The Dark Engineer
1 Prologue: Farewells and The New Path.
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The Dark Engineer
Author :Zoulireap
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1 Prologue: Farewells and The New Path.

The year is 4520 Human Federation calendar.

30 years ago it was a time of peace, an age of creativity a so-called peaceful time, but that age has passed smashed to pieces by one man not intentionally of course but as u know the road to hell is paved whit good intentions. To understand you first need to know of our "hero".

His name is Leon Telio the son of an important family which has dominated the markets of the Federation for over a millennia, u may think that he may have had an easy life or bountiful one, but you are mistaken.

He lived a life of struggle passed one for his sister until he left his home and embarked on the journey to becoming a dark engineer.

Location: 1000 Light-years outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

A battle was raging in the void of space, the cold and cruel embrace of death was welcoming left and right its new customers if you could take a second and listen carefully you could hear death laughing In glee.

Two sides are fighting one enshrouded in light and supple forms dancing in the void looking almost like the blades of angels, the other a ramshackle collection of ships some that are millennia old, unlike their opponents who are like a blade they are are an axe bulky slow , the blood of their enemies coat their hulls, wound stretching beyond the belts of armor exposing their soft shell.

Every roar is accompanied by the destruction of a blade. But it's futile outnumbered they are whittled slowly until one remains.

A small ship, a freighter covered in dark plating and cog wheel emblem proudly displayed remains trying to fight not flee. Until it stops firing its engines stops and lights flicker. Cheers erupt in the blades fleet.

"DON'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN". The roar came from an old woman despite being over 100 years old she still stands tall wisps of purple energy dance around her." The bastard is not done yet, he never is". You could taste the hate in her voice. As she looked at the apparently disabled ships she remembered everything, the death of her son and daughter, the death of her grandkids all done by the man in that ship her only brother.

"Prepare to board ".

"Yes, mam!" Resounded on the bridge, crisp and unwavering, just like she taught them.

I'm coming for you monster, I will not let you escape again'.

On the other side an old man was sitting in a life support chair, tubes and cables are strewn over his body, no a body is a wrong description a skeleton more exactly. The skin is leathery , enveloping his bones like a paint in some places the skin has broken revealing the bones and the rotting flesh.

"I don't … have much time have … acough cough ...I Hades?" the voice raspy but still strong despite his state.

"No Leon I'm detecting boarding shuttles coming our way, they will be here in 20 minutes. Munitions are expended, power conduits are shot we are dead in space. I'm sorry" The owner of the voice revealed himself on a projection pedestal. He was a warmind the last of his kind just like his friend.

AI take the form that they think is more pleasant and stay that way. Warminds don't they will always change over the course of their life. His current form was that of a skeleton but a broken one pieces of bone missing, scorch marks, he represented as he knew his time was coming.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." The laughter was soft almost inaudible. "So the time has come, after all this time it's finally ending ." The eyes of the man focused on his friend as he spoke. He looked at his friend sorrow was in his eyes.

"I will not let that woman see me like this Hades never. Activate the Black Hole Bomb, our time is at an end." Tears were running down Leon's face it was done they were going to die here their efforts in vain.

"Understood Leon, it was a good run for us, shame that it end's like this." Hades before a skeleton now only smoke remained.

"Commencing activating sequence. I'm sorry Leon I really am".

"Don't be I chose this path a long time ago."

"It was an honor Leon may we meet again. Detonating."

As the bomb detonated everything around 1 light-year radius died.

In another time something awakened much sooner than it was supposed to.


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