The Cursed
10 - Ark II-Beldon: Chapter X: Angels and Demons -
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The Cursed
Author :Scoutmetal15x
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10 - Ark II-Beldon: Chapter X: Angels and Demons -

Is it villainess to kill those who are evil, or is it heroism to protect those that commit evil? – Ren, Head assassin who disappeared before his own execution.


"Wait... what...?" I question with a raised eyebrow.

"Ah, you funny little creatures and your silly theatrics... You may call me Erebus if you really must..." The creature states.

"So, Erebus... by the darkness... you mean..."

"Exactly... I am The Darkness... meaning, I am literally the very evil everyone's out to destroy... or better yet... I'm the malevolent evil that destroys everything in its wake... ha-ha-ha... I really like that one..."

"Then how'd Demoros become your host?"

"Long story short... I am not a being normal to this world... I am more of a weapon... held by those who desired my strength... then pay the price for using it..."


"Simple... Demoros is the longest survivor of my final price..."

"You kill them...?"

"More put like devour them," Erebus's voice was a menacing rumble which shook throughout the room, "And parts of me have been dying to consume Demoros... but he's a tough nut to crack..."

"How long...?"

"One century, seven-hundred, and thirty-two years... four months... eighteen days... thirteen hours... and forty-two, make that forty-three, minutes..."


"I've been stuck in his head for a very... very... very long time... with only my own devices... so counting came naturally..."

"What makes it possible for you to be speaking with me then?"

"Simple really... smart old Demoros got cocky... made a deal with a sad man... save a child... or die a terrible curse..."

"You mean..."

"No time... sorry to say this, but both time and luck are not on our side at the moment..." And as soon as Erebus's words roll off his tongue, he whipped around to where a door had appeared.

I slowly look around the room I now found myself in, we're back in my room?

However, before I can ask Erebus my own thought, the door flies open and a soldier passes through. His armour resembles that of the Divine Guard... but that couldn't be right... they weren't supposed to be in the city...

That man... that one that was with Elizabeth when I was recovering from blood loss... I brought this...

A shriek cut through my thoughts, and I watch as Erebus manically shouts his laughter while lifting the soldier in the air. White claws cover each of his fingers as he rips the soldier in half with pure might.

Then he turns to me, "Do not fear..."

However, two more soldiers run into the room, one stabs Erebus and the other charges me. I try to dodge him, however, find my body heavy and fatigued.

I crumble to the ground holding my bleeding stomach. And yet, when I raise my head to meet the soldier's gaze, I find blood trickling down his chin.

Four sharp points protrude from his abdomen, then he's yanked away from me.

And yet, I fall to the ground and my vision darkens.

"We've gotta... of here..." voices fade in and out as I feel that I'm being carried.

"...Can't leave him..." another voice yells out.

"There's... can't get to him..." the voices fade in and out once more, before silence takes me.

I open my eyes to the sound of flames swirling around me. I almost instantly rise to my feet as I realise the flames were nipping at the edge of my pants. I find myself still in my room, however, it's off placed... Blood was sprayed over every inch of the room, and my doorway was more of flaming rumble now.

– We... we need to leave... before it collapses... – Demoros voice sounds strained.

No time for chatting... I grab my sheathed blade and climb out through the window. My feet collide with the ground, and a slight pain gnaws at my ankles. However, it almost immediately dissipates as the energy in my veins heals me.

My power feeds from the chaos around me, only making me stronger. And so I begin for the courtyard. Yet, once I get there, the tower of the fortress wanes under pressure and begins to tilt.

I run faster than I ever thought I could as the tower collides with the ground next to me; throwing me to the ground. I rise from the ground and wipe both sweat and small debris from my shoulders and forehead.

"Well, I guess there's only one place left to go..." I turn towards the gate facing Beldon.

Close to fifteen minutes was how long it took me to fly across the distance, and land in front of the burning city. A normal walk of around half an hour, cut down by a half... odd, but good for now.

I step through the battered gates to the grim sight of the destruction laid out in front of me. Buildings turned to ash and rubble, bodies charred beyond recognition, and city streets paved with enough blood to see your reflection.

Anger courses through my veins until I see a bright light blue beacon like flash from the palace in the centre of the city. In which the palace rose above the city like a majestic storybook castle resting atop the highest point.

My feet carry me quicker than I would've imagined possible as I begin for the palace. However, I stop dead in my tracks when I see three Divine Guard soldiers; one holding a beast-folk by the throat.

I instinctively silhouette myself and spear throw my sword. And oddly enough, it pierces through one of the soldier's thighs pinning him to the ground. His scream alerts the other two and they turn towards me; dropping the beast-folk.

I watch as the beast-folk coughs then disappears into one of the mostly intact buildings. Then I turn my attention towards the two approaching soldiers.

I grin and I start up a run at them. One swings over my head as I slide under his blade, and the other misses by mere centimetres. And as I dodge another strike from the two soldiers, I pry my blade out from the wounded third.

I then immediately block one of the soldiers' strikes and parry the next. And with one swing, I accidentally send one of them flying... What power is this?

The other soldier tries to take the opportunity of me being stunned. However, I parry his strike as soon as it gets within a centimetre of my shoulder, then I slice through his forearm before quickly swiping off his sword arm starting at the elbow.

I grin as I flick the blade; removing most of the blood from it. I then turn around to where a beast-folk was standing in amazement. I smile before nodding in farewell. Then I launch from the ground, leaving a gust of wind and debris in my wake.

