The Dark Engineer
2 The Crossing
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The Dark Engineer
Author :Zoulireap
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2 The Crossing

And so, our hero died, just as he lived with a bang. But science is a mysterious thing, after all magic is just an advanced science and an advanced science is magic.

When he died, he destroyed a large number of psionic lifeforms, coupled with the formation of a black-hole the residual energy opened a gateway. A tiny gateway just enough for a grain of sand to escape or a soul…

And that is what happened Leon's soul was sucked trough the hole in the fabric of reality. Well not just him but Hades as well. You see warminds were special AI created to fight for eternity to evolve and help humanity in their time of need.

And for that, using psionics and science they created a parasite to leech power from their host to exist. In essence making them a cripple in some ways, in others making them invincible.

In the tear of reality.

An entry must have and exit. When an entry and an exit pair together they form a tunnel, or better yet a corridor protected from the danger of universe crossing 2 orbs of light were traveling orbiting each other. Quite beautiful I might say, if I didn't know what they were.

One a child that was shunned with the need to prove himself shining with a light so black that it could devour anything, and the other… well let's just say that the name Hades is appropriate.

The first to wake was Hades, after all the shock for a warmind is lesser than that of a flesh and blood being.

'Wh.a…t, what happened.' Conscience was returning to Hades slow, as and undead rising for the first time from the grave, groggy and disoriented.

'The battle, the explosion I…. remember, but where are am I.' Immediately Hades looked around but all he could see is light so powerful but as the same time darkness battling the light. And then he sensed his friend, his psionic print so powerful, radiating power and presence like a beacon.

Immediately Hades made his mind and tried to approach Leon, but as much effort he made he couldn't get close to him, it was like moving through sand and water mixed together. It didn't help that Leon was pulsating waves of power and the walls of the corridor was trying to suck him to them.

'How can I get to him, I can't…. once more I am powerless.' A feeling of resentment and hopelessness started to creep into Hades mind.

And so, he decided to wait, time was irrelevant he didn't know how long passed an hour, a year, an eon? He didn't know. What he did know was that he needed to do everything to get to Leon, after all he was a parasite, he needed energy to survive.

Hades tried everything but nothing worked, he was dwindling both in power and in mind slowly wasting away. He continued until something happened. Leon's orb stopped pushing instead a powerful suction force erupted from him. Every particle of light and energy was being concentrated like a preparation you can say.

But for Hades that was even worse, now he was between 2 powerful suction forces Leon's and the corridor walls. He was being disintegrated bit by bit. So sad to see something like that, no one deserves that.

'I can't hold one, hu hu hu.' Hades thought, he was tiring.

'Three choices, one I get disintegrated, two I jump at the walls and see where I land and 99% chance to not find a host and three, I meld with Leon.' Three choices, three roads what would he chose I wonder.

Let's help him make the right choice, don't you agree?

Suddenly the force of the walls increased, slowly taking Hades orb closer to them like a cat playing with a mouse.

Seeing that Hades made a choice, the choice that we wanted him to make. He used his last energy, to transform. Slowly his orb unwrapped in a storm of dark, red and purple glyphs that started to make they way to Leon orb.

Some disintegrated, some were rejected by Leon but slowly and surely Hades began merging with him. Not as a parasite but more like a bonding of 2 minds. I wonder what will come out, truly I wonder.

And finally, the bonding was completed, Leon orb of dark light gained a shroud of glyphs that danced like a bank of fish.

Now they are ready, sins cleansed two became one may they live, conquer and enjoy life.

Like it wasn't even there the corridor, the force and light disappeared and revealed a planet. Bigger than our sun, emanating a macabre force tainted with dreams and hope. Such a dangerous combination.

With a gentle push the orb started approaching the planet, slowly than faster until it couldn't even see him.

Streaking through the atmosphere, searching for something. A vessel more exactly.

And it found what it was looking for in a graveyard. A young boy dead by starvation, dreams and hope killed but one thing remained hate and vengeance. That was what attracted the orb.

With speed the orb adjusted its course until its trajectory would bring the orb on a collision course with the boy's head.

As it was entering, I thought what fun it would be to watch them. Maybe one day they might even kill me and liberate me from my shackles.


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