu Er nodded, she grasped her hands even more tightly. It really is Zhu Xu again. He hurt Nu Er again and again. I will surely make him pay the same price.

“I’ll get you medicine.”

After Xiao Xi finished speaking, she turned around and ran out. Nu Er looked at Xiao Xi’s disappearing back, and his heart felt warm. It had been a long time since someone cared about him like this.
When Xiao Xi found Wan Qiyu, the guy had already put on a fur coat and airtight leather gloves, ready to get on the carriage and go to some extremely cold place.

“Dumbass Yu, give me some medicine to treat the wound.”

“Who is injured?”

Wan Qiyu looked up and down Xiao Xi. She could run and jump, and her face looked fine. It shouldn’t be her who was hurt.

“It’s Nu Er who is injured. Stop talking nonsense, give it to me quickly.”
Wan Qiyu wanted to tease Xiao Xi a few words. Seeing that she was anxious, he could guess that Nu Er’s injury was quite serious. He took out a medicine bottle from his sleeve.

“This medicine is very expensive. I’ll count you cheaper, one thousand taels.”

Xiao Xi put a one thousand taels note in Wan Qiyu’s hand without saying a word. She grabbed the medicine bottle and disappeared from Wan Qiyu’s sight.

Wan Qiyu was a little surprised. When did that little fox become so generous? One thousand taels, her eyes didn’t even blink! Did that little fox get rich?

Suddenly, the figure of that little fox appeared in Wan Qiyu’s sight again. She stood in the distance with her hands on her mouth, like a trumpet, and shouted to him, “Dumbass Yu, you help me do something. After it’s done, I will give you one hundred thousand taels.”

Wan Qiyu widened his eyes when he heard the words. He almost fell off the carriage when he just stepped into the carriage.

One hundred thousand taels.

Oh my mother!

Wan Qiyu’s eyes were beaming. Seeing Xiao Xi’s figure disappeared again, he jumped out of the carriage and said loudly, “Wait… wait for me…”
“Mister Yu, are we still going to the snow mountain?”

The servant was chasing him from behind.

Wan Qiyu waved his hand. His eyes were beaming with golden light, “Go go… but later. Wait until I get that one hundred thousand taels.”

Xiao Xi returned to the regent mansion with the medicine. Nu Er wouldn’t let her apply the medicine for him, so she had no choice but to give the medicine to Nu Er. She then walked out of the room.

Wan Qiyu ran all the way here. He opened the feather fan and asked with a smile, “Xi Xi, what do you want me to do for you? I will do it for you now.”

One hundred thousand taels! One hundred thousand taels!

Wan Qiyu suddenly discovered that this little fox was much more generous than that stingy Feng Lingran. Feng Lingran took so many good medicines from him, but he never paid a single tael.

Xiao Xi hooked her finger at Wan Qiyu. He followed Xiao Xi and walked over.
“Xi Xi, can you talk now?” Wan Qiyu looked excited.

Xiao Xi tiptoed and whispered in his ear with her small hand covering her small mouth.

After Wan Qiyu listened, the corners of his mouth twitched, “Xi Xi, this isn’t good right?”

Xiao Xi shrugged, “If you don’t want to, I will find someone else to do it. One hundred thousand taels, I believe many people will rush to do it.”

Wan Qiyu struggled in his heart, gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I will do it.”

The palace held a banquet for the holy capital messenger and the Royal Highness of the Southern Lin Dynasty who escorted the messenger. Of course, there was also a person of high status, Taoist Zhu Xu.

Ling Ru, Minister Liu, and Wei Zhongguo saw Taoist Zhu Xu, and they all had different looks. Especially Ling Ru, if eyes could kill people, Ling Ru had already killed Taoist Zhu Xu thousands of times.

Taoist Zhu Xu couldn’t eat meat and alcohol. Everyone was drinking alcohol, but he drank tea.

A court lady dressed up in a palace dress walked up to Taoist Zhu Xu. She lowered her head, and her clear eyes looked toward where Feng Lingran was sitting. When she saw a beautifully dressed big breasted beauty sitting next to Feng Lingran, the little court lady felt displeased in her heart.

“Taoist, I will refill tea for you.”


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