And before I know it, I'm already nearing one of the balconies of the palace. And yet, before I can slow myself down enough, I crash through the wooden railing...

"Ow... that one... hurt..." I groan.

– Not so good at flying anymore? – Demoros pipes in.

– Right, I keep forgetting that I'm just not as good as you... – I sarcastically jest as I lift myself from the floor.

– Can't argue with that... 'cause I know I be'ith the best... – He snickers back, and I just roll my eyes.

I pass through one of the glass doorways and immediately hear thundering clashes from the centre room. And so I run through one of the luxurious bedrooms and out onto the balcony overhanging into the grand hall.

Then the scene begins to unfurl in front of my eyes.

Greg and a few soldiers were fighting a hulking giant knight... Is that an... Angel?

"You'll die here! And I will be the one to cleanses your sorry souls of this plague you call a Rebellion!" The angel shouts as he charges Greg's little platoon.

However, once I get to the railing it's already too late to help as the angel easily swipes his hulking greatsword with a single hand. Crushing one of the soldiers in two with a single downward stroke, and sending another to splatter across one of the pearly white walls. Then he spins swipes straight through the last soldier's shield; not only cutting the shield, but the soldier himself, in two.

I froze as I saw Greg turn into his bestial form, and yet his werewolf form still only matched the angel in hight. And yet, when the angel swung Greg leapt over the blade, and landing on his back. Although as soon as Greg dug his teeth into him, the angel growls while grabbing the back of Greg's throat.

That's when I leapt over the railing...

But not in time; the angel slams Greg into one of the pillars to then follows up with a stab in the abdomen. Only Gregs screaming howl echoes throughout the hall, before I could hear Ralph screaming.

My breaths became uneven... Sorrow, anger... I want him dead... I want to kill him... I want to rip him apart!

– Good... now you understand... – I could here Erebus's whispers in the back of my mind.

"You BASTARD!" I shout over to where the angel was now wiping his blade clean.

"Ah... so another Cursed decides to try and fight me, how pathetic," he grumbles.

The angel was clad in heavy-looking white armour that was trimmed in gold, and a 'T' shaped helmet covered his head. Although you couldn't see through the helm, it was as if a black shadow was cast over his facial features.

"Time to die," I taunt.

"Time to cleanse your pathetic scourge..." He growls, before yelling, "Hope. Will. Prevail!"

He's the first to swing his blade, although I simple slid underneath the hulking blade. However, not to my liking, he quickly changes his attack swing to a thrusting stab, and his blade pierces through the right side of my waist.

I cough up blood before falling to the ground with a 'final' exhale.

– Are you going to just die... that easily? – Erebus taunts.

I open my eyes with a large inhale, then pull myself to my feet. I look and see the purple-ish black scar over the now-closed wound.

"Hey! I'm not done with you yet!" I taunt the angel once again, and he turns to me with a tinge of fear.

"Your... Your supposed to be dead," He grumbles while pointing his blade at me, "I killed you!"

"Well, do it better next time," I taunt with a wicked grin.

"You're no man, you're an abomination!" He preaches, "And I, The Angel of Hope, will purge you of your..."

"Purge me of my what? Humanity? 'Cause that's just about all you're doing!"

"What? No! I am bringing my people, Hope! Hope, that they can live a free life, away from your Cursed plague!"

"Right... Like we're so much of a plague to begin with? We've done nothing but be slaughtered like animals, and yet we just want to live free, like you say. So why, oh 'Angel of Hope,' why burn down a peaceful city, why kill thousands of innocent people?"

"Those people were a blight on our society, and they needed to be cleansed for the good of the Empire!"

"Screw the Empire! It can die for all I care! You've been brainwashed by their ideas so much that you can't ever see what's right or wrong anymore."

"No, I won't listen to these... these lies! I will purge your vile soul first, then I'll cleanse the rest of your pathetic Rebellion!"

"Well, come get me!"

He then charges with a thundering battle cry, however, this time I block his blade with my own. Sparks fly as I push off from his blade, then with a thrust of my wings I send myself into the air and dive towards him. I spin my sword in my hand and push his blade out from the way of my path.

Then I drive the blade of my sword deep into his shoulder. He grunts before grabbing my bicep; his hand wrapping completely around my arm. Then before I know it, I'm a few centimetres deep in the wall next to him.

I can't move as I watch him pull my sword from his shoulder. Then it's as if I can feel my heart stop, then reboot, and my broken ribs, spine, everything... clicks back into place.

I drop down from the wall as Erebus's laughter echoes in my mind.

"Time to do some damage..." I look up and find the copy of myself.

"Erebus... took you long enough..." I grin as I get to a stand.

– How... you... no... – Demoros growls in a menacing demonic manner.

– I can explain later... – I nod.

"I'll distract... you'll finish the job..." He tilts his head as he says the last word.

"Right," I nod in agreement.

Then before I know it he's gone, and already in front of the angel. I don't stay to watch, however, I sprint until I get to where he had thrown my blade. Which just so happens the be on the other end of the room.

And once I have my sword back in hand, I turn to the hulking knight-angel... Who now had his back turned towards me as he was trying to strike down Erebus. I grin as I take my opportunity.

I run as fast as possible, before launching off from the floor, and darting towards the back of his neck guard. And once I grab hold of it I place my sword pointing down into the seemingly only chink in his armour.

He lets out a gasp as my blade pierces deep into his flesh. He then grabs at his throat as he gurgles on his own blood.

I rip the blade free and leap off of his back... However, once I land on the ground, both the angel and I crumble down, defeated by the battle.


